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Hope u all r fine…
Thank alot for ur support If i’m doing this its only bcoz of ur comments as support..
Guys before start today’s part i want to tell something..
1.So sry guys i not able to give rply to each and every comments…
2.Aftr seeing some comments i undrstnd as a reader u want ARSHI scenes….bt guys as per my story track ARSHI AND DEVAKSHI have EQUAL IMPORTANCE..
If now ARSHI’S scenes are less than DEVAKSHI…i assure u that i wl make more whn the track lands on the base of their love story..soon u wl undrstnd…till then plzz enjoy the track with scenes…

I didn’t mean to hurt anyone if any of my readers is annpyed due to my rply i’m so sry….
And one more thing…I have an imp family functn in this weak so may b i can’t able yo post nxt part before sunday…I really try my best to post as soon as possible
(Bcoz as a writters i’m eager to write up further…)

So enough of my bak-bak letz move…

SONA gets to knw abt Dev and Nandhitha’s marriage proposal


Elena reaches in all tiedness
she throw herself in sofa aftr putting Her bag oneside.
She in a position by which she get relaxation.
Her relax is disturbed by HP bhaiya’s Call out
HP- Elena Di…
E- Ha HP bhaiya..can u plz make a lime juice for me
in a tiedness mode…
HP bhaiya- Ha I wl..Bt…!!!
He hesitated..
E- Bt wat.?? Wat happened.???
Hp bhaiya- Bt Sona dhi she is in her room..
He informed her with a hesitation She stood frm her position suprised
E- Wat Sona..? At this time .?? She reached today early than me..???
Hp Bhaiya Nods in a Yes
E- Ok..Do one thing make it for both of us She must b tied too
HP bhaiya nods and make his way ti kitchen..
while Ele ran towards her Room to knw the reason of sona’s Early arrival.

His all meetings are almost done
he is leaning in his chair by head lifts up continously staring at the ceiling He is thinking something very deeply.
His thinking is that much deep that
he didn’t realise someone else is seeing him with a confused look..
T- Sir Sir sir….
She is still tring her best to call no responds frm him nor he is not coming out his thought or he s moving a little inch…By knw how to wake him up frm his thought..Frm inside she is feeling scared to disturbing and guilty too bt wat to do Her Duties..!!!
She immediately Put the files down on floor which she kept till now…by that Sound he woke up frm his thoughts..She did it intentionly Bt as pretending unintensionly she bend down and collect all frm floor aftr giving a 3-4 Sorries to his *wat the* Look..
T- Sry Sir..
By keeping all files in the tableDev noded in S
T- Sir These diles need ur signs and its emergency as i have to mailed it to Clients tomarrow morning.
Atlast she informed him her reason for arrival and woke him frm his thought..
Undrstndng the emergencies Dev just took all that start to Sign on it by reading seriously too..
D- Tina Is all my lined up meeting are done..?
Still his eyes are on that files.
T- Almost sir Tomarrow morning at 10:30 u have to meet our Production,Marketing & Sales dept head for monthly review..then all done..
D- Ok…By forwarding all the files to her as he done with it also…Tina by taking frm his hand..
T- Once again Sry sir for distrubing U
D- Its Ok..
give a simple smile
T- Sir Do u need anything to drink or eat.??
D- No Actually I have to mert one of my frnd so i wl manage there
T- Ok sir.
Dev noded Tina left his cabin…
Dev’s eyes again caught the Pen which Sona hand over to him at kitchen.
He remember her ignores towards him and that indirect words…
“Aftr all wat s her prblm.??? Wat it could be..???”
Again he lost in his world of thoughts…

Elena reaches their room’s door step and get inside and get shocked….
She sees a drakroom She immediately Put lights On
and see Sona is standing at the Window And seeing at the sky..
Elena went near to her
E- Sona…
While placing her right hand on Sona’s shoulder.Sona slowly turns..Her eyes have no tears bt yes they are not live also…Her eyes just numb that which always seen to be lively…Elena Undrstnd she is not in a normal state at all..
E- Sona Let it out…
She asked her to let her inside broken to cone out….
by holding her Hands tightly..
Sona immediately throw herself on Elena with a bone crush hug…
She didn’t Contrl anymore…She breakdown at that moment in a right one’s arms…Elena rub her back as consoling bt Elena didn’t try to stop her tears bcoz she knw aftr seeing Sona’s Broken situation let that tears is only one medicine which Sona can take right now…
Elena let her Cry till she get tied of crying and get some strongness to share the matter which made her BROKEN..!!!

