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Hai all…
Sry for the bit late…

So let’s directly move to the nxt epi…

Khushi motivates Arnav’s team members-Sona is irritated on Dev…

At the hall.
Elena showing the things she bought while shopping with Arnav
E- Wow Bhai….its gr8 shopping i enjoyed…
Arnav passes a smile
While Sona see all these in sitting tired…
E-Ha…If Sona accompany us it wl b bst shoppng…
Sona gives smiles…
E- Its…we wl go together nxt time…
S- Sure…Ele
A- Ha BTW Whr s Ritwick.???
E- Oh yh bhai he called me he got an emergency case so he gets late to reach
A- Ohhh..
(He sees Soan is nit feeling well)
Sona r u ok..???
S- Yh bhaii i ‘m fyn just tired…
A-ohh so go take some rest
S-Yh Bhai..Ele…!???
E-Yh Yh Bhai i’m also little tired 2mrw i have a seminar also so i’m also moving Gud n8..
A-Gud n8…
He give Both Sona and Ele a side hug they left for their room
While walking to the room
E-R u ok Sona..??
S- yh..If dev…
Sona cuts her
E- Elena plzz i’m totally tired so not in the mood to talk to or abt him

Both the sisters reach their room and fall asleep without bothering anything…
Arnav still in the hall working on his Lap
Arnav’s POV
“Almost done…Oh nw its 9:30 pm whether Ms Raizada and all are still working there wat would b happening there..???”
Arnav’s phn rings
A- Hi Aman
Aman- Sir u ask me to remind u abt the imp meeting with IT dept 2mrw mrng @10
A-yh yh i do remember..don’t wry i wl directly reach there with accounts…
Aman- Ok sir i too reach there directly
A-Ok fyn c u 2mrw..
Arnav’s POV
“Now i cant go see there…bcoz there is an imp work regarding the 2mrw mrng meeting so wat to do..????Do one thing i call Rahul and ask him..”

Team members are seen tensed while Khushi watching in the Lap..
K- Hmmm..Nice perfect..this wat i want…
Give a successfull smile to everyone..
K- Guys gud job nice team effort…well done…
All- Tanq Ma’am…if u were not motivate us then…
K- I nvr motivated u all i just say wat i feel at that moment..
Rahul- Ma’am in the short time u undrstnd our talent and have trust in that…u show a gr8 confident on us and that confident make us to work hard…
K-Guys frst stop giving credit to somebody for ur wat u all did its only bcoz of ur talent bothing else…not me its u…its only u…
All give her a humble smile
K- Ok..enough for today go home take some rest pending wl b done 2mrw.
Meera- Ma’am time is short..
K-Guys listen u all are designers the designing work is only based on creativity and innovation u all are already worked for 9-10 hrs undera gr8 pressure esply last 2 If u all continue i’m sure none of u all gets any innovative idea…and it nvr results at bst…i want bst result …so go nd take some rest…

Rohan- Ok ma’am..
Payal-Can we divide the work..???
K- wat..???
Payal- Yh ma’am now its post 9 Only so if we can work aftr getting enogh of rest r8..??
Rahul- yh thats nice idea it wl save time too
K-Ok then u all are agrreing then go let me remind u all…I ONLY WANT THE PERFECT BST RESULT FROM U ALL..
All- Sure Ma’am..
K- Ok c u 2 mrw..
She take her stuffs and left
The team members divide some work amough them and left there..
While leaving Rahul got a call frm Arnav
R- Hello Sir…!!

A-Rahul…???Wats happeng there..???
R-Sir A theme s finalised Ma’am is impressed in that theme now we r leaving..we wl continue the work at home aftr take some rest..
A- Ok that’s gud..Listen
R- S sir
A- I have an imp meeting 2mrw mrng 10 so i wl reach there at eveng only..If Ms.Raizada need any stuff or details provide her with the help of Arun..Aman will b with me..
R- Ok sir.
A-Ok then
He cuts the call..
Arnav’S POV
“She s much impressasive,talent and gud The attitude is more than anything… Ms.Attitude”

At Past 12’o clock
Khushi is designing some designs..
Whilr Dev comes and give her a hot coffee..
K- Wow…Coffee by u….!!!!
Dev gives her a smiles..
K-Come sit
They both sit on the couch
K- R u ok..???
By keeping the mug on the table
D- Yh dhi i’m absaloutely fyn..
K- Ohh..then y this coffee at this alte n8…????
D- Y can’i drink a cup of coffee with my dear dhi..????
K- (giggles)Stop acting like Nikki…it nvr suits u….
K- Just kidding…bt seriously Dev wat happened..???? I can feel a tension in u..
D- Dhi…can i ask something thing

