Pyar to hona hi tha2 Arshi Samud FF Part 24

Pyar to hona hi tha2 Part 24
Shifa,Ammu,Jo,Akshaya,Vasuraj,Nicky,SAGAA….plz check Part 23 to see my replies.

Friends..I’ve started an Arshi-SRK-Kajol SS called Tum mile n Gohem,RaJi,Viren(Karan Tacker)SS called Ye dooriyaan.If u r interested plz follow them.

Danny-Kumari in the cover pic is an edited picture.

Dedicated to Jo who wants Danny- Kumari or Danny scene.

Saras:Ok,only for Rudra’s sake I will work with you.

Kumud ordered milk to be brought for Saras:Bring a glass of milk with sugar.
Saras was surprised.Milk was brought.Kumud took it from them.
S:Milk for me?
Kumud:Yes.You prefer milk to tea.Right?I remember it.

S:I got this habit of drinking sweet milk from my mother.Since childhood I drink milk.
Kumud smiled.Suddenly Saras became serious. Kumud gave the milk to Saras.

Kusum was feeling uneasy.
Kabir who entered the room found her weak:What happened Kusum?

Kus:I don’t know why Kabir.My head is aching.
Devayani came.
Kab:Dadi…Kusum is not feeling well.
D:I heard it.It’s normal during pregnancy.I will do a nice oil massage for her.She will be alright.
Kab:Dadi…I will do it for Kusum.
Devayani smiled:You are so possessive about Kusum.You want to do everything for her.
Kabir was shy,so as Kusum.
Devayani left the room.Kabir massaged Kusum’s head with oil.She enjoyed it.

Lafzon se jo tha pare
Khaalipan ko jo bhare
Kuchh tto tha tere mere darmiyaan

Kab:How do you feel now Kusum?
Kus:Your fingers are magical.Now I am perfectly alright.
He smiled.

Rishte ko kya mod doon
Naata yeh abb tod doon
Ya phir yun hi chhod doon, darmiyaan
Suddenly her face became dull.

Kab:Why are you looking sad Kusum?
Kus:Kabir…I am sad that I am not able to see the most precious man of my life.You..
I have not seen you at all.

Benaam rishta woh…
Benaam rishta woh, bechain karta jo
Ho naa.. sake jo bayaan, darmiyaan

He cupped her face in his hand:Don’t cry and spoil your eyes Kusum.
Kus:My eyes are already spoiled .That’s why my eyes are useless.
Kab:Don’t say like that kusum.I have never seen such beautiful eyes in my life.Trust me.I am saving money.When I am ready with it,I will get your eyes operated and you will be able to see everyone.
Kusum wept:Will it ever happen Kabir?

Darmiyaan Darmiyan
Darmeyaan Darmeyan
Kuchh tto tha tere-mere darmiyaan
Kab:Sure Kusum.I am confident.So smile.
She smiled with tears in her eyes.Slowly he wiped her tears.
Kab:Now it’s perfect.
They both smiled.

Darmiyaan Darmiyan
Darmeyaan Darmeyan
Kuchh tto tha tere-mere darmiyaan(JODI BREAKERS).

Danny and Kumari were studying together.
K:Did you understand what I explained to you now Danny?
Danny was looking at her deeply:Yes.
She blushed:Danny…what did you understand ?
D:That i love you.

Kumari blushed.She hid her happiness and pretended to be angry:What?I asked you about this portion from the text book and you are saying something else.
Danny was embarrassed:Sorry Kumari.I know that you don’t love me the way I love you.But still I can’t control my feelings for you.When you are near me I keep falling for you again and again.That’s why I refused for combined studies.But you were adamant about combined studies.
Kumari became emotional:I forced you for combined studies because I want you near me.Because I love you more than you love me.
Danny was stunned.

Danny could’nt believe it:Kumari…Am i dreaming?
She blushed.
He lifted her up in his arms and whirled around in excitement.

Danny went back home thinking of their sweet confession.

Guman was having an evil smile on her face.
G:I was thinking how to stop Arnav and Lavanya’s wedding.Now I got a perfect idea.
She looked at the photographs of Arnav Khushi’s intimate rain moment.

Flash back…

Guman gave money to her spy.
G:You have to follow Arnav everywhere and check what he is doing.
He:But I can’t enter his drama school.
G:But when he goes out of the drama school you can follow him.Right?Go follow him and I need something spicy about him.I am sure that there is something going on between Arnav and his colleague.
Her spy followed Arnav and captured their rain moments in his camera.


Guman went to Lavanya.
G:Lavanya…Arnav is cheating you.Don’t marry him.
L:ASR won’t cheat me Guman aunty.
G:Lavanya…trust me.
L:ASR was always against you.Still I respected you.Because I thought he is angry with you only because you replaced his late mother’s position.But now I feel that ASR is right about judging you.What is wrong with you?
Guman burned with anger:If you feel that I am wrong then see this.

She showed the photographs o her.
Lavanya smiled.
L:This is Khushi.The girl ASR loves.
Guman was shocked about her reaction.
L:ASR had told me everything.
Guman was shocked.

Flash back…
Lavanya saw Arnav weeping.
L:What happened ASR?
He held her hand:I am sorry Lavanya.I did a big mistake to you.
A:I love Khushi.
Lavanya was shocked.
A:But for some reasons she is denying the truth that she also loves me back.
Arnav told her what happened to Saras and Kumud and it’s after effects which made khushi reject Arnav’s love.
Lavanya was shocked:I can’t belueve that Guman aunty could stoop so low.
A:She can do anything.Lavanya….I tried to move on with you.But recently we came closer.
Lavanya became upset.
A:But trust me Lavanya.I did’nt even kiss her.But if Khushi had’nt stopped me on time I would have…
Lavanya looked sad.

