Pyar to hona hi tha Love had to happen Arshi Samud SS Part 17 (Last Part)

Thanks to Jo,
Shufa, Nusz, Deepika,Piyali.
Pyar to hone hi tha Love had to happen Part 17
Friends,this is the last part of my SS. I thank all my regular readers who supported me through out.plz write ur favourite character,favourite couple n favourite scene.

After 6 months…

All are staying in the desai family as they were busy preparing for Danny-Kumari’s engagement.

Saras reached home late.
Guman:Saras,your wife hasn’t eaten anything.She was waiting for you.
Saras rushed to the room.He saw Kumud sitting there.
S:Kumud,you didn’t eat anything?
Kum:I thought I would have when you come back.
S:Nonsense.Don’t you know that you have to take care in this condition?Our baby will also be hungry.
Kum:Saras…don’t get worried.I will have my food now with you.

Guman came:Lovely couple…now please come and have food together.
They smiled.
They sat in the dining room.Guman served them food.Saras-Kumud smiled at each other having food.
Kabir-Kusum came seeing it.
Saras-Kumud returned to their room finishing their food.
Kab:See…how much Kumud di is eating.But look at you.You are not eating anything.
Kus:Kabir…don’t blame me.Kumud didi is eating a lot as she is pregnant.But if I eat a lot I will put on weight and you yourself will tease me saying that I am a fatty.
Guman smiled seeing their cute fight.

Kab:That’s true.Earlier you were so fat Fatty.
Kusum got angry:You called me fatty.I will…
Kabir ran.Kusum chased him.

Khushi wore ghagra in her room.Arnav smiled seeing her in ghagra. wore ghagra after a long time?
K:Yes Arnav.I was longing to wear ghagra.Was quite fed up of always wearing sarees and salwar suits.
A:Your attire reminded me of our old romantic days…those days you used to be in ghagra.You looked so pretty.
K:Means you liked me in ghagra now?
A:Of course sweet heart.You look adorable.
In happiness Khushi ran towards him and embraced him.

Saras made Kumud lie down.He caressed her.
S:Now sleep well.Tomorrow we need to be ready for the engagement.

Kumud smiled at him.

Slowly she fell into sleep.Saras smiled.

It was a great day…Because it was Danny-Kumari’s engagement.

Khushi was struggling hard to tie her blouse’s dori.

Suddenly Arnav came:What I this Khushi?You are not ready yet?
Khushi looked at him.She was upset about his rudeness.

He came closer to her.She felt that her heart was beating faster.

He tied her dori.His fingers rubbed her skin.She closed her eyes in passion.

She opened her eyes and saw Arnav looking at her deeply romantically.
K:Arnav…just now you were angry…but now…
He smiled:Seeing your beauty my anger got melted.

She became shy.
Slowly her face became dull.
K:When you get angry I get scared.

Arn:For such a silly thing you are scared?Ok…I will remove your fear.
He leaned towards her lips.She shoved him softly and ran away smiling.He smiled.

Kumari looked beautiful in pink salwar suit.
Danny rolled his eyes over her.
D:You look very pretty Kumari.

She couldn’t stop blushing.
Kuma:You look very handsome too Danny.

They smiled at each other.

Danny-Kumari exchanged rings.
Danny-Kumari was blessed by all elders.Guman blessed them.
Gum:First time I am blessing you both from the bottom of my heart.Because I have realized that my son Danny won’t get a better girl.

Danny-Kumari smiled at each other happily.

Saras looked at Kumud:Engagement ceremony is over.Now and eat food.
Kumud kept her fingers on his lips.His lips touched her romantically.

She blushed taking her fingers back off his lips.
Kum:Let us spend some moments together Saras.
She rested her head on his shoulder.
S:So my wife is in a mood to romance.Ok fine.

She circled his arms around her waist and held her close.

The end

  1. Y u ended both ff soon yaar & when u will start news ff ,I really miss ur ff & u jasmine.

    By the its superb episode

    1. jasmine Rahul

      Both ff means ?
      Feel nie hearing that u will miss my ff

  2. Superb episode

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    1. jasmine Rahul

      The only one person whose fav charac is Guman.Surprised.Thank u

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