K- S…
D- If i kept a sceret away frm u all and on a fine day u all got to knw abt that then how wl u react….????
Khushi thinks a while and undrstnd her little brother is seriou now and his meaning is deep..
K- Depends…!!!
K- On u..and that sceret
D- If it make a disaster by disclosing i wl suggest keep that away frm us forever…!!!
D- hmmm
K- And yh if u keep scerct abt ur love and girl frnd then i wl punish u….
Dev looks at her with seriously look..
D-Dhi…!!!!!Love..Girl frnd…
K- Yh…
D- Sry dhi till now i don’t have any love and girl frnd..
K- I knw thats y u r Mr..wat s that which Ms.Bose is used to call u…????
D- Mr.Aubdro.!!!
K- Yh…thats it..

D-Bt how could u..???
K-I think u r 4got that there s a news reporter in this house..
K- BTW Done with ur qustns..???
D- Almost…!!!!
K- Dev u r pride of maa and u r trust for me..!!! I face that phase which an 10 aged boy nvr imagine…U sacrifised somany things U always live for us So i trust u more than myself and i’m sure if u keep any scerects away frm us or anybody its only bcoz u don’t want thqt person to shttered.
.u knw the value of relationship so watevr b the matter i wl lawsys there 4 ur support…
Dev gets trary eyes..

K- (By wiping tears)U come here to listen this frm me r8..???So r u satisfied…???
D-I’m dhi….
K- Ok go and take some rest…
D-Ok ..
by takinh the mugs
D- Ans yh Dhi Mr.Gujral called me and asked us to meet him 2mrw @ 10:30 am..
D-Yh dhi s there s any meeting 4 u..???
K- Ohh…I have to meet Mr.Raizada’s team for event’s theme
D-Ohhh…Its ok i wl inform him
K-No Dev if he called both of us for meeting then we should attend 1thing reach there directly frm ur office I too reach there directy aftr merting the team.
D-Ok dhi Gud N8
K- Gud n8…
Khushi give a side hug to Dev left

ALL Raizada family left for their work..
Sona reaches there at 9:30..
Sona’s POV
“I hope he left otherwise ask me a bundle of questns abt yesterday…by ansering him again i wl get head ache…!!”
She enters the house and its empty there is no one shown..
Sona’s POV
“Is he s still here…bt his car is not in the parking area…”
There she Her Auntyji is coming out frm Kitchen…
Sona walks towards her..
S- gud mrng.auntyji
I-Gud mrng beta…
S- Is i got late aunty..???
I-No no y..,???
S- the house is do silent like aftrnoon..time
Ishwari giggles..
I-Nikki left early saying she has an imp work there…Khushi and Dev too left at 8:30 saying they have an imp meeting with someone imporatant…
Sona get sad by knowing Dev already left..
Sona’s POV
“He left already…!!! I hoped he must be left then y should it affect me…????”
I-Y beta anything imp..???
Sona comes frm her thoughts
S- Nothing imp i asked casully…!!!!
BTW Auntyji did u eat brkfst.,?
I-Yh…i did
S- Ok…Auntyji frm 2day’s lunch ur diet s chmging i’m adding some iteams according to ur likes..
I-Ohhhh…Thats nice…

Sona give a smiles..
I- Ha BTW Beta i want to ask u something..
S- Yh auntyji..
I-Y r u satnding here come lets sit and talk..
They both sit on the counch
S-Yh auntyji ask me
I- Do u knw wat Dev likes..???
Questn made a confusion in her mind…
Sona wided her eyes…!!!!
S- Auntyji….I didn’t get u…!!???
I- i mean do u have any idea wat He Nikki khushi likes to eat..???
S- Hw cn i..???

