Pyar to hona hi tha2 Arshi Samud FF Part 28

Pyar to hona hi tha2 Part 28
How is my edited romantic pic of danny kumari?

She:You know…for how long I was craving to wear sindoor in your name by finger?

Rudra:I know Shilpa.We were not together.But now I am with you and you will never have to face it again.
She smiled tearfully.

Shilpa:But how long can we hide ourselves from Kumud?She should know that we are alive.Right?
Rudra:Yes.Truth can’t be hidden.When the right time comes it will be revealed.

Vikrant came with a glass to Anushka.He gave her the glass.
Anu:What is this Vikrantji?
V:This is green tea.I read somewhere that green tea is good for the women who are preparing for pregnancy.I know you are preparing for pregnancy.

She blushed.

V:So I made it for you my lady love.
With a smile she drank it.He looked at her drink with a smile.

Kusum walked searching for Kabir in a smoky area.
Kus:Kabir…Kabir…where are you?I want to see you.
Suddenly he appeared before her.But because of smoke his face was not evident.She looked at his face deeply.

Kusum woke up from her sleep sadly.
Kab:Why are you looking so dull Kusum?
Kus:I saw a dream Kabir.I got eye sight.I searched for you to see you.Finally I found you.But before I could see your face the dream ended.I could’nt see you.

I am longing to see you Kabir.
Kusum was very upset.
Kabir felt sad for her.
Lafzon se jo tha pare
Khaalipan ko jo bhare
Kuchh tto tha tere mere darmiyaan

Kab:I understand what you feel Kusum.

Rishte ko kya mod doon
Naata yeh abb tod doon
Ya phir yun hi chhod doon, darmiyaan

He put his arms on her shoulders:You trust me.Right?
Kus:If I trust anyone blindly in this life it’s you Kabir.
Benaam rishta woh…
Benaam rishta woh, bechain karta jo
Ho naa.. sake jo bayaan, darmiyaan

He smiled:Then I assure you Kusum…I will get you eye sight and you will be able to see me.
Not only me ,but everyone you love.

She smiled slightly.
Darmiyaan Darmiyan
Darmeyaan Darmeyan
Kuchh tto tha tere-mere darmiyaan

(Jodi Breakers).

Guman saw a note on the table.She took it and read it.
“Saraswati is back with a mission.It may destroy you”.
Guman started sweating:What?
She continued reading it:
“If you want to know why she is back follow the address given below”.
Guman became uncomfortable.

Rishikesh got a note from the bed.
“Saraswati is back with a shocking secret which unfolds your mysterious past.If you want to know the secret
follow the address given below”.
Rishi was stunned:Who kept this note here?Who entered here without our knowledge?Saraswati and secret?What secret?
Guman went near Rishi and sat next to him.Rishi hid the note.
Gum:What happened Rishi?
Gum:I have to go out in the evening to meet my friend who has come down from Canada.
R:Which friend?

Gum:Sumitra.I may come late.Hope you don’t mind.
R:Why should I mind?
She smiled.
He said in his mind:Good that Guman will not be here.Otherwise she would get irritated if she comes to know that I follow Saraswati.

