Pyar to hona hi tha2 Arshi Samud FF Part 32

Pyar to hona hi tha2 part 32
Dedicated to Jo and Shifa who wants danny Kumari scene.Dedicated to Jo again who wants scenes on Anu.

Thx to Jo,Ammu,Shifa,Vasuraj.Missed Piyali n Akshaya.

It was Rudra.
Saras and Kumud could’nt believe their eyes.
Rudra:I am sorry Kumud from hiding from you.
Kumud wept:Why Rudraji?Why?
Saras:Rudra,how is it possible?I mean…you know what I mean?
R:I went to Chennai for the meeting.There I was shocked to see Shilpa at the conference.
Shilpa:We were shocked to see each other.
Flash back…
Rudra and Shilpa struggled hard to control their tears.Shilpa remembered Rudra’s marriage with Kumud and left the room.Rudra walked behind her:Shilpa!
Shilpa pretended to be not hearing him call and walked forward.Rudra who tried to walk fast with his lame foot fell down.
Shilpa turned back and got shocked to see Rudra’s fall.She ran towards him and helped him to get up holding him.They shared a painful eye lock.
(Dil ne jise apna kaha – (2)
Bekhabar woh hain wahan, jane pal jamin aasman) – (2)

R:Shilpa…you are alive?
S:Yes Rudra.
R:But the information I got was…
S:That was a wrong message by my dad.He did it purposefully to separate us.
Rudra was shocked.
S:I regretted going away from you and I wanted to start a new life with you and …
Rudra:I named him Shiv only.You wanted our son to be named as Shiv.As I considered that baby as our baby I named him Shiv.
Shilpa smiled tearfully.
S:Dad did’nt let me come back to you.To block our way he created my death news.
R:How can a father create his own daughter’s death news?
Shilpa became upset.
R:Shilpa,why did’nt you come back to me?
Shi:Dad wanted me to get married to a handsome healthy wealthy man.But I did’nt obey him.I was on house arrest for a long time.Recently dad passed away.Before death he gave me the consent to live with you.I came to know of your remarriage.So I decided to be away from you.
R:That marriage was only done for Shiv…for him to get a mother.But Kumud was so nice that unknowingly I found you in her.Sometimes I used to feel that you both were the same person.I even thought I fell in love with her.
Shilpa’s eyes got filled up with tears hearing that Rudra adores Kumud.
R:But there was no relationship between me and Kumud.Only one person has place in Kumud ‘s heart.Saras.
Shilpa looked at him unbelievingly.
R:But because of me she is distancing herself from Saras.But I have decided to unite them …after my death they should be together.
R:Yes.My mind is saying that I will die soon.I have block in my heart.
Shilpa was shocked.She burst into tears.
Shi:No…you won’t die.I won’t let you die.Did you hear it?I want you back.And I will get you back and we will live together Rudra.
They forgot themselves in emotions and embraced each other crying.
Mile najar unase par behaya tanha bato me bhee keh naa sake
Dil kee bat yeh juban, abb hai hulchul, pal pal peh pal
Dhunde hai unko dil, ke chal jara unke hee manjil
Bole raj dil par, abb woh hain kaha

S:Rudra…you should live for me and Shiv.Please Rudra..I want you back.I want to have a happy famiy life with you and Shiv.
Rudra shed tears:I thought I wished to live with Kumud and Shiv.But I realized that my heart is still craving to be with you.I promise you Shllpa…If I come alive after operation I will dedicate my life for you.

They shared an emotional eye lock.
Dil ne jise apna kaha – (2)
Bekhabar woh hain wahan, jane pal jamin aasman
(Dil Ne Jise Apna Kaha).

Rudra:But Shiv should be left with Kumud and Saras.
R:I know that your heart is craving for Shiv too.But Shiv should be allowed to live with Kumud for his happiness.For Shiv,his mother is Kumud.If he loses Kumud he won’t be able to bear it.
Shi:But Rudra…you are his father.Though there is no blood relationship you brought him up.
R:Shiv loves me.But he was never addicted to me.But he is addicted to Kumud.He cannot live without Kumud.So if we separate Shiv from Kumud his tender heart will bleed very badly and I don’t want that to happen.I love Shiv.I can’t bear his pain.We want our Shiv to be happy.Right Shilpa?So please stay away from Shiv.If Shiv sees you,his little tender heart will pain.It should’nt happen.

Shilpa was in tears while nodding her head.
R:And if I die…
Shilpa kept her fingers on Rudra’s lips:No….don’t say like that.
She cried burying her face in his chest.
R:But if I come back alive Kumud may refuse to go with Saras.That should’nt happen.So…we should plan something.

