Pyar ki kasauti- ragsan- shot 6 last shot

Hello sissy’s.. here’s a last shot of this ff. pls tell ur views after reading. This is my first ff which I finished.


Lets start.


Shekhar was luking angrily on all. Ragini was crying hugging janki.

Shekhar to sanskar’s family: is this way to treat ur DIL.? Ragini is innocent she never differentiate between both home. She never even told abt this all. We never came to knew if we wud have not came here.

He turns to sanskar: u love our ragu na? u too hurted her? I never expected this from u.

San: no papa, u have understood wrong.

She: still we r alive. Our daughter is not burden on us. From nw she’ll b with us only.

They took ragini with them. Sanskar was luking at them as he was unable to do anything.


Few days passed.

Ragini was sitting all lost in sanskar’s thoughts. Janki comes with coffee and tablets.

Jan: have these tablets first. Then have this coffee.

Rag luks at janki sadly.

Rag: maa, y am not well? This is all coz of me na? am not able to give them child. Sanskar will stay away from me maa?

Jan: no ragu. First of all there is no fault of urs. Next is rite now situation is not gud. Let some days pass, we’ll see. U take care of ur health beta.

Saying so she left from there. Ragini again lost ini his thoughts.


Next day sanskar comes to ragini home. Shekhar stops him at door only.

She: don’t come here. U don’t deserve my ragu. U left her in middle river. We had trusted u a lot.

San: pls papa. Listen to me once. Pls.

Sanskar tells him everything whatever happened.

San: papa, I agree that my family’s behavior towards ragini was not gud. But I was trying to fix it everything . but don’t say again that I don’t love ragini. She’s my life. How can I live without her. Pls papa, let me meet her once.

Shekhar agrees. Sanskar goes to ragini’s room.  She was standing near window luking outside where small kids were playing. Sanskar sees this and get teary eyed. But soon composes himself.

San: ragini.

Ragini luks at door where sanskar was standing. She ran to him and hugs him. She cries very badly. Tears were rolling from his eyes too.

San: ragini, luk at me. Now enough of crying, pls stop crying. Pls ragu.

But she was not able to stop her tears.

San: cups her face. Ragini am sry. I cudnt be a best husband. I cudnt give u happiness. Am very bad.

Rag: crying. No sanskar. Its not ur fault. Its me who’s not able to fulfil her MIL wish. I cant b mo..

San: kept finger on her lips. Keep in mind first. No one said u cant b mother. Doc just told to wait for sometime. We can wait. U r imp for me. Abt my parents m really sry. I cudnt handle. But nw I’ve decided something.


Ragsan comes to hall.

San: papa, I’ve decided to take a rent home and will stay with ragini.

She: how can I trust u?

San: papa. I love her. I’ll not let her anything happen.

She: if again my ragu hurt, then?

San: then u can take with her. I’ll not say anything.

Shekhar agrees.  Ragini packs her bag. Sanskar takes ragini to new home in delhi itself.

They were living happily. Sanskar atleast got relieved that he can keep  ragini happy and now no one can separate us.


After 1 yr

Sanskar’s family were listening taunts from society. All always taunts them that see their both son left them with their wives. Don’t know how they treated their DILs that they left.

Trio feeling shame on their deeds. Now they were finding groom for uttara as her studies over. But whoever comes to see her, first they agree, but after knowing their background they refused. They were in that tension only. some how this matter reached to ragsan also. Ragini feels pity.

One day she says to sanskar.

Rag: sanakar, lets go ur home. We’ll stay together.

San: little angry. Stop this topic ragini. I know ur nature. U always think gud for others but sometimes u shud think of urself also.

Rag: I know sanskar, but its ur family. Uttara is ur sister.

San: so wat? Let them to live in their style. I don’t want to interfere.

Rag: but sanskar, I don’t want blame on me that DIL of this home separated a son from his parents.

San: who told u that u separated. Ragini don’t think anything stupid. U know adarsh bhai not even bothered. And here u? u r thinking abt them.

Rag: sanskar. But u r not adarsh bhai. U shud fulfill ur responsibility. It’s a brother’s responsibility to do his sis marriage.

San:  mom dad will do that.

Rag: but society taunts will not let them do that as their sons r not with them.

San: ragini pls don’t force me.

Rag: if u don’t do then lifelong I’ll b responsible for that. That coz of me uttara’s marriage dint happen.

San: no one is blaming u ragini. Y r u such innocent? This only makes u fall in trouble.

Rag: ok. One solution. Atleast say yes for this. Pls pls pls.

San: wat?

Rag: u shud agree.

San: I’ll listen then I’ll say.

Rag: till uttara’s marriage we will stay there. After we will b back.

San: this is not solution ragini. Its stupidness.

Rag: sanskar pls. like this u can fulfill ur responsibility and we will come back pls.

Sanskar doesn’t agree. But ragini puts a lot effort to say him yes.

San: but one condition.

Rag: wat?

San: only I’ll go there. Not u.

She becomes sad.

San: understand ragini. I agreed for u na. now u shud agree for me.

