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Sona sees Dev&Nandhith together


Sona is sitting in bed thinking deeply..
Sona’s POV
“Wat would b he doing there..? And Who s she..?? and They Both…”
She again reminces the hug between Dev andNandhitha..
Her thoughts get disturbed by Elena.
Elena comes to her and sits infront of her.
E- R u Fine Now.??
S- Yh.Better..
With a fake smile she lied.
E- Sona wat happened.??? Tl me.?? Suddenly how ur mood switched into Upset mode.??
S- Nothing like that..i told u..

She cut her.
E-Sona i can clearly see this stupod head ache is not at all the reason for ur upset…Tl me the truth.
S- Woh..I..Actually..
Saw Mr.Dixit in cafe.
(Without any option she confessed.)
E-Wat Dev.??? In cafe.???
S-Yh…Actually he came along with a girl..Whn i see them they were…
she stopped..
E- They were.???
S- they were hugging..
Elena gets too shocked..
E- Wat Dev hugs a girl
Sona didn’t lift her head to see Elena.Sona’s eyes are filled with tears…
E- Ok…May b she s his staff Or his new frnd..
S- Yh Frnd…

with scarstic smile
E- Ok..its a little weird that Dev have any Frnd and more over Frnd-In-Girl..Bt sona yaar..
Sona cut in.
S- Ele..I have no prblm he has any new frnd or anything..
E- Ok..If u have no prblm in that case then y r u upset..???
S- Woh…
E- one sec whether r u getting jealous seeing them hugging.
Sona gets angey
S- Wat nonsense nothing like that Elena..Jealous my foot…y should i get jealous seeing them..Plzz i told u somany times nothing in my mind for him.he s only my frnd nothing more and y shld i give this much imp to Mr.Dixit and his personel life..just bcoz he s my frnd..Atleast wat he s mean to me..???
Her anger is coming through her words…
E- ok ok..Calm down Sona i was just kidding….
S- Its not the thing to kidding Elena..
E- Ok.I’m sry..Leave all these..Now take some rest
Elena stood up and left
while Sona lying in bed.

AT Ritik’s Room.
R- So she s jealous…!!
E- Yh she s..Bt the prblm is she s not undrstndng wat s her feeling.!!!
R- Gud Improvement..
Smiles inwardly
While ele gets confused
E- Wat..??
R- Ele can’t u undrstnd me..?
E- Wat to do sometimes u r not saying wat i want…!!!???
Ele blabbered in a irritation while Ritik get a confusion by her words…
They both see each other
Ele undrstnds wat she said while He looks at her with a confusion.
E- I mean..U r not saying wat s ur plan..
She stammers..
she give explanation for her words…
R- I wl tl u wat u want..Till then u have to wait…
Ele can’t take this weird moment anymore
E- Ok do Watever Gud n8
she left
R- She s Making me crazy…Now i have to concentrate on my plan look like its the correct time to excute
He thinks a while and took his mob.
R- Hai…Dev r u free.???
(On call)

Khushi,Nikki and Ish are sitting in Dinning table having their lunch
N- Wow…Dhi ur diet plan is cool
Khushi smiles
K- Nikki if u like this much y can’t follow anyone..???
Ish laughs..
N- Me..And diet no dhi..plzz i love my food than anything..
N- And BTW I’m little girl U r getting old so u should follow ths Dirt and all..
Khushi give a watever look.
While Ish gets realisation.
I- Yh She s right..U r now 27 old khushi…
Khushi undrstnd wat is the real meaning behind her words
K- Maa…I have to meet Team members So see u in evng..
She left while Ish is serious abt her thought..
N- Maa…Wat s gng through in ur mind..If i’m not wrong do u thinkng abt Dhi’s marriage..???
I- Yh Nikki Its the right time to think abt it
N- Wow Dhi’s marriage and my shopping Then its bhai’s turn his marriage again my Shopping…
Ish smiles in Nikki’s childish talk..

N- 1 sec..Whn its get bhai’s turn if he agree to marry her…(Ms.Gujral)Oh no i can’t imagine anyone as my Bhaibhi except S..
She stooped seeing Sona in frnt of her…
Sona listens all and stand there like a statue in shock.
N- Sona dhi…
I- Sona beta…
Sona didn’t rply or move.

Nikki comes near to Sona and shakes her..
N- Sona dhi where were u lost.???
S- Huh Nothing..
She immediately moves inside the kitchen while Ish excuse herself with a rest excuse
Nikki also go behind Sona.
N- Di..R u bc.???