Khushi is seen sitting with her Frnd
Khushi aftr sipping place her cup on the table…
F- Wat U r working with Mr.Arnav Singh Raizada Country’s one of the most popular Designer…!!!!
Her frnd screaming in a excited tone.Khushi get irritation by her excitment words
K- Yh so wat..??? Anitha Do tl me onething do u think i’m not enough deserve to working With Mr.Arnav singh Raizada The country’s most popular Designer.????
She asked with a smirky…
A- No Not at all Khushi…i didn’t mean that way…
she stammers
Khushi laughs a little
K- Relax Anitha i just joking i knw wat u mean…
Anitha breath out
A- Arrey yaar u scared me..
Khushi smiles
A- So Khushi wat do u feel aftr working with Mr.Aranv..
Khushi take one more sip
K- Feel wat do u mean..???
A- I mean Wat do u think abt him.??
K- Wat should i thnk abt him As u say He is most popular Designer and talented too
Anitha who knw abt Khushi’s character…Not satisfied by her words
With a exceptation…
K- And wat..?? Nothng..!!!
plainly she Decleared
She took a Sip again
A- Dont u feel anything more working with him..
aftr hearing the same questn again with a smirky tone she now undrstnd wat her frnd really mean
By placing the cup in a irritation
K- Wat do u really mean by this same questn.????
She not asked almost she shouted in her irriatation…
A- Its Simple Khushi U knw Each and every designers dream to working with him or atleast just make a intro to him…
khushi’s Irritationis getting incrsng by her word by word bcoz she is making a more than gud image of that person who even she dont like to work with…
A- Do u knw how many model and young designers try on him..
bt no he nvr show any intrst or even a frndshp with any of them as he s already having any other bt in reality he don’t…
Khushi give a watever look at her statement bt still she get the point wat her frnd tring to convey…
A- So think U r working with that man…Thats y in my curiosity of knwng abt him i asked…
She replied and take a another sip
Khushi took a breath and undrstnd that She s imagining Mr.Raizada as more than Gud..
K- Anitha i undrstd wat u mean…I just say dnt build up his imagine like
Anitha is confused by Her reply
.K- I knw he s most popular designer Bachelor and watevr…!!!!Bt These external affection is not enough to build a imagine abt someone their character is most imp…
She directly replied…
Anitha again give a confused look as she knw He have gud character there is nothing bad in it…
K- U dnt beleive wat i saw or realised abt him…
She make a unbelievable look to her..
A- Wat tl me..???
Khushi took a deep breath usually she is not that type of girl who get gossips abt boys…she really dont like to do also bt telling her not as gossiping its just sharing..
.K- He have prblm with working womens…He has a think that he s best and gr8 not anyone..he is too proud of himself…Sometimes he do something giving a excuse of Humanity bt in real its all bcoz of his Favour…always he want to favour on all…nothing much…She confessed wat really she feel abt Mr.Arnav Singh Raizada…So atlast her quest get answers bt this ans made her shocked..
she nvr hear this much abt Him not even frm his rivals.Bt Khushi his partner in event who is working almost 5-6 hrs with him who can see him and realise his character very closely making a Negetive entirely negetive opinion abt him.
A- Wat..?
She replied with a disbelieve
A- No i dnt think so i think u r mistaken.
Yes she found it right they both toatlly made a entirely wrong opinion abt each other.
Khushi aftr take a sip again place the cup
A- Khushi u…
She opened her eyes wide as she s shocked to seeing a person who is standing behind Khushi and infrnt of her Khushi noticed Anita’s wide eyes
Khushi turn around and screamed in a tone which is only audiable to both frnds
K- Mr.Raizada.!!!