I-See Sona beta u all 4 are youmg generation u all like continental food items..thats y i’m askng..
S-Ohh…i don’t knw abt Ms.Dixit…bt i think Nikki and Dev likes Chinese…
I- Ohh…Tanq beta..
S-Aunty any..
Ishwari cuts in
I-I forget to ask u…tl me wat do u like..???
S-Me..????I like Indian..only
Ishwari smiles..
S- Aunty any spl…???
I-Ha something spl…i thought to arrange a spl dinnr with all my child..
Sona gets touched becouse Ishwari sees her as her child..
I- Khushi returns aftr a long time back so i want to throw a dinner party
S- wow Aunty gud…bt sry i can’t..
I- Yyy..u wl…see Beta may b we r not relatives frnds bt we share a gud relationship r8..???most of the day time u spend here…bcoz of u i’m fit now…u do a gr8 favour us…Nikki consider u as her own u r my daughter like r8..???
Sona gets emotional and teary eyed…
I-and for each mother they gets happy.whn they spent some time with their child so i want that happines…i’m sure ur maa(sona sees her with breaking down)
Ishwari gets sad and worried seeing her breaking down..
I- Sona beta wat hpnd…sona beta….
Ishwari make Sona drinks qater which kerp aside her…and Hugs her to console her…
Aftr a while sona bcome normal..
I-Wat happnd beta if i hurt u by my words..

Sona still in the sad and teary eyed .
S-No no Auntyji…I suddenly remembered abt my Maa whom i nvr seen before…may b if she s here she too want this happiness r8…???
Ishwari undrstnd wat her wirds made Soan to break down and wst s her situation
I- Beta don’t wry….Sry beta i made u cry
Sona wipes her tears…
S- No aunty its ok…
To lighten the situtation Ishwari make a joke
I- U knw..whn u start to come here frst and u behave us with rude and strict Nikki wl calk u…
She stops while Soan look her with a surprise..
Ishwari and Sona giggles…
S- Wat Daravani…????? And Nikki kept that name for me..!!!!
Ishwari noded..while laughing..
I-So these tears are suits in the eyes of Ms.Daravani…
Sona giggles…

Ishwari hold sona’s hand
I- Aur tumhe patha hai Sona beta mere maa ne ek baar mujhe kaha tha..agar koi ledki ko apne maa ka pyar nahi mila toh woh dhurbhagya nahi hai woh uska khush nasseb hoga ki EK ACHE SAASU MAA KO PAKKAR…USKO WOH SAARI PYAR KHUSHI MILEGA SAASUMAA SE JO WOH USSE MAA SE NAHI MILA….!!!!!
(And yh sona beta u knw wat my maa told me..if some girl nvr gets love frm her maa then she s not her unfortunate bt she s FORTUNATE TO GET A MOTHE-IN-LAW LIKE HER OWN MAA…SHE WL GET ALL THAT LOVE AND HAPPINESS,CARE FROM HER SAASUMAA WHICH SHE DIDN’T GET FRM HER OWN MAA….)
Sona smiles…

Ishwari getsup and moves 2 steps agead and continues with inwardly smile..
(And yh i’m want to give all that love happieness to my DIL Which she nvr gets frm her own maa..)
Ishwaei turndms around and give a i’m here wala smile and left by taking excuse of taking some rest…
While sona is still confused by Ishwari’s words and wats her real meaning….??????

K- I don’t need any favour frm u Mr.Raixada..
A-Ms.Attitude nvr loss her attitude..!!!!

Mr.Gujral- Think abt it then inform me…!!! I hope u take a gud decision..
Khushi- S.r.Gujral…!!!! Dev shall we..????
D- Yh yh Dhi…!!!!

So guys this epi ends here…
I hope u all like it..
I request all my (silent) readers to give. comment atleast in one word..
Keep supprt me…

Thank you

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  1. Amazing……?????……sona and ishwari convo was just superb…..and the last line…..??????….???….gave in me pounds of blood….??…..unite devakshi….and arshi soon….

    1. SAGAA

      Tanq Maleeha…i too love the bond b/w Sona and Ishwari..
      It was my wish to include such bondness scene b/w them..and i make many more scenes whr u can feel their bondness and love not as saas bahu but as maa and daughter as my ishwari character promised…
      Keep suppot me…?????

  2. Awesome episode dear

    1. SAGAA

      Tanq Princesa

  3. Aarti32

    Awesome SAAGA by SAAGA

    1. SAGAA

      Tanq Aaru☺

  4. Erina

    Awesome epi dear specially d bond of ishna (ishwari+sona)I wish I would see this in original but now I’m happy as u will give m that … Nd sorrrryyyyy dear ..
    With loads of love….

    1. SAGAA

      Tanq Erina dear actually i thoght y u bcome silent as u didn’t post comment now i’m happy…keep support me…

      1. Erina

        Thats why I said sorrrryyyyy bcse I was out of station where network was not available but don’t worry I’m back now nd of course I will support u . akhir itta wait jo kiya h tmhra ….

  5. Rockzzzzzz

    i loved ishwari?

    1. SAGAA

      Tanq Rockzzzz

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