S- No y any imp matter.???
N- No i asked causully..
Sona nodded in Ok
S- Nikki…
She called her.
N- ha dhi..
S- I want to talk with u..
Nikki Raises her eyebrow
S- Abt Mr.Dixit…
she stammers…

Nikki looks at her with a surprise…
N- Ha Dhi wat abt bhaii..???
Sona take a deep breath
S- Wat were u talkng abt whn i entered..?
N- Woh we were talking abt that Ms.Gujral And Bhai…
Sona gets puzzled..
S- Who Ms.Gujral…???
Nikki gets surprised…
N- Ms.Nandhitha Gujral..Her father forward a marriage proposal for Bhai and her…dont u bhai tl u anything..???
S- Woh..Mr.Dixit marriage proposal…What did He ansered..??
She stammered….
Sona gets all her doubts cleared and Shocked too…
N- Bhai Ask for some time…
Sona didnt rply bt stand there in a shock…
“Marriage proposal for him…And He even did share anything with me…yyy am i not that
Frnd to him that he can share anything with me..??? So it means that girl who i saw yesterday at cafe is his…..Y it affectng me..??? Y i’m fewling paining of loosing…?? Y i’m feeling inscured…??? Yyy wats happening in me…???? Yyyy..?????”
Her thoughts are trailing in her head in a fraction of seconds..Her Eyes gets no tears…She totally shocked…
Nikki Somewat undrstnd Sona’s Situation is not ok at all
N- Sona Dhi r u ok..???
Sona didn’t rply..

N- Sona dhi…
Suddenly Sona’s Thoughts are stopped by a scream at hall..
D- Maa…
He came screaming in a hurry tone on hearing his Nikki replied
N- Ha bhaii…
He hears the rply frm Kitchen and He moves towards it.
Sona suddenly get out of her thoughts make herself in her work immediately took her note pad and start writting Diet charts ignoring him…
Nikki gets puzzled by Sona’s sudden change
He entered and sees Sona in a weired behaviour
D- Nikki Woh…
He stopped seeing a weird atmosphere..

Sona didnt turn to look at him…
She continously writting diet chart she totally want to avoid him…
D- Is all Ok..??
He asked only looking at Sona and she undrstnd his direct questn is towards her bt she is not at all intrested to look at him and give a rply..She stand there like a stranger..or she make herself stranger For him…
Nikki after passes a glances towards Both Sona and Dev She replied.
N- Ha bhaii All Ok…Bt u here At this time.???
Dev is not at all satiafied by Nikki’s rply as he exceting rply frm Her…
D- Ha..Woh I come to took a file
Nikki nodded in a Ok
D- Ok Let me take that..
He excused himself and moves towards his room bt still somewhr he knw Somethning is not ok..
Nikki tries to make that atmosphere lighter.

N- Sona dhi Woh..U
She Cut in.
S- Nikki Cn u plz excuse me for a while…
Nikki undratnd Sona need some time to make herself come out of it..
So She accept sona’s demand and she leaves…
Sona feels bad as somewhr she make Nikki upset…
She closes her eyes and while took deep breath by lifts her head up…
Suddenly something struck her mind and she tell to herself..
S- Yh it wl b correct…She immediately again start to write Diet charts in a fast mode
Aftr took the file He comes downstairs He stopped a think to make a talk with Sona.. he moves towards Kitchen and sees She s still bc in her Work…
D- Lektha hai aaj app bahot Bc hai..
( i think u r too bc today..!!!)
While entering he asked…
Sona didn’t turn to see him..she cant…
S- Uthna nahi Jithna aap hai…
(Not that much as U…)
Scarasctically she replied…
Dev still feel a weirdness in her behaviour…
She pick her bag and search something in it..
Dev on a excuse of get water he moves towards Fridge and take a bottle and drank while continously staring at her…
Dev’s POV
“Strange…While talking to me she always look into my eyes…I can always found a replies in her eyes before she could speak bt today till now she didn’t see my at for a time…??? Wat happened to her…???”
He a totally confused by her weird behaviourwithout any option he start to leave whn she callef him..
S- Mr.Dixit…
He turns to see again a head downed Sona who is forwarding a Pen to him..
S- Ur Pen..!!!
Dev gets confused…
D- Aapko ye kaham se mila.???
(Where did u get frm.???)
By taking Pen frm her hand
S- Jaham aapne khoya…!!!
(Where u lost it…!!!)
She again Scarastically replied…

