Pyar to hona hi tha Love had to happen Arshi Samud SS Part 11

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Pyar to hona hi tha Love had to happen Part 11
At home…

Danny was upset in his room.
D:I need to tell Kumari what I really feel for her.

Kumari was very upset:How could I let Danny touch me like this?What is happening to me?
She shed tears.
Danny came from behind:Because you love me Kumari.
Kumari was shocked:What are you saying Danny?
D:I love you Kumari.I have been loving you since many years.I don’t know when I fell for you.All I know is I just fell for you.My love for you made me love art forms.So I joined your college to do research.
Kumari was shocked.
D:Tell Kumari…can you deny that you also love me?
Kum:But Danny…I have not thought like that about you.
D:Then ask your heart.Realize your feelings for me.If you don’t love me,what did I sse in you during our stage performance?
Kumari was confused.
D:Tell Kumari…
Kumari was in a dilemma.

Danny wiped his teary eyes.
D:I will wait for you…
Kum:If I don’t give you reply at all?
D:I will wait till the end of my life.
Kumari was sad.Danny left.

At night Kumari was only thinking of Danny’s confession and their intimate moments during the dance and after dance.

Kusum was thinking of Kabir colouring her face.She kept blushing.

Kus:What Am I thinking?I never believed in falling in love.that was not my priority.But now in a few days I lost myself for Kabir.But does he know that?

Kabir thought in his room:How ever you hide your feelings I can read your mind Kusum.I will make you confess your love.

All were ready for Saras-Kumud,Arnav-Khushi’s engagement,

Kumud stood confused about what to wear for engagement.
Saras came from behind and covered her with a green saree.

S:I want to see you in this saree for our engagement.
She blushed.
S:Did you like the saree?
K:This is your first gift to me.How can I not like it?It is very pretty.
They smiled.
He embraced her.
S:Can’t wait to see you in this.
She smiled.

Engagement day….
Laxminandan and Guman had come on the previous day.

Khushi came wearing a pink lehenga.Arnav was lost in her beauty.
He whispered:You look very pretty Khushi.
She blushed.
Suddenly her face became dull.
A:What happened Khushi?
K:I am scared whether you will reject me..Memories regarding the 6 months contract hurts me a lot.

A:No Khushi.Never think of the mistake I made earlier.I want you always.Our marriage will be lifelong contract.
They looked at each other emotionally.

Rabba ve…

Arnav covered her head with her duppatta.
A:You are mine Khushi.And trust me.I am completely yours.
She looked at him emotionally:Can I trust you Arnav?

He held her hand and kept it on his chest.
A:Can’t you feel my heart beating for you.
Slowly she blushed.He smiled seeing her blush.

Rