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Haii all…
Tanq for suppotng me..
So lets move to nxt

Khushi rejects Arnav’s team presenation-Sona Dev Elena Ritwick share a moment

Khushi and all are workng in the presentation room
Rahul-Ma’am See this one
He shows some theme
R-Ma’am This s the one whch s used in American based fashion comapny..
K- Well nice..!!!
When Arnav gets to knw abt Khushi’s pressence he comes to meet her…
While entering the room he hears their convo
By hearing Khushi’s rply 4 that Theme he s confused.

K- (standing yp frm the chair)
Guys i give this second chane only becoz of ur team efficiency and talent..
I didn’t take a 5 min to dcd to copy frm sonewhere and implement them..
Bt its not us…!!!!The credit nust be given to that designer who dsigns this…
Well whn he can designs such nice theme y can’t u guys…!!!!???,
Don’t forget that u r workng on the and for the ASR FASHION HOUSE The top most fashion company in the country…so the designers of that company make designs by copying frm somewhere…€!!!!!

Arnav is puzzled by her speech and gets more impressed… .

Rahul-But Ma’am…
K- Frst of all Stop that stupid word BUT…
I saw ur efforts and gets impressed too thats y i give u second chance…so concentrate on ur work give 100 % on it guys….frsr do trust in urself talent…

Arnav still stand and hear her words witha impressed smile..
K- Guys i wl give u all 2 Hrs only 2 hrs…
do watever u can…bt i want a new attaractive theme….got it ..????
All- S Ma’am…

Arnav enters the roon by composing himself…

R- Sir ..!!!
A- Hello Ms.dixit…!!!
K- hai…Mr.Raizada..
A-Can u please cine with me for 2 Minutes..
K- Ok.
They cones out of the room
K- S.Mr.Raizada
A-Do u think they can do it…????
K-(laughs)Nr.Raizada may b u don’t trust in ur employees’s talent but i have…i saw their effort its better impressing…
A- Well in that case….can u think the theme can create in
She cuts him
K- Within ur dead line …Mr.Raizada..
And its my responsibity…
Arnav smiles and comes two step forward
A- I trust in ur responsibilities and i have proof…?☺?
He left
Khushi is little shocked by his sudden move…
Aftr he left she composes herself
K- Mr.Lordgovernor…!!!!!
She again bc in that work

Dixit Mansion
Sonakshi is preparing chart for the n8 dinner…
Her phone rings(again)
Bt she s careful this time sees who is calling
S-Ha bhai…
Arnav is driving the car…
A-Sona now i got free for 2-3 hrs so think to take u and elena for shopping..its being long time back we went to shopping..
So cn i come to pick u…..

Sona gets sad by his plan..
S- No Bhai….class are not completed…sone imp nptes are going to give us…
A- Ohh its ok…we wl go in some other day…
S- Sry bhaiii
A- Sona its really ok…
Ok nw concentrate on ur work c u n the home
S- ok bhai . Luv u ..
A- Luv u too
He cuts the call
And murmurs
“So now elena….!!!”
She hang the call and murmurs in guilty..
“Atlast how many i shold do this drama..???’
Nikki comes to kitchen and hear the drama word…
N- Drama…????whch drama??..
S- (covering up)oh..plsy act i was reading an play so that wat i mean..
N- Ohhh…waise bhaiya call tha…???
(Ohhh BTW is the call frm bhaiya…???)
S- Ha…he loves me vry much…
N- Wat bhaiya aapko.. ,.???Kab kaise…????kisne pehle bataya…???mujhese kyun nahi kaha…?.??
(Wat bhaiya…and u….???Hw ??? Whn..???Who told frst..??? Y didn’t u tell me…???)
Sona undrstnd that misundrsntnd
She gets tensed…
S- No no no….!!!!!Nikki hold on….how many questns …jaisa tu soch raha hai na waisa bilkul nahi hai…ye tumahara bhaiya ka nahi mera bhai ka call tha…mein unhe mean ki thi….
(No no no hold on nikki hiw many questn…by u thinking s there s nothing like that…its not frm ur bhaiya’s call its frm my bhai’s call i only mean him..)
Nikki gets dissapointment