Dr.Mehta who was Shilpa’s family friend did the surgery successfully and Rudra was saved.But Shilpa bribed him to lie to Kumud and others that Rudra is no more.Dr.Mehta made sure that Kumud and others do not soend much time with Rudra’s dead body as they will realize that Rudra is not dead.Shilpa stopped the ambulance which carried Rudra in mid way and gave money to the driver to come out of it.As she instructed some people took Rudra out of the ambulance and placed in her car.They pushed the ambulance down from the cliff to make others believe that in an accident Rudra and the driver died.She gave money to the driver to stay away as people think that he is dead in the accident.

(Though this is what happened between Rudra and Shilpa,while narrating the flash back to Saras and Kumud purposefully Rudra hid from them that he confessed to Shilpa about his feelings for Kumud.Because Rudra did’nt want Saras and Kumud to know that he had feelings for Kumud).
Saras and Kumud could not believe it.
Rudra:Finally we decided to reveal the truth as truth should be out one day.We decided to hide from you both that I am alive till your marriage gets fixed.Otherwise because of me Kumud will hesitate to go to her true love Kumud.Now your marriage is fixed.So we revealed the truth.
Kumud wept:For that you did such a big drama hurting all of us.You did’nt even think of Shiv once.
Rudra was upset:I knew that his happiness was in you Kumud.I was sure that he will be happier with you and Saras.
Saras:I thought you considered me as your friend.But you fooled me also.
R:I consider you as my loyal friend.That’s why I gave my jewel to you.Shiv.Shiv will be the son of Saras and Kumud’s son.
Saras and Rudra looked at each other emotionally.
Kum:But when Shiv comes to know that you are alive…
R:Don’t tell him that.If he comes to know that I am not his real father he will be broken.And even the lady who gave birth to him is not sure who her child’s father is.So we have no answer to his question who his real father is if that doubt arises in his mind.He is too immature to digest these things. Somehow Shiv has accepted Saras as his father.He is getting used to Saras now.So again if he loses his fatherly figure it will be too much for him to bear.So Shiv should’nt be told about me.
Saras:How long can we hide it from Shiv?You think he will never come to know of it?However we all try to hide it,he will know that one day.
R:Yes.But for time being he should not know it.Shilpa and I have decided to leave for abroad.So Shiv won’t see us.When he grows up he can be told the truth.That time he will understand that his Rudra dad did that for his best.He will be better off with you both.
Shilpa:Yes.For a child mother is most important and no one can replace Kumud in his life.I came back to accept Shiv as my son.But I realized that I can’t be Kumud in his life.His mother can only be Kumud.That’s why we are leaving Shiv with you both.We don’t want to hurt his heart by telling the truth and making things complicated.We are sure that one day he will be proud of his Rudra dad that he did this to unite his dearest Kumud mom with her soul mate Saras.
Saras and Kumud were in tears while Rudra and Shilpa tried to hide their tears.
Kum:Rudraji,I understand all you say.But you entrusted me to look after your property.I looked after your property and business thinking that you were not there.But now since you are here,please take it back and free me from these responsibilities.
R:No Kumud.I don’t want it back.Shilpa and I have decided to start fresh in abroad.Let all my wealth be with you.It may be useful for Shiv’s upbringing.
Saras:No need Rudra.We can’t own your wealth.For Shiv I will give all my belongings.I will give him the best life.So please take it back.
Kum:Please don’t say no Rudraji.
R:Ok..But Kumud…I have a request.One last time I want to see Shiv without his knowledge.
Shilpa:I am also craving to see him once.Please..
Kum:Is there any need to request us for that?
Saras:You both have right on Shiv.

Rudra and Shilpa smiled emotionally.
Saras and Kumud went to pick up Shiv from his school.Shiv was carried by both Saras and Kumud.Rudra and Shilpa watched them from a long distance.They were in tears.
Shilpa:Rudra…now I understand why you said that Shiv should be left with Saras and Kumud.We may not be able to give him the happiness which Saras and Kumud gives him.
Rudra smiled emotionally.

Kumud and Shiv shifted to Gupta house.In Rudra’s absence Saras and Kumud told the family members about Rudra and Shilpa.They were shocked.
Shashi:I still can’t believe that this much happened.
Garima:Anyways glad that things got ended nicely.

Raizada house…
Rishikesh:So many strange things happening in life.
Saraswati:Yes unbelievable.
Danny whispered to Arnav:Good that Rudra is with his ex wife.Otherwise Saras bhaiyya would have had a heart break again.
Arnav:Not ex-wife.His one and only legal wife.
Danny smiled:Exactly.

Saras and Kumud went to see off Rudra and Shilpa in the airport.Rudra and Shilpa bid good bye to them.After waving hands at them Kumud rested her head on Saras’ shoulders emotionally.He held her closer emotionally.

Danny and Kumari gave exams.