Guman reached the venue. She saw a shadow.
Gum:Who is that?
It was Saraswati.Guman was shocked:Saraswati!
Saraswati:Yes Saraswati.
Gum:Why have you come back?
Saraswati:I had to come back as you broke your promise.You made me write a fake letter that I am eloping with Rajeev.Though we shared a brother sister relationship and Rajeev was in love with my sister Pranati I wrote that letter lying that I am in love with Rajeev only because you threatened me that if I don’t leave Rishi and my sons,my sons will be killed.As I promised I stayed away from Rishi and Kids for my kids’ safety.But you broke your promise by trying to murder my son Saras and his lady love Kumud.You threatened Kumud to stay away from Saras for his safety and separated them forever.Then how can I not come back?I am ashamed of myself for bringing you home thinking that you are my best friend.But you created misunderstandings between me and Rishi and separated us.You separated me from my children too.And you poisoned all of them against me.
Guman shouted:Yes Saraswati.You are right.I only separated you from Rishi by poisoning his mind.I knew that Rajeev was in love with Pranati,that’s why he visited Raizada house.But i made Rishi believe that Rajeev’s frequent visits were because of your illicit affair with him.I forced you to go away from Rishi and your sons by making you write the letter which were my words.It’s all because I wanted to take your place in Rishi’s life.
Saraswati:Not because you loved Rishi,but only because you wanted to enjoy his money.
Saraswati:You had a life you wished for.But why did you put my son’s life in trouble?
Gum:Yes,I only separated Saras and Kumud.I only sent goons to finish them.But unfortunately Saras escaped from death.I always created misunderstandings between your sons and the father so that they will be disowned by Rishi and all the wealth will go to our son Danny.
Saraswati:Enough Guman…enough…I won’t let you continue this anymore.I am back to tear your mask.
Gum:Really?It will never happen.Rishi trusts me blindly.He will never believe you as for him you are a dirty lady who betrayed him.
Saraswati:But I will tear your mask in public.Public will believe me.
Gum:Before you could do anything against me I will finish you Saraswati.
Guman took out a gun and pointed it at Saraswati.Suddenly Arnav and Saras came from both sides and held Guman’s hand tightly.Guman was shocked.
Arnav:When we sons are here you can’t touch our mother.
Saras snatched the gun from her and threw it away.
The angry Guman raised her hand to slap Saras.Suddenly she got a slap from another side.She was shocked to see the person who slapped her.It was Rishikesh.
R:I hate myself for trusting you.I curse the moment I disbelieved my own wife Saraswati and my sons.How could you..?
Rishi slapped her many times.
Police men came.
Rishi:Take this wicked woman away.
Guman screamed:Rishi…please don’t do this to me.
R:You deserve more than death Guman.
Guman saw the helpless weak Danny coming.
G:Danny beta…
D:I can’t believe that my own mom could do such a cruel thing.I hate you mom.I hate you.You are not my mom anymore.

Guman was shattered:Danny!

Gum:Danny..remember when everyone was against you chosing Kumari over Lavanya only I supported you.You want to get married to Kumari.Right?So I should be there to conduct your wedding with Kumari.Right?I one will help you to get married to Kumari as your so called brothers…your half brothers are jealous of you for getting a rich girl like Kumari.
Danny:Mom please stop it.You supported my relationship with Kumari only because you thought that Kumari is rich as I lied you about her financial status.The truth is that Kumari belongs to the Gupta family who all your enemies. If you had known that Kumari is a middle class girl you would’nt have supported me at all.
Guman was shocked:Danny…you fooled me?

D:And what about you for fooling me till now?

Guman could’nt open her mouth.

D:And don’t dare to say that Saras bhaiyya and Arnav bhaiyya are not my real brothers.They are my real brothers and they will never be jealous of me even if Kumari was a rich girl.

Arnav:One more thing Guman.As you doubted Khushi who is my co star is the girl I love and she is Kumud’s and Kumari’s sister.

Guman was shocked.

Guman was pulled by Police.She screamed:Rishi…please them not to take me to the jail.
Rishi:After what you did to me you expect me to forgive you?
Gum:Danny…my son…
D:Don’t call me son.You are not my mother.
Gum:Saraswati…you are my friend.Right?Please save me from the Police.
Saraswati:Because of you I had to run away from my husband.You threatened me that if I don’t leave my children and husband my kids will be killed.Do you know with how much pain I lived every moment all these years without seeing my husband and children?Now you should also undergo what I underwent all these years Guman.
Guman was in tears.She got carried away by the Police men.
Rishi looked at Saraswati and cried:I don’t even deserve your pardon Saraswati.But still I apologize to you.You suffered a lot because of me.
Saraswati wept:No Rishi.You did’nt do it purposefully.It’s all because of Guman.I also failed to convince you.It’s my failure.
Rishi fell at her feet shedding tears.She was stunned.
Saraswati:What are you doing Rishi?
She made him get up.
Saraswati:Rishi…you know one thing?I still love you the way I loved you before.
He became so emotional that he broke into tears:How can you love me like this?I don’t deserve your love Saraswati.
Saraswati:Don’t break my heart again by saying like this Rishi.

