Pyar ko ho jaane do again with Rohit and preeti (Episode 22)

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pyar ko ho jaane do again with Rohit and preeti

Episode 22:

Rohit locked preeti in store room. Preet is tensed to see her daughter like this. ishaan console her by saying that Kavya her sister is here to save her.

Rohit comes with store room keys.

Rohit: keys are here… and preeti dont come outside without my permission. so plz dont interfere anybody in my matter.

Badimummy: shut up Rohit…give me keys. I dont let her to stay in store room.

Kavya goes to bring duplicate keys to free her but Rohit stops her.

Kavya: let me go Rohit…she is my sister. how can i see her like this.

Rohit: ?she is not your sister ok…

Kavya sees to Ritik. Ritik? signals her not to say any word about preeti that she is daughter of Ishaan and preet. Kavya? remains silent.

Rohit goes. Ritik holds kavya ‘s hand and takes her to room.

Kavya: how can i keep silent. you know who is she.

Ritik: yes i know that…but kavya when we find out all the truth we explain all to family.

All family sleep. Kavya wakesup in midnight. She goes to her servant to take duplicate keys of store room.

Servant: but kavya didi..Rohit bhaiya!

Kavya: dont worry …your name remain hidden.

He gives keys to kavya. Kavya goes to kitchen …takes some food and goes to store room. She opens store room. here she sees preeti. she lying on floor.

Kavya: ?preeti!!!

She goes to preeti and hugs her.

Kavya: i m sorry preeti…i dont free right now but trust me very soon i get you out from here. first you eat some thing my darling. please.

Preeti: why you doing this? I did very wrong with your family.

Kavya: its ok.. i ‘ll go.. after some time i ‘ll come to collect this plate. please eat.

she goes lock the room again and move to her room.

Ritik: “khana de dia preeti ko”.

Kavya: “Tum kb uthe”?

Ritik: “jb tum yaha sa gai thi”.

In morning…Herry and shergill come ayesha is also comes.

Ayesha: where is preeti?

Rohit: i locked her in store room.

Ayesha: what!…how did do you this.

Shergill: Thats good…herry…listen to me.

Herry listen his dad plan and takes ayesha from there.

Ayesha: what you doing yar…he locked up my sister in store room.

Herry: yes… but it is needed. listen what is the weakest thing of your father.

Ayesha: his daughter.

Herry: means you…Now listen my plan to find out truth..will you be with me?

Ayesha: always!?

He tells her plan and Ritik also with them. Ayesha Herry Ritik and Shergill reach farm house. Ayesha calls his dad atif that her life is in danger. Shergill and his son will kill her. Atif gets tensed and he reaches farm house. When he reaches herry locked all the doors. Atif sees her daughter. she ties with wires and fake bomb is place near her.Atif tries to free her but then shergill warns him if he touch the wires bomb will blast.

Atif: what do you want?

Shergill: thats good atif.

Atif shocked to hear his name and Ritik shoots video.

Atif: you know who i m?

Herry: ofcourse now tell us…who is preeti?

Shergill: complete truth you tell us otherwise your daughter!

Ayesha: please dad..tell them.

Atif: ok…

“preeti Rizwaan aur preet ki beti hai”.

Shergill: how she born? Rizwaan and preet died in bomb blast.

Atif: yes but … story starts from that bomb blast…


” har tarf agg thi.. mein aur baba aur khuc log secret room ki tarf gaye jahan Rizwaan ne bomb blast kya tha. hum ne dekha kay Rizwaan aur preet zameen par behosh thy. dono us waqt zinda thy. preet behoshi mein “hamara bacha” bol rahi thi. baba ne meri taraf dekha aur mein samajh gaya kay wo kya chahty hai. me ne preet ko uthaya likin Rizwaan ne uska hath pakra hoa tha. Rizwaan ko hosh aya wo preet ko jaane ni de raha tha. likin me na preet ko waha sa uthaya aur apne khuc logo k hawale kar dia. phir baba Rizwaan ki taraf gye.”

Baba: “ab hamara badla tmhara any wala bacha le ga”

” phir baba ne khanjar la kar Rizwaan ko mar dia. marty waqt bhi Rizwaan sirf preet ka naam la raha tha. wo mar gya. preet ko hum kashmir la aye waha apne doctor se uska check up karwaya. Preet coma mein thi. Baba Rizwaan kay bachy ko is duniya mein lana chahty thy is lia unho ne preet kay hosh me any ka intazar ni kya. Preet ki delivery 5 maheeno me karwa di. wo preeti thi jo paida hoi. phir preet ko bhi baba ne mar dia uska oxygen marks nikal kar. preeti barhi hoi, phir Ayesha paida hoi…baba ne preeti ko bhut pyar dia. khans company bnai r hum sab london shift ho gye. baba ne preeti ky dimag me hoodas k lia nafrat bhar di .k hoodas ne hi usky parents ko mar dia. R phir preeti india ai hoodas se badla lene k lia. agy jo hoa wo sab tum janty ho.

but please leave my daughter. i surrender.

Shergill: (full of tears) you have to surrender it.

Ayesha: I hate you dad. i dont even understand that you…??

Herry consoles her.

Atif: i m sorry beta. but seriously i love you and preeti also. I want surrender. shergill..tell me what can i do.

Shergill: where is baba? go and be with him. you have to help us to catch him.

Atif: ok.

What happens next?

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  1. Jasminerahul

    liked kavya giving food to Preeti secretly.their scene was lovely.liked ritik supporting kavya.ayesha helping to trap atif was nice.shocking that baba only killed ishreet.atif says he loves Preeti too .is it true?

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