Rag: but y?

San: if we go there, then coz of them u’ll get stress and it’ll effect ur health. Now ur health is improving. I don’t want to take any risk.

Rag:  but sanskar I want to b with u.

San: if so then cancel this al. we wont do anything.

Ragini sits silent for sometime. Then she agrees.

Rag: only for somedays na. its ok . I’ll manage. But at least I don’t have that guilt that coz of me uttara’s life wil b in trouble.

San: sadly. U r very stubborn. But one thing. U wil live with ur parents till I come back.

Rag: y? its kolkatta sanskar. If I’ll b here, I can meet u anytime.

San: but I don’t want any risk. U wud b alone here. Who’ll take care of u, if in case anything happens. Now I don’t want no from u. agree or else cancel everything.


She agrees. They both left for  Kolkata. They discussed this with shejan.

She: am proud of my ragu. Am proud to be her dad. Am happy that our upbringing is gud. Ok sanskar,I too don’t want any blame on ragini of separating a son from parents. U fulfill ur duty, till tht she’ll b with us.

After 2 days sanskar leaves for delhi with heavy heart. Both smiles seeing at eachother. There was little happiness and little pain inside.


Sanskar  reached his home. His family got happy. But sanskar clears them everything that he’ll stay only till uttara marriage.

Days were passing slowly. Sanskar monthly twice goes to meet ragini. They were happy in that only.


Ragini’s phone  rings.

Rag: yes sanskar.

San: wats my life doing.

Rag: thinking of u.

They talked for sometime. In between.

San: ragini, do u remember our coll days?

Rag: hmmm. Ofcourse.

San: do u remember that truth and dare game. And we said that our fav serial is same and we discussed abt that serial only for so much time.

Rag: yes I remember.

San:  our life also became like our fav serial only. hum dono rail ki patriyo ki tarah hai, jo hamesha saath me to rehti hai, par kabhi milti nahi.

Rag: but sanskar. I don’t want my anurag to stay far from me.

San: but its ur decision only.

Rag: but only for some time, then this prerna will be with her anurag always. Not only with eachother, but also together. No one can break our love. We r always together.

San: yes ragini , we r always together. I love you.

Rag: I love you so much.

They were lost in their thoughts.


Author’s thought


After 6 months uttara’s marriage get fixed. Ragini also went to attend her marriage. Adarsh and pari too attends with their baby. Everything happens gud. Sanskar completes each and everything gud. Uttara’s bidai over. After 2 days, ragsan goes back to their home.

They were very happy that now they r always together. No one is there between them to make them apart.

After 1 yr. ragini gets pregnant. There’s no boundary for their happiness. He takes care of ragini very much like a kid. Doc also told that now ragini is healthy. There’s no prob. Ragini use to demand her wish daily. And sanskar with happily fulfills them. Ragini is very happy. She was just waiting for delivery.


Outside OT, san,shejan and swalak are waiting. All in tension.

Swalak are having baby boy named agastya of 2 yrs. He was seeing all faces and was thinking y they r tensed.

After sometime they heard baby crying voice.

Doc: congrats. Its girl.

All r very happy. Sanskar happily lifts laksh.

San: I got another little ragini lucky.

Lak: sanskar, now keep me down, all r luking at us.

All started laughing loudly. After few sometime ragini shifted to ward. Sanskar comes near ragini. He takes baby in his arm. He gets teary eyed seeing baby. Ragini’s tears rolling from her eyes seeing them both. But this time it was of happiness.

San to baby: for u we waited long, mainly ur mom. Now u brought so much happiness with u. coz of u, we r very happy.

He called her khushi.

San: ragini, her name will b khushi.

Rag: u decided without asking me?(In naughty voice)

San: sry.  But pls let it be khushi. Coz she’s real khushi of us.

Rag: smiles. even I had also thought same name.

Both smiles.

San: now we r complete family ragini. With each other also and with together also.

Both holds each others hands. Just then all enters inside.

Shejan: wat abt this family ha?

Ragsan: of course u too included.

Swalak: and where r we?

Ragsan: u too also guys. Specially this chotu agastya.

Rag: agastya, see, she is ur sis.

Aga: in his languge: minch I can bay bit er(means I can play with her)?

Rag: ofcourse.

He smiles. just then a lady doc comes (kavita, also there friend)

Kav: ok. Now let us capture this moment. Say cheeeese.

All happily says, she takes a pic.



Done with this. This is a longer update. Hows this sissy’s? actually till author’s thought only its true story, then its author’s thought, I mean its I wish that their life shud b like this. And they always stay happy together.

Pls do likes if u really like. And do comment  pls. waiting to see ur comments for this ff that how u felt abt this?

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      In reality sanskar is still staying with his family just for name sake of uttara.

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        In reality I don’t want people of those kind to b part of ragsan family. So I don’t mention in end

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    Anyway it was a beautiful story… Sorry for not commenting on any of the previous posts… But I read each parts…. Looking forward to read your next story…

    1. Palchin

      Thanku priyankashaurya. M happy that u commented. Yes in reality still they are apart.

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