Sona is sitting in her bed a long session of sheding tears She feel tied of crying
Elena came along with a tray in her hand which has Two glasses of Lime juice
She place it in near side table and sit before Sona with a assuring smiles
E- R u feeling better r8 now.?
By placing her hands over Sona’s
S- Much Better
Taking two glasses in her two hands hand over one to Sona..
S- No Ele i’m not
Elena cut off
E- Sona..U must.!! Atleast U have some energy to share me wats prblm r8…Come on have it.
Sona with a hestitated took frm her and drank some
E- So Now tl me wat made u cry.???
Elena asked openly
Ele can assume its only bcoz of Him…not anything or anyone bt somewhr She excepting him not be…
Sona who is looking at the glass still head downed replied
S- Mr Dixit…
Elena is not much surprised or shocked bt confused As now wat he did again.????
E- Dev .?? Again wat he did now.???
Sona still look at Glasses
S- Not did going to get.!!!!
She indirectly replied..
Elena is confused
E- Wat..??
Sona took a deep breath and a sudden look at Elena with a so called fake confident
S- He s gng to get married…!!!!
She not informed or replied she declared with a heavy heart
Elena who is till now not shocked to knw the person behind her tears
bt now she is too shocked to knw the reason behind
E- Wat r u sure..??? I thnk u…
Sona cutt in
S-Nikki told me..!!!
So the second reason behind her tears is this…
Elena who undrstnd this..
Ele’s POV
“Marriage is Shocking for her bt get to knw that frm someone other is more than shockng..Here i wish to make him realise his feelings towards Sona and there he s gng to marry someone else..??? How could he do..??? Sona is correct in the begining he s just heartless and aubodro i just done with his this behaviour…”
She irritately went through it bt externally she has to make Sona comfortable
E- Sona Wat excatly Nikki said u..?
Sona who s already broken again she remember the words Nikki said
S- He get a mardiage proposal frm a big business tycoon fir his daughter..
E- Wat Dev replied.???
With a little hope for confortmg her
S- He asked for some time…
Elena get somewat realx Bcoz there wl Time for marriage and decisions..
S- Do u knw Ele I’m not that much affected by his marriage Proposal..
She lied and that s clearly visible to Ele bt now hearing her words and making her comfortable us much important
S- bt the feel of Being fool and cheated is affectng me…
She confessed her feelongs out
Elena undrstnd by how She feel herself fool and Cheated bt want to hear frm her own
E- Fool ?? Cheated How..??
She peetend to be she dont get her point
S- I feel myself fool to make him as my Best frnd and want to share everything with him Giving him this much imp… bt in return wat i got..??? Feel myself fool…
Not evn he made me worthy to share this with me…!!!
She again let out her wat her heart feeling right that moment
Ele undrstnd her feeling
E- Ok Bt cheated…???
Sona caught she feel cheated by hearing his marriage propsal news…She get jealous seeing him with another girl…all signs are gng in correct direction…
S- Woh…I…
She stammered bcoz nt even she dont wats the reason for feeling cheated in her while Ele is pretending to unknw to it
E- Let t be Sona bt do tl me onething Dev is ur frnd r8 then y r u feeling cheated.???
She again make Sona realse the reason she make her more confused by her words…
E- Actually u should b happy for him..
Sona who again make a fake rply not frm her heart..
S- I knw Ele infact somewhr I’m happy for him Bt still he even think i’m worthy enough to share…thats make me more sad
Sona again bend downed her head
Ele think staring at sona how long u wl keep urself away frm him Sona…????
S- Ele is bhai reached.???
She tries to change topic
E- Not yet…
Sona nodded…
S- I want to sleep for sometimes i’m tied
She s really very tied if crying.
She lay down on Bed
Ele too accompany her by standing and took the tray she walks out
Ele closes the door
E- Whr r u Ritwik..????
She murmurs to herself

