Pyar to hona hi tha Love had to happen Arshi Samud SS Part 9

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Pyar to hona hi tha Love had to happen Part 9

She went towards Kumud.Kumud was dull.
He held her hand and danced.
Kumud was stunned.
They looked into each other’s eyes.A beautiful eye lock.

Kuch Na kahe.. Bass Chup rahe

Khamoshiyaan hi keh jaye
Tham jaye yeh jahan aur pal bhi theher Jaye’

They came to their senses.
Kumud moved away from him.
Kum:What is wrong with you Saras?
S:Today is Holi.Celebrate Kumud.Today is the day of colours.

Kum:My life lot it’s colour the day you rejected me.So Holi doesn’t holi any importance for me.
Saras was upset.Kumud turned off her face.
Saras’ eyes fell on the colour powder.He took it and put it on her cheek.
She looked at him in disbelief.He held her hand and kept it on her own face.Her hand was ull of colour.He kept her hand on his face.Her face got coloured by her hand.
S:Indirectly you coloured me Kumud.My holi is complete now.
Kumud was confused:What do you expect Saras?I can’t understand you.
S:I can’t understand myself Kumud.
He went away.Kumud kept looking at him.

Rahe na kuch bhi Darmiyaan..
Meete Yeh sari Dooriyan
Milke bhi hain Adhoori si
Yeh Dastaan…

All were celebrating Holi in full swing.Kusum saw Kabir coming.Unknowingly her face blossomed.Kabir smiled at her.She smiled going towards him.
Suddenly he put colour on her face.She was stunned as it was unexpected.Slowly she smiled.Kabir was happy.

She took a pinch of colour and put it on his cheeks.He was very happy.

Kus:I am going away Kabir.If anyone notices us….
Kab:I am going.I just came to see you.
She smiled.
He went away.

Arnav saw Khushi coming.

He kept rolling his eyes over her.
When she passed by,he held her hand.She looked at him.
Arnav put colour on Khushi’s face.
A:Happy Holi Khushi.
She was surprised.
A:Won’t you colour me back?
She smiled.She put colour on his cheeks.
He stared at her passionately.

She became shy.
He went away smiling.She kept blushing thinking of the colouring moment.

She thought:Has he started changing?

Kumud wiped off colour from her face.
Dugba and Guniyal went to Kumud’s room.
Gun:Wat are you doing Kumud?Still in your room?
D:Saras is alone.Go and give him a company.
Gun:No Badi Maa.I am not in a mood to celebrate Holi.
K:Ah….kids’ exams are coming.That’s why.
Gun:But you can’t make Saras unhappy.
D:Yes.Kumud…go get ready.
K:But Badi maa…
D:No excuse.
Kumud changed her dress and went out.She saw Saras there.
Saras went to her.
K:What is your intention Saras?I don’t understand anything.
S:My intention is only to celebrate Holi with you.
Kumud was irritated.
Dugba came:Saras,if Kumud is not letting you colour her just chase her.
Suddenly Kumud ran.Saras ran after her.Finally Saras reached her.They stood very close to her…ony a few inches apart.

Kumud lifted her eye lashes and looked at his eyes.
S:Do my eyes express anything?

K:You eyes are very expressive Saras.These eyes only made me fall for you.Saras…you told me some thing.But I see something different in your eyes.My eyes are fooling me?
He smiled.
S:Leave all your confusions and let me colour you again.
She smiled.

He coloured her cheeks.She closed her eyes.

Kuch Na kahe.. Bass Chup rahe

Khamoshiyaan hi keh jaye
Tham jaye yeh jahan aur pal bhi theher Jaye
She thought:Even after knowing that Saras loves Juhi why am I in a dream land still?
Suddenly she opened her eyes and stared at Saras in irritation.She rubbed her cheeks and ran away.Saras became upset.

Arnav saw Khushi taking a pot and going out.
He followed her.
They smiled at each other silently for a few moments without knowing what to say.
K:Can I go?
She smiled.
A:I just wanted to tell you that ….thanks for making my Holi so colourful.After Maa left us,this holi was the one I enjoyed.
She smiled.
A:Hope you will be there with me through out to make all my holies colourful.
Khushi looked at him unbelievingly.
That time only he realized what he said.She blushed.

Then she ran away happily.
Arnav smiled.
A:My unknown feelings could be spoken out by my uncontrollable tongue.Thanks my tongue.
Khushi ran thinking of Arnav’s words happily.

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