Pyar to hona hi tha Love had to happen Arshi Samud SS Part 15

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Pyar to hona hi tha Love had to happen Part 15
Kabir walked to Kusum and filled the parting of her hair with vermillion.
Kusum was stunned.She was numb for a moment.
All were shocked.
Kusum stared at Kabir with teary eyes.
Kab:What did you think of me Kusum?You said some foolishness and I will support your stupid idea of getting me married to Kumud?No way.

Tears rolled down her cheeks.
Kus:Why did you do this Kabir?
Kab:Because I love you Kusum.
All were shocked.
Vidyachatur:Kusum,you love this boy d you didn’t bother to inform us?
Kusum cried.
Kab:Sorry uncle.We were planning to tell you all.We were just waiting for Kumud and Khushi’s wedding to take place.
Rani:I knew that my grand son was in love with Kusum.Infact I was planning to come to your house with shagun.
Dugba:But the fact is that before Kumud and Khushi Kusum got married.Kabir has made her his wife by vermillion.It can’t be denied.
Kusum looked at Dugba in disbelief.
Kusum cried:Please forgive me Baapu….forgive me Maa.
Vidya and Guniyal wept.
Kumud:Kusum,you were going to make such a big sacrifice my making your lover marry your sister for our family’s happiness?But Kusum…tough Saras didn’t tie mangalsuthra around my neck,mentally I am already Saras’ wife.
Kusum cried:Didi…
Vidya looked at Kabir:You put vermillion on my daughter’s forehead in public.Were you accepting her as your wife?
Kab:Yes uncle.For me Kusum is my wife now.
Kusum looked at Kabir emotionally.
V:Then today Kabir and Kusum will get married on this mandap following all rituals.
All were shocked.
V:Please Kusum.At least you should get married.Because Kabir has announced that you are his wife.
Guniyal:Yes Kusum.
Kumud:At least you should get married to the person you love Kusum.You deserve it.
Guniyal looked at Kusum and Kumud emotionally.
Gun:I don’t know what is happening to my daughters.But all I love to believe is that God has planned the best for you all.

Dugba:Kusum…wear bridal dress.
Kusum hugged Dugba and wept.

Dug:Everything is for the good Kusum.Come with us.We will dress you up.
Danny smiled:Kusum…cheer up.You are lucky to have a man like kabir who openly confessed his love for you.

Khushi and Kumari along with Dugba and Guniyal dressed her as a bride.
Kusum was crying.
Kumari:Kusum,you are getting married to the person you love.Then why are you crying?

Kus:But tonight Kumud didi had to get married no.
Guniyal was upset:This is fate Kusum.Tonight is your wedding night.

Saras was sitting near Guman.
Guman opened her eyes.Saras was relieved.Seeing him near by she called him:Saras beta!
Saras became emotional as for the first time he felt love in Guman’s words for him.
She got up.
Suddenly she came back to senses.
Gum:Now also you are here?You didn’t go yet?It’s late.Tonight is your wedding Saras.
S:I can’t leave you in this condition and go.
Guman became upset:I never loved you as my own son.But still like a son you saved me from a beast.Now because of me you are not getting married to your love?No.I won’t let that happen.If you not marry Kumud tonight I won’t be able to forgive myself.Please don’t make me guilty Saras.
Guman burst into tears.

Saras was very upset.
S:You are too weak mom.How can I leave you alone and be happy with Kumud?
Guman caressed his face with motherly affection.Saras looked at her emotionally:Mom!

Guman’s eyes were full of tears:Saras…I am perfectly alright now.Trust me.I am also coming with you to the wedding place.I want to see my son’s wedding.
Saras looked at her emotionally:Mom!
Guman hugged him.Both of them wept.

Kusum-Kabir got married.

Saras-Guman reached there seeing this.They were shocked.
Guman:What is happening here?
All were surprised to see Saras-Guman there.Kumud’s eyes were full of tears:Saras!
Danny:Mom…bhaiyya…where were you both?
Laxminadan came and slapped Saras in anger.
L:How dare you refuse to marry Kumud leaving her alone at the mandap?You don’t love Kumud.Right?
Saras’ eyes were full of tears:I love Kumud more than myself.
Kumud became emotional.
L:Then why did you refuse to marry her?
Guman:Don’t scold Saras.It’s not his fault.It’s because of me.
All were confused.
Guman explained everything.All were shocked.
Gum:Laxmi…Saras saved me without bothering about his life.
Laxminandan became sad.

He told Saras:Sorry beta…
Saras:Please don’t say like that dad.Any one would have misunderstood me in this situation.
All became emotional.
Saras went near Kumud:Sorry Kumud.
Kumud wept:Don’t say sorry.I am proud of you now.Your love is unconditional Saras.You love everyone without expecting anything in return.
Saras looked at Vidyachatur:Sorry kaka for embarrassing you in public.
V:No beta.Don’t say like that.Because of that Kusum and Kabir’s love came out and they got married.
Saras was surprised.
Arnav hugged Saras emotionally.
Arn:I am sorry Saras.For a moment I misunderstood your sincerity for Kumud.
Kumud looked at Dugba and Guniyal:See I told you that it was something else that made Saras decide not to marry me.I knew that Saras loved me.His eyes can’t betray me.

Dugba and Guniyal smiled.
Gun:You are lucky to get a man like Saras.
Khushi:Your love is true Kumud.That’s why Saras overcame all problems to reach you.

Kumud smiled.
Dugba:Vidya bhai…I think we should not delay Saras and Kumud’s wedding anymore.
Everyone smiled.
Saras made Kumud his through saat phere,mangalsuthra and vermillion.Kumud was very emotional as she got what she thought she lost some time ago.

Khushi found it difficult to face Arnav.

K:Please forgive me Arnav.Misunderstanding Saras I got angry with you too.I was a bit too rude with you.

Arnav:No problem Khushi.It’s your love for your sister that made you talk rudely.

Khushi was relieved.

Nuptial night of the newly wed couples….

Kabir went near Kusum.
Kusum looked at him emotionally:Kabir…sorry for hurting you.You were angry with me.Right?
Kab:No Kusum.I was proud to be in love with a selfless girl like you.

Cupping her face in his hands he said:You are so nice Kusum.
Their eyes locked onto each other.
A passionate eye lock.

He touched her waist passionately.She closed her eyes in passion.

He carried her in his arms and walked to the bed with a smile.She blushed.

Saras removed Kumud’s jewellery.His fingers pampered her.She blushed.
She lay on the bed.He poured rose petals on her face making her drown in the passion of love.

That night Khushi was excited as the next night was her wedding.
She covered herself with her wedding lehenga and smiled looking at the mirror.
K:I had been waiting for a long time t wear bridal attire for my Arnav.That moment is near.Can’ wait till tomorrow.

The next day…

Khushi got dressed up as a bride.She was very happy.
Her phone rang.
She picked up the phone thinking:Must be Arnav.
“Don’t be too happy about your wedding with Arnav.Because you won’t be able to get married to him as I have kidnapped him”.
Khushi was shocked:Shyam!
She was shattered.
She became weak and fell on the bed.

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