A- Wow Khushi he came here to neet u..???
She asked in a excitment tone.Khushi feel now who called him here.???
K- Wat nothing like that…
she clearly declined..
A- Ok watevr be the reason he is here and U too…
She trying to indicate something..
K- Wat do u mean by that..???
She asked directly..
A- Make a intro of me to him plzzzz
she asked to her directly she make a Confusion and uncomfortable in her
K- Wat.??? no i’m not gng to do that..
She clearly denied her frnd..
Anita who pretend to get upset…
Khushi take a long breath
K- Anita Wat r u tryng to do..???
A- which i always tryng…!!!
She confessed in a concerned tone
K- How many time i have to assure u that I’m Ok i’m living..
She replied her as confirming..??
A- How long Will u..
Khushi cut in.As she knw wat her frnd upto.???
K- Anita i told u somany times again i’m telling i’m happy in wat i have…
Anita knw Khushi is stubborn she is not gng to admitt it easily…
Anita receives a call..
by attndng the call
A- Hello…Yh i do remember I’m just leaving c u there…Luv u too. !!!
And she cut the call by blushing
Khushi sees her blush and think its turn
K-So Hw s Mr.Kapoor ???and ur married life ???
She asked her smiling in a formal manner
A- Fine…Gud gng Actually its my luck to have him in my life..
She give a smile while replying and that smile convey that she really mean wat she said..
A-For completing our life we need a Life partner in some point ..
She trryng again..
Khushi smiles as accepting
K- There is some persons.Whose life is already compltd…
She cleaverly replied…
Again She make herself stubborn..
“How Stubborn u r..!!!! Bt let me see how long u r to be…????”
Anita scarasctically thinks while just passing a smile.
Anita stood up aftr took her stuffs and give a hug to Khushi
A- Anyways…Mr Kapoor is waiting for me in a get togther party..So whn u get free frm Mr.Raizada..
She winks in a teasing way
A- Call me we should mert again
Khushi just ignore her frnd’s teasing wink and giving a assuring smile
K- Yh Sure…
A- R u not leaving??? Or waiting for someone..???
She said turng her head towards the side whr Arnav sitting with 3 persons..
K- No…I just gng to leave wait i have to book a cab..
A- Cab..?? Whr s ur car..???
They move towards outside Aftr paying the bill
K- I drp Car at service center for services I get aftr i return frm the event
A- Ok..Bt u r alone Come let me drop u..
She sounds concerned and worried too standing at the parking area of the cafe
K- No..No i wl wait here I book cab now they reach here.and yh Mr.Kapoor wl b waiting for his Mrs…I dnt want to get any curse frm him..
She teasingly said…
A- R u sure.???
Still She s not sure abt her safety as that place is little far frm the city…they both reach near Anita’s car
K- Anita dnt wry i wl manage…U carry on…
She assured her
A- Ok if u need me cl me Party’s place is not too far frm here..i wl b here…
She make a second option to her
K- Ok..I wl frst leave…they must b waiting for u…
Anita give again a hug leaves in her car…Khushi is seen happy aftr meeting her Frnd aftr a long time…
K- I thnk Cab driver wl took minimum half hr to reach so till then i wl wait here
there s some tables and chairs around it (as open cafe)Bt no one is Along with her…She s all alone…Bt she s not at all afraid to be here alone…!!!
“Sometimes the loneliness in inside is more than painly outside’s..!!!”
She have seat in a chair and took a deep breath she slowly looks up on the dark sky there is alot of stars as a garden has Flowers…She passes a painful Smile to that starts and some tears start to come frm her eyes without her knowldge..!!!
suddenly a car’s light made distrubed to her own world of thoughts and loneliness…!!!!
K- Wat the…
she stopped seeing the person who is standing infrnt of her…

Dev is drving the car bt not in normal as still he s confused by Ms.Bose’s weired behaviourStill her words her ignorance is again again coming in his mind and eyes.!!!
Suddenly Dev’s thought is dirstrubed by a call he attnd t.
D- Ha Ritwik i’m on the way i wl b there in…
Ritwik cut in
Yes Dev is gng to meet Ritwick bcoz He called him and asked to meet him with a reason of sharing some imp matters…As Ritwik is his bst frnd Dev disn’t deny immediately accepted.
R- Dev Not today i cant meet u now…
He sounds very serious..
Dev suddenly give a sudden break to car and undrstnd His tone sounds seriousing..
D- Ritwik All ok.?? wat happened any prblm.??
He sounds concerned more than that already he s confused by Ms.Bose’s behaviour now Ritwik too sounds serious He s now worried..
R- No yaar nothing serious actually i get a immediate surgery so i cant meet u today..
He s lieing bt wat to do no other option.Dev bcom somewhr reliefed bt the Ms.Bose’s behaviour is still in his mind..
D- Ok fine we wl meet whn u get free..
Dev assured him Bcoz he also want to mert him to knw wats the prblm with Ms.Bose now…
R- Ok i wl call u later bye…C u soon..
He cuts the call
Dev gets more worried aftr his call disconnected…