Rishi felt guilty.Slowly he held her hand.They shared an emotional eye lock.
Arnav and Saras came near them.They hugged their parents.Suddenly Saraswati saw Danny who was depressed.
Saraswati:From now onwards I have 3 sons.Danny…
Danny became very emotional.She extended her hands towards him.Danny walked towards her and hugged her.They all were in tears.

Rishi,Saras,Danny and Arnav started a new happy life with Saraswati.

After a few days…

Arnav left the drama school when the bell rang.Khushi became dull.
K: I could’nt confess my love to him yet.
Arnav got a call from Khushi:Arnav…I am in trouble.please help me.
Arn:What happened to you Khushi?Where are you Khushi?
K:I am near our school itself.
A:What?Why are you there?
K:I did’nt get auto or bus yet.
A:What?Why?Anyways I will come there.Don’t worry.
Arnav rushed to rescue Khushi.
Seeing Khushi at the junction he cupped her face:Are you ok Khushi?

K:I am completely alright Arnav.
A:But you said you were in trouble.
K:I lied to you for bringing you here.And you fool believed it.

Arnav got angry:What?You were fooling me?

A:Why damn it?How dare you made fun of me?

K:Whenever I tried to tell you something you are telling that I am near you to fight with you.So you are not even willing to listen to me.So I lied to you.

A:Damn it.You think it’s silly?I lost my life when I heard that you were in trouble.

K:Why did you feel so restless Arnav?

Arnav held her tightly:Because I love you damn it.Now again you will start fighting with me.Ok fight.
K:This is your problem.Whenever i try to say something you would say that I will fight with you.

A:Ok..then tell..what do you want to tell me damn it?
K:I want to tell you that I also love you damn it.
He was stunned.

Rabba ve…

A:Khu…Khu…Khushi…What did you say?Are you..I mean…

K:I mean it Arnav.I really love you.
They shared a sweet eye lock…

Rabba ve…

They came closer resting in each other’s arms.

Kumari took Danny to a temple.
Kumari:Danny,I know that after coming to know of your mom’s true colours you are broken.I want to heal your wounds.That’s why I brought you here.Pray peacefully.Trust me you will be fine.
D:Don’t worry about me Kumari.I am absolutely fine.Yes I was upset when I saw my mom’s cruel face.But I realized that shedding tears for a such a disgusting woman is not worthy.But as you said I will pray.I will thank God for giving me such a wonderful mother like Saraswati Maa.She is a gem.
Kumari smiled.
Danny prayed along with Kumari.They got out of the temple.
D:As you said this temple visit made me more calm and peaceful.I feel much better now.
Kumari smiled:See…I told you.
D:But my wounds will be healed only you.
He pulled her closer romantically:She blushed.

She pushed him with shyness.
Kumari:Danny…our exams are coming up.We need to concentrate on our exams now.
D:Ok fine.But after exams full of romance.Promise?
Kumari blushed.He smiled naughtily.

Saras dropped Shiv to Kumud’s house.
Kum:Thank you so much for picking him up Saras.
Saras:No need of thanks.It’s my duty.

Shiv:Mumma…can I ask you something?
Shiv:Before going to God papa had told me that Saras uncle is the new papa sent by God.Then why is he not staying here?
Kumud and Saras were stunned.
Kumud:What did you say Shiv?Did papa tell you like that?
Shiv:Yes.Tell me mumma…why is he not staying here?
Saras and Kumud were lost for words.
Shiv:Saras uncle…can I call you papa?
Saras and Kumud were stunned.His eyes got filled with tears.
S:Yes Shiv.Call me papa.
S:Yes beta.
Saras hugged and kissed him.Kumud became so emotional that she did’nt know how to react.
Shiv:Papa,will you stay with us?
Saras looked at Kumud.Kumud’s heart pained.
Saras:Papa will come later beta.
Shiv:You did’nt tell me why you are not staying with us.

S:Only your mumma can answer this question beta.
Kumud’s heart was pricked.
Saras kissed his forehead bidding him bye and left.
Kumud caressed Shiv:Shiv…you love Saras uncle that much?
Shiv:Yes mumma.He is so sweet and he is my not my uncle..he is my papa.
Kumud became emotional.

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