A:And Khushi made me understand that we are doing wrong to you.I realized my mistake.I promise you that I won’t repeat it.I will be faithful to you.Please forgive me Lavanya,
L:You are faithful ASR.That’s why you confessed the truth to me.ASR…if that’s the reason why Khushi rejected you,you should not marry me.You should wait and make her yours.You guys should unite.

Arnav could’nt believe it.
L:I will support you guys.
A:Are you sure Lavanya?
L:Yes ASR.
A:But you are not sad?
L:I am a little bit sad.But if I marry you by separating you from Khushi I will be more sad.So even if you have to wait marry Khushi.
Arnav was relieved.

Guman was shocked.She fumed with anger.She went to Rishikesh.
G:Rishi,Arnav broke up with Lavanya.
He was shocked:What?
G:Yes,because he is in love with a girl named Khushi.The one who acts with him in dramas.
He was shocked.
She shed crocodile tears:Poor Lavanya!How will she bear this?Arnav cheated her.

Arnav came back home.Lavanya told him what happened between her and Guman.
A:It’s ok Lavanya as far as dad and Guman do not know that Khushi is Kumud’s sister.
Rishikesh came roaring towards Arnav:How dare you cheat Lavanya?
L:No uncle.Don’t say anything to ASR.He has never cheated me.He had told me everything.And his love for Khushi is still one sided as Khushi has’nt admitted her feelings.But it’s better that we break up.If we remain as friends that would be better.

Rishikesh:You are very nice.So you forgave Arnav.Because of his selfishness you are again alone.I won’t allow this.So you will get marred to my son Danny.
Guman was shocked.
She thought:Lavanya talked to be with disrespect.I can’t allow her to be my son Danny’s wife.If she becomes my daughter in law she will dominate me.No way.

G:What are you saying Rishi?Danny and Lavanya can’t marry each other.
R:You say this because of Danny’s disease.Right?
Guman was embarrassed as Danny’s disease is exposed before Lavanya.
G:He is not that sick.Now he is normal.
R:Lavanya…Danny has the problem of epilepsy.But very minute.I am sure that he will be a good husband unlike Arnav.
Danny became upset.
He thought:Today only I got Kumari.Today itself they are planning to make us break up.No way.
D:No,sorry dad.I can’t marry Lavanya.

Guman smiled happily.
R:Why?Why are you refusing to marry Lavanya?
D:Because I love my college mate Kumari.
All were shocked.
G:Kumari?Who is she?Tell me.
Danny thought:If they all come to know that Kumari is Kumudji and Khushiji’s sister it may cause problems.They don’t know that Khushiji is Kumudji’s sister.So like that let them not know that Kumari is Kumudji’s sister.
D:Mom…she is very nice.You will love her.
G:She is rich.Right?
Danny lied after being silent for a moment:Yes.Very rich.
Guman smiled:I had faith in my son’s choice.
R:Does she know that you are a patient.Don’t hide it from her and marry.
Guman got irritated.
D:She knows everything about me dad.
Rishi was relieved.Guman smiled.

G:Introduce me to Kumari.
D:Sorry mom.Now I can’t.
D:Kumari’s parents are in States.After they reach back only they are interested to get into the wedding procedures.
G:But I can at least meet Kumari.Right?
D:No mom.Let them reach first.They won’t be comfortable now.
Rishi looked at Lavanya.
R:But Lavanya…
He looked at Saras:Saras…
Saras stared at Rishikesh:Dad…enough…
L:Forget it uncle.Just because you could’nt get me married to one of your sons don’t get worried.Actually I was trying for a job since I knew that ASR and I were not meant for each other.And I got a job in Bangalore.I am going there tomorrow.
They all were surprised.

Guman smiled happily.She thought:No problem.Arnav Lavanya’s wedding got stopped and Rishi is angry with Arnav.My mission is successful.

Danny in his room.Saras and Arnav went near him:So you are in deep love.
S:Who is this Kumari?
A:Daddy Mummy’s boy chose a rich girl according to their choice unlike his brothers who chose girls from a poor family.
D:I lied that Kumari is rich.
Saras and Arnav stared at Danny:Means?
D:Means Kumari is not rich and she is Kumudji and Khushiji’s youngest sister.
They were shocked.
A:No problem Danny.We are there with you.My mission is to get Khushi in my life and your mission is to get her youngest sister Kumari in your life.Cool.

D:And we will support each other to get them in our lives.
S:And I will support both of you.
They all held hands together with a smile.

The man on the bed opened his eyes after a sleep.The mysterious lady went near him.He smiled at her.
She:How do you feel now?
He:Feeling much better now.
She:When you saw me after the operation why did you look at me strangely as if you were shocked to see me?
He:I was drowsy.So I had forgotten everything for some moments.So when I saw you I thought I was hallucinating.But after a good sleep everything became normal and I came back to my senses.
She smiled:Now you are perfectly alright.I am so happy for you.I can’t even tell you how happy I am.
He smiled:Can I tell you something?You look gorgeous in this.
She blushed:You remember this dress?You bought this during our first shopping.

He:Yes.How can I forget it?And the more times you wear it the more beautiful you are becoming.It proves my selection is perfect.
She smiled.

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