After a week…
Arnav Khushi,Saras Kumud,Danny Kumari exchanged rings.

Vikrant:There is one more happy news.Anushka is expecting.
Anushka was blushing.

All were happy.
Garima kissed her:My grand child…thank you Anushka.
Anu:Maa,why are you thanking me?
All her sisters hugged her happily.

After a month Danny Kumari went to check their result.Kumari won 90%.
Danny shook her hands:Congrats Kumari.
Kumari:Let us check your marks.
Danny:Oh no…
They both looked at the result board.Danny was nervous.
Kumari checked the mark list:Wow!You have improved so much Danny.You have 75 %.

Danny could not believe it.He was very happy:The first time I won this much score.Thank you so much Kumari.Without you it would not have been possible.
She smiled:You also worked hard.So I can’t take the full credit.
Danny:But only because you made me sit forcefully and taught me I could score.
She smiled.

Raizada house…
Rishikesh,Saraswati,Saras and Arnav hugged Danny and congratulated him.
Rishi:You know Saraswati…?First time he achieved a good score.
Saraswati:The credit goes to our future daughter in law Kumari who taught him forcefully.Right Danny?
Danny was shy.
Rishi:No more waiting.The wedding preparations have to be started.
Everyone smiled.

Mehendi function…
Kumud,Khushi,Kumari sat to do mehendi.A lady had come to do mehendi for them.
Kusum sat near them and said :Do the mehendi well for my sisters.It should look so red that my sisters get lots and lots of love from their husband.
They all smiled.The lady adorned their hands with mehendi.

Saras,Arnav,Danny came.Kumud,Khushi and Kumari showeed their palm to their men.

They stood near their lady love and admired their beauty.

After the function got over Kumud washed off her hands.She blushed seeing the bright redness of her mehendi design.
K:Saras loves me a lot.
Suddenly somebody pulled her towards him.She could’nt believe her eyes.

Kuch na kahe bas chup rahe
Khamoshiyaan hee keh jaaye
Tham jaaye yeh jahan
Aur pal bhi thaher jaaye

He stood close to her looking deeply into her eyes.She became restless and breathed heavily.
A passionate eye lock…

Rahe na kuch bhi darmiya
Meete yeh saari dooriyaan
Milke bhi hai adhuri si
Yeh daastan

Slowly he moved away from her.
Kumud was relieved.
K:I thought…
S:What did you think?You thought I will…?
There was a naughty smile on his face.She became embarrassed.

The couples danced romantically at the Sangeet function.

Kuchh na kaho kuchh bhi na kaho
Kuchh na kaho kuchh bhi na kaho
Kya kehna hai kya sunna hai
Mujhko pata hai tumko pata hai

Samay ka ye pal thamsa gaya hai
Aur is pal mein koi nahin hai
Bas ek main hoon
Bas ek tum ho
Kuchh na kaho kuchh bhi na kaho
Kitne gehre halke shaam ke rang hai chhalke
Parvat se yoon utre baadal jaise aanchal dhalke
Kitne gehre halke shaam ke rang hai chhalke
Parvat se yoon utre baadal jaise aanchal dhalke

Aur is pal mein koi nahin hai
Bas ek main hoon
Bas ek tum ho
Kuchh na kaho kuchh bhi na kaho

Sulgi sulgi saansein behki behki dhadkan
Mehke mehke shaam ke saaye pighle pighle tanman
Sulgi sulgi saansein behki behki dhadkan
Mehke mehke shaam ke saaye pighle pighle tanman
Aur is pal mein koi nahin hai
Bas ek main hoon
Bas ek tum ho
Kuchh na kaho kuchh bhi na kaho(1942 a love story).

After the dance Arnav Khushi moved to a corner.
A:How was it dancing with me?
K:Don’t you think you were getting a bit too cozy with me?
A:How can I not be cozy with you?After all I was forced to suppress my emotions for a long time.The suppressed emotions will one day get burst out.Right?
K:Arnav…you are too much.
He smiled.
Suddenly their eyes got locked onto each other’s.An intense eye lock.

Rabba ve…
Slowly he moved towards her lips.She blushed.

Suddenly she pushed him .
Arnav said with a naughty smile:ASR won’t you spare you Khushi.
She ran away blushing.He smiled.

Haldi ceremony went well.

Danny made Kumari wear bangles with his hands.

Anushka:Danny’s first gift.
Kumari was blushing.

Arnav grabbed Khushi’s hands and took her to a room.He tried to get cozy with her.Khushi was lost in him.

Rabba ve…

Coming back to senses Khushi moved away from him.
A:No Arnav.
A:Now don’t lie that you don’t desire for this.
She blushed,
K:It’s not the right time.
A:So you are waiting for the right time?
She smiled.
A:Ok…I will wait.But you cannot stop me that time.
She blushed.

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