N- Oops ..Within a min how many things i dreamed….
S- Yh….
N- Hmmm..sry dhi…
S- Its ok..
N- Bad luck…(in a sad tone)
S- Wat
N- I mean u r soo gud lovely…u r a gud nutrionist gud frnd too…so whoever wl dream to get bhabhi like u…!!!!!
So one of them i dreamed…bt my bad luck…
And yh in all strategy Both of u are damn gud look height weight character undrstnd trust etc etc….just MADE 4 EACH OTHER…
(MADE 4 SACH OTHER echoed in her mind)
And she gets more irritation…
S- Ohhh Nikki…stop thinking like this ur bhai and me are only gud frnd nothng more…
N- Ohooo Mr.Dixit nw bcome ur gud frnd till nw he s ur boss r8 bhabhai…????oops sry sona dhi….?????
S- Nikki…go and study otherwise i complaint..
N- To bhaiya….??????????
S- Nikki…. !!!!!???
N- Sry….!!!!!bye…
She left brfore sona do any dangerous thing….
Sona gets much irritation..
” Frst Elena and Ritwick ne she too startd…?????wat to do…???? I knw Its all becoz of him …always do something that make these people to gossip abt us…”

Khushi is bc in workng with team…
Aman enters
A- Here s the Ma’am…some last yrs theme details..
K- Hmmm…yh keep here…
A- Ma’am may i leave…????do u beed any help just cl me..
K- Ok Sure…
Aman leaves…
K- Guys use these details in ue discussion..
Rahul- Tanq Ma’am..

Khushi sees the watch and its gng to post eveng nw…
K- Guys u carry on i wl just come back
R- Ok ma’am
Khushi left there and comes out
there s balcony a long open balcony with glass doors…
She pick up the phone and thinks
“Let me inform maa unless she wl get restless ..!!!!”
On call
K- Hello Maa….
She informed…

Sona is sitting and thinking deeply with irritation…onlt the words by Elena Ritwick And Nikki are rolling in her mind….
Dev comes to her with a hot coffee…in two hands…
And forward one to her…
Bt she s n her thinking world so didn’t notice his pressence
D- Ms.Bose
No reaction
D- Ms.Bose
His volume increased and her thinking stppoed….
D-Ur coffee
Sona forward her hands and take it frm him…
He sits beside her in the bonnet
D-Ha boliye…!!!
(Ss tl me…!!!)
Sona is irriatted now thinks all these gossips are bcoz of him…
S- Wat…???
D-Wahi aapka tension…
(That one ur tension)
S-Mr.Dixit i aleeady told u bt i think that s stupud stuff then why r want to interefer in it let it be with my side ..
D- Yh…bt i think nw ur tension is not that reasonam i r8..????
She paused in his undrstndng capacity…
Ys he s r8 nw her tension no her irriatikn is becoz of him..their frndshp(somethng more)
S-Mr.Dixit its not needed to share all stuffs with u…!!! And if i did u think that wl b stupid r8..???
Dev is get little sad by her hated rply…he can feel her irritation in her words
D- Ms.Bose wat happened y r u in this fighting mood…????In the noon u were ok nw qst happned..????
S- nothing..
D- Sonething s wrong u r hiding frm me…
Sona look at him witha wide eyes…
Sona’s POV
“Oh god ab mein inhe kaise kahoon ki Elena ritwick and Nikki hamara frndshp ka masak uda raha hai.!!!! Roz koyi na koyi kahani pakkathe hai…!!!!Ye Mr.Aubdro kabhi nahi samjhega..”
(“Oh god how can i tell him that Elena ritwick and Nikki rae making fun of us…they are cookng stories each day…!!!!!Mr.Aubodsro nvr undrstnd these stuffs….!!!!”)
D- Mujhe lektha shyaad aap bath karane se aap relax feel karengw isilte aapko drp karna ka socha…
(I thoght if talking with may make u relax thats y i want to drop u…)
She stands and ask by folding her hands..
S-Yh M Dixit mein aapse poochna chahtha tha…!!!!Aapko mujhe drop karenge te aapo undonome ke saamne bathane ke kya zaroothath thi…????
(Yh Mr.Dixit i want to ask u wats needed to commit drop me infront if them…???)
S- Cafe se Drop karne ka baath…
(Dropng to house frm cafe)
He too stood up and tries to coverup
D-Woh meine kaha tha na file lena tha
( as i told u i want to takd file)