Khushi sees a man coming towards her
K- Mr.Raizada….
She call out in a surprised tone
Arnav who is surprised to see Khushi there
A- Ms.Dixit u here.???
He looks here and searchng for someone along with her unfortunetly she s alone now…
K- A prsonnel meeting
She give him a open reply “personnel” he cant ask further abt it…
A-Ok..along with urself..?!!!
He asked in a scarastically
K-Wat do u mean.???
She asked while passing angry looks at him
A- I mean U r now alone…!!??
Controlling hus laugh aside
K- Waiting for cab…
She again cut her reply in a 2-3 words…
Arnav murmurs in a irritation “Attitude…!!!”
Khushi did hear clear wat he sait bt she dont want to spoil her mood by making a argue with him…
K- Excuse me..!!!
A- Nothing..He clearly denied…
Khushi give a watevr looks
A- Ok then Enjoy ur own time C u later..!!!
Again his scarastic comment…
Khushi just noded her head and took seat at chair
Arnav left in his…

Dev reaches his home all tied…
mentally and physically…
Nikki and Ish who is sitting in the sofa sees Dev coming..
I- Dev beta…U look too tied today..
she sounds concerned..
Dev make a relax position in sofa
D- Yhh Maaa..All time meetings…
He replied in a tiedness..
I- Ok Beta Go nad get fresh up i wl ask to prepare dinner soon.
Ish went staright to kitchen aftr order him.
Dev nodded and just left to his room


Here Khushi is waiting for almost 15-20 minutes till now cab didn’t reach..She make a cl to the drivr and get to knw that The road he used to come whr a huge traffic jam.She feel somewhr worried as her house is far frm the cafe and it already bcom a super late…She s not worried abt her safety bt worried bcoz of her family…they wl start to panic due to her unreachable…
Immediately she think to call Anita yes she has that option..She immedaitely tried her bt then realised that she aldo in that same road whre the traffic jam if she called her even she cant too reach her soon…No option…
If She want take a lift frm the person who is inside the cafe bt taking lift frm unknwn person wl b a wrong option..She get more worried..She think to make a call To Dev…While Seeing in her phone suddenly a car came reverse infront of her..She lift her head look at inside and again she called out his Name in a surprised tone…
K- Mr.Raizada..!!!


Dev is cahnged to his night suit and come outside the washroom aftr took a bath for his tiedness…He sees Nikki is sitting in his bed and doing something in his Phone…
D-Nikki…Go tl maa that i wl comr in 10-15 minutes…
He assumed she came to Call him..
N- Ok i wl tl her bt i didn’t come here to call u..
He moves towards his wordrobe and searching for some Files
D- then.???
He asked still continue his searching.
N- Bhaiii Sona di told ma on her behalf inform u onething..
Dev get confused..Finally he got wat he want to search for by holding in his hand he go through it.
N- Mr.Dixit i took 2-3 days job..
She imitates like Sona in frnot of him…bt he who is still only seeing file very concentrately aftr hearing her words just put the files down in a shock…
Nikki sees his sudden shock and immediately bend down to took the papers which that file had..Aftr picking all frm floor she just keep that on table
N- Bhaiii…R u ok???
She knw he s nt as he s shocked bt for her satistaction…
Dev breathout
D- Whn did she tl this to maa.???
He knw her very well he cant take any dicision without a solid reason.
N- Aftr u left whn u reached for some files
He again get surprised that she evn need ti inform me whn i was standing before her.
Ish calls out Nikki and Dev frm Downstairs
N- ok bhai Maa is calling me come fast..
she ran ways leaving a shocked Dev…
“She took 2-3 days leave..which means i can’t see her before the event…???? YYY???? Y this suden decision.??? She not evn consider imp to inform me directly…Ohh so that Speed in her work has this reason behind…Wat happened to her..??? Till yesterday she is absoutly normal to me bt today…????”
There are somany questns are raising in his mind..with a no answer for that…bcoz His ans is Sona herself…!!!!

Arnav comes out frm his car and stood infront of her.
A- Come let me drop u…
he strightly replied to her face expression so he us there to drop her…once again her anger and attitude is cones out seeing his favour..As she thinks it
K- No i can manage..
She replied him and turn facing her right hand side to him.
Arnav who is now irriatated by her so called Attitude loosing contrl in each and every seconds.
A- How by taking lift frm unknwn person..???
He asked her with a anger
She didnt turn bt replied
K- Dev wl come here..
till now she didn’t call him bt she tell with a cinfudent
Arnav is now out of contrl over anger
A- Ms.Dixit don’t u knw the way ur brother used to come is having Huge traffic block
Arnav informed her with a irriatation
While other side Khushi too loosing her contrl over angrt due to his unasked Help and favour…
K- Its non of ur Business Mr.Raizada..u can go now…
She directly asked no orderd him to leave
Arnav bites teeth in a anger and took a step closer to her..
A- Its my business Ms.Khushi Dixit just get inside the car..
The same way he orderd her..
On the point come on their Ego.
K- enough..
By saying this she turn to face him but her bad luck due to sudden turn her high heels cheated her they broked as she slipped and that slip made her gng to hit the road..
Bt before she hit the road a strong hand’s palm hold her palm..
She tightly closed her eyes once she feela she is not on road she slightly open her eyes and found Mr.Raizada’s right hand palm is hold her right hand palm…