Dev nodded and still in a doubt where could he lost his Pen…
She turns around as her back is facing her…
S- Sambhaliye ek baar khoya gaya tho Wapas pana mushkil hai..Jo chahe Cheez ho Rishte ho ya phir…
(Keep it safely once you lost its difficult to again get whether it s thing or relationship or…)
she take a long breath and by closing her eyes…
S- Dosti hi kyun na ho…!!!!
(Even frndshp)
Dev gets a puzzled by her words….
He somewhere undrstnd She really Mean wat she said…
Dev’s POV
“i knw undrstnd ahe is not ok at all something is wrong…something wat could be…???
Enough i want to knw wat is bothering her..?? Y she us avoiding me..??? Wat i did..????”
D- Ms.Bose Any…
His words is interrupted by a phone call
its call frm Office its an very imp meeting as a CEO of company his pressence is nedded…He cant postpone or skip this meeting at any cost…
S- Mr.Dixit u can go i…
While still facing back to him.
Took a deep breath as again she gng to lie to him
S- I’m fine…may b Someone is waiting for u U can go…dont make anyone suffer…!!!!
She again and again scarstically replied to his unasked questn…She assumes that call frm Ms.Gujral
His all doubt are cleared..She is not Fine at all Something is making her hurt….
Without any other option left he took that call
D- Wl b there in 30 min..
He not informed he declared…
He knw she is not intrested to talk with him so let it her is only option left in him..
Dev left…
She turns around saw a empty kitchen as he left…
She took all that diet charts and directly moves towards Upstairs…

Ish is lying in her room in a relax…
Sona enters and sees a 2-3 bags kept closely tight
S- Auntyji…
She called out..
Ish wake frm her position and sits straight..
I- Arrey…Sona Beta y r u standing there come inside…
Sona took a deep breath and moves inside sits infront of Ish on Bed…
Ish can easily undrstnd the sadness in Sona’s inside and y even she dont knw…
I- Ha bolo Wat happened..???
S- Woh Actually as u knw i have diet and food responsibility for event so i want 2 days leaves…!!?
She demanded bt her expression and Her situation needed a break
Ish gets confused

Yes She knw Sona’s frst priority is fulfilling the responsibility which she took Bt sudden leave..!!!
Before Ish give any rply Sona make her demand worthy she forward a bunch of Papers to her…
S- And these are the diet charts for u and Khushi Dhi for 2-3 days and if u want u can Extend this to 5-10 days i gave a list of food items which u both can change instead off..
She already decided wat she wanted..
Ish gets puzzled by seeing this Saddned Sona..
I- Haa ok beta if u want u can take it…i wl handle this…Sona nodded in a Ok and give a fake smile..
S- Ok Auntyji then i’m leaving i already prepared N8 diet chart its also there..
She stood up
S- I wl cl and inform Khushi di..
Ish nodded..
Sona moves towards Door while stopped by Ish’s Reply
I- And Dev…???
Sona didnt turn
I- Call him and inform him too
She told her bt actually she was checking Whether he is not the reason behind her Sadness…
S- He wl b bc with someone plz Inform him on my behalf..
By Still facing back to her sje replied to Ish.. and left without w8ng for Ish’s rply…
Ish gets confirmed that
Ish’s POV
” So My Dev is the only reason behind her sadness…Bt wat could b he did..??? Wat happened between them..??? ”
She thought to herself…
Sona comes to Kitchen and start to pack her stuffs..
And Orderd Kitchu bhaiya to Cook food according to that diet chart and if any doubt make a call her..

As usual Nikki comes running towards Sona dhi and hug her..
N- Sona dhi U take 2-3 day’s leave y…???
Sona push her a little
S- As u knw i have the event’s food responsibility thats why..U dont wry We can meet at that evnt..
She make a fake smiles to her to comfort her..
N- Ok..I wl miss u Again Hugs Sona..
Nikki gets habbit of Sona with her now..Sona too loves this Cute girl as Her own sis..
S- Me Too..
Nikki break the hug and pulls back
S- Sry I make u leave…!!!
N- Its ok..!!
Sona nodded and start to leave..
N- Sona dhi…
she comes runs to her and stand before her
N- Mein kitchen mein jo kuch bhi kaha woh to nahi hai na aap ke is leave ke peeche ka karan…???
(Watever i told u in the kitchen is not the reason behind ur leave right..??)
Nikki caught her..
Sona didn’t rply anything Bt just give a Hug with a fake smile she left..While Nikki is in a dilemma as she could be a reason behind her sadness…

Sona reaches and directly she move to her room..
she even didn’t hear The calling out frm HP bhaiyaa.
HP- Sona Dhi….Sona Dhi…
She moves to her Room and closed the door..
her room is dark and silence
bt darkness and silence in her inside is more than of that room’s…

Next Part-

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