S-Ha ha …meine dekha jathe samay aap toh sarre files lekar gaya jo gar mein pada tha hai na…???
(yh yh…i saw whn u r returing u picked up all thr file left n the hone r8….??)
D- Woh.mujhe bath mein yaad aya ki woh file Tina ke paas hai…
(Woh i remember later that..that file is with Tina)

S-Ohhh plz Mr.Dixit bath math banaiye…!!!!
Pehle hi un donom mujhe parishan kar raha tha uppar se aap unhe moka bhi diya mujhe drop karke…!!!
(Ohhb plz Mr.dixit don’t cook up stories…frst of all they are irrirating me then u gave them a chance by droping me…)
Dev is confused…
D- Kisko moka diya..???Kon parishan kiya aapko.???
(He s now more concerned..)
(To whom i gave Chance and who make u irriatate)

S- Woh…Nothing u nvr undrstnd…!!!!
She declared…
D- Tum ledkiyan itna confused and complicated kyu ho..????
Kabhi bhi zeedhey zeedhey bath nagi kar sakthi hai kya…????
(U girls r y r u all r confused and complicated .???? Can’t nvr talk directly..????)
Sona is now is on the top of the anger bt his words…She gets tired by his this cide dialogue…she just hate t….now she hate like hell that dialogue….
S-Mr.Dixit aapki prblm kya hai..????Aap hamesh yehi bolthe hai na hum itna complicated and confused hoon kitne ledki ko dekha hai aap aise..????
(Mr.Dixit wats u r prblm u alwata told we girls are complicated and confuses..??? Hw many girls do u see in this so xalled confusion…????)
D- (takes a while) i think 4-5…!!!!
S- Wat…????

S-wat do u mean..????
D-Woh…mein kamse kam 4-5 ko dekha hai…
(Woh atlast i saw 4-5 girls…)
Sona gives a watever look….while Dev give a winks??
D-Aur ha…mein jo kaha shayaad galath hoga…sry …i didn’t neant to hurt u…actually aaj cafe mein bhi aap aur elena kuch indirectly bath ki aur iss pehle bhi kahin baar aise huva hai mera sath thats y i told that sry…
(And yh..may b my words are wrong sry.
I didn’t meant to hurt u…actuallay i swa today u nad elena too talk in directly and i have experenc of this before too thats y…)
S-Zarroru nahi saare ledkiyan aise ho…!!!! Zarrori nahi hamesha ledkiya confused and complicared ho…woh depends on urself only…agar aapko saare bathe samj mein aayega toh aapko aisa nahi lektha….kher…aapse bolne se kya fyada jo bhi aapke saamne huga aap usse samjne meun bhi weak ho…!!!!

(Its not needed all girls are like that its not needed always girls talks indirectly…its depends upon urself only if u can undrstnd easily then u won’t think like that.. bt wats the imp in make u undrstnd these stuffs while u can’t undrstnd the things which happening in ue eye sight…)
D- Aap mujhe aur confuse math kijiye..
(Don’t confuse me more)
S-I don’t want to be…
Mr.Dixit i’m not deseparate to talk with u…and now i got head ache…
(She place her hands in the head and seen tired…)
D-Yh…u look tired too…
S-Not for look i’m actually tured…so cn u drop me or i

He cuts in
D- I wl drop u…come on…
He opens the car door for her and they left….
So guts this ends here
Hope u ejoyed t…
So ARSHI part Precap for Nxt epi…
Keep support me guys


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