(kyun dard hai itna tereliye Rabaa ve Rabba ve… plays in bg)
They lock their eyes for a while..
Bt the conciousness in her make her distract frm that intense gaze Which they were passing..
K- Hath chodiye Mr.Raizada…
(Leave my hand Mr.Raizada)
She is still anger on him…
Arnav raises his eyebrow due to her unbelievable dialogue
A- R u sure.???
He again asked…!!!.
K- I said leave my hand..
She made more clear to him…
A- Ok as u say…
As saying he slowly free her hand frm his…
This time she s ready to make herself protect frm that fall….Bt suddenly while freeing her hand in a second he pulled it..
And that pull made her throw herself on him..Her chest rested on him…In that position he almost asked her in her ears
A- am i lookg that much bad to u Ms.Dixit.???
His voice made a something different in her…
A cold breeze and his low voice…now his tone don’t have any attitude rudeness or anything its just a sweet sound to hear…
they didnt hug each other bt their position is not less than tight hugging…
Arnav made Khushi stand straight bt suddenly she scream in a pain
K- Ahhhhhhhh…!!!!!!
He bcome concerned Hold her frm her elbow for support to stand this time she didn’t jerk his hand or say anything to him.
A- Ms.Dixit R u ok.???
Khushi still feeling pain in her right side ankle
K- Hmmm
She moaned nothing much
Arnav sees her pain
A- come here..
He opened frnt seat door and make her seat facing the outside
She didn’t stop her or she asked to leave her..She still screaming in a pain
K- aahhhhhh
She place her hand slowly on it…
A- one sec..
He immediately go back to the back seat and took a spray and rushed to her
A- Hmmm…let me see Ms Dixit
Immediately he bend down to her and slowly took her leg and place it on his thigh…he slowly remove her sandle and slightly push up her hand…
While otherside Khushi is drumbstuck seeing Mr.Arnav Singh Raizada concerned very much concerned….while he took her leg she evn scream in pain as his touch made something in her….
While sparyng along with a cold breeze she feel a cold in her leg she closed her eyes in that feeling…
Arnv slowly place her leg on her sandle and stood up.
A- U wl feel better…
Khushu slowly open her eyes in a soft manners no attitude no rudness nothing…that cold made her melt…
Khushi just noded..while Arnav went and place that spary back its place..
By closng that door he asked her sofly…
in his tone also there is no rudness or attitude
A- Shall we ..???
Khushi nodded and tryng to take her leg slowly frm road bt the pain still on there..
Again he bend down and made her sit stright in the car….
and he took his driver sear they drive off….

Dev who is now somewat back frm that shck comes down and just oretend to be normal becoz his shckng worrying can make a wrong meaning…
Ish places all dishes on dinning table while NIkki is already there..
N- Bhaii came..
She scream in a hungry
Dev just passes a fake smile and sit at the chair
I- R u ok now ???
D- Yh maa…
He lied…
D- Maa Whr s Di.?? Is she didnt return frm that cafe.???
He asked to coverup..
N- Now only she messaged me she is on the way wl reach in half hr..
D- Okk…
I- Dev beta i forget to tl u onethng.??
D- Ms.Bose took 2-3 day’s leave…
I- yh is she inform u..???
N-No maa i did…
I- Ohhh..
Dev feel discomfortable that she didnt inform him…

Khushi is only enjoying that cold breeze and seeing outside frm window while Arnav glacences at her sometimes to ensure She is fine.
Immediately somrthing hit his mind and he immediately turn on the Radio
And the song was a nice one to enjoy at that moment…Khushi enjoyed song cold breezee and the outside….
Another song played she enjoyed…
Arnav notices she is ok with songs so he it continue that…
Almost 3-4 songs are played…nxt song started…..
“I was justng enjoyng all these…songs cold breeze and outside scenerio….bt suddenly i heared a Song…it made me a shiver and nervousness inside me…
I just start to get more and more nervouness by that song…yyyy???? Again ????yyy is returning in my lie..????? I started to get panic…”
The song was “tum hi ho-Aashiqui 2”
K- Mr.Raizada stop this song..
She commented..
Arnav didnt get it right
A- Wat.???
K- Can u plzzz stop this song.???
She stammered….
She not evn enougj strong to shout…
Arnav is totally confused by her
She leaned to the seat and sone tears start to roll down frm her left eyes…
She wiped off bfore get caught by Mr.Raizada…
Till that time they reached…
He stopped the car infrnt of Dixit masion
And turns towards Khushi who is still lost in her own thoughts
A- Ms.Dixit…!!
he call out no responds…
A- Ms.Dixit ..!!!
Again no responds….
Slowly he places his right hand on her shoulder…She with a sudden touch turn around.
A- Ur house..!!!
She turned and saw and realised they reached…
K- Hmmm
She start to turn and open the door befire she step out
Arnav comes rushed to her and forward his hand for support..
She looks up at him..
Abd immediately bend down as the tears are still there..
This time Arnav sees tears in her eyes.
She place her hands on him steps out.
A- Ms.Dixit these tears r u ok.???
with a concerned…
khushi nodded..and wipped her tears..
A- Is it paining till now ???
Again his concern
K- No whn compared to the pain in me…and that have no medicine too…
she scrastically replied…
Arnav gets confused…
K- Anyways u can go Mr.Raizada i wl manage there is not much pain in my legs…
Arnav noded..
A- Ok Take care..
K- Hmmm..
Arnav moves towards driving seat
Suddenly he stopped bt her words
K- Tanq Mr.Raizada…
Arnav surprised by her words just nodded his head…he continously staring her
while Khushi slowly trying to walk bt still there is pain in there…
Bt suddenly afaing her balance lost a little…
bt before she fell on ground she feel herself on two strong arms..
Yes Arnav comes rushing and lift her in a horizontal while her left hand strongly holding his right shoulder side shirt
They both just look into each other…
(Rabba ve… plays in bg)
Arnav bend his head near her and tell her in a low abd soft tone
A- There is no such pain which haven’t medicine…
He said direcltly looking into her eyes..and with a smirky smile he moves inside her still life her in his arms
Khushi for a sec go through the comments which her frnd Anita made abt him “handsome many models any dezigners try on him..??”
At that time she think is he really worthy for that..???
Bt now herself is melting in his new avatar…
Her thoughts are distracted by a screaming sounds…
I- Khushi…!!!!
She looks at the direction whr the sound is coming..
Seeing her family come running to her while she passes a look at Arnav who place her safely on sofa.
Khushi made herself sit staright
I- Khushi beta wat happened ???
A- her ankle got a sprinkle..
He infomred them..
D- Mr.Raizada U along with dhi..
A- actually we met at same cafe as she s waiting for cab she got sprinkle while talking to me so thought to drop her..
I- Tanq So much beta ..Nikki go and get hot water soon .
D- Maa i wl make a cl to Doctor…
Khushi feel over of theri concernes..
K- No maa is not neddes i’m absoultelt fine …Dev dont call anyone…
While Arnav just staring at the caring family..
And get touched..
A- Mr.Dixit i’m leaving…Bye gud n8…
D- once again tanq somuch Mr.Raizada..
Arnav turns to Khushi..
A- Take care..!!!
Khushi noded.
While turns to leave Ish call out him.
I- Armav beta..
He turns while all are stare at Ish
I- if u dont mind have dinner with us…!!! U wl b hungry too..!!!
Arnav get touched by her words…as she s a mother she can easily undrsnt him.
Contrl his emotion
A- Tanq auntyji bt Its ok Autyji my Sis wl b waiting for me..!!!
This replt made a different feeling in Dev’s inside while Ish nodded.
Arnav leaves emorionally while Khushi continously looking at him as he leaving bt before left once again he turns and sees a two pair of Eyes and walk off and that two pair of eyes have aunbeliveable looks as she saw a new Arnav today…

No idea…!!! Let me think…!!!!????

SO guys this epi ends here…
I knw its quite long one…
Actually its a combo of nxt epi also…
I posted it as one bcoz i thnk i’m not able to post nxt epi on this weak…
I have a family fuction so i didn’t get time thats y this long part 2..
So i hope u all enjoy t ….
So My readers i need ur opinion so plzz do comnents…
Only ur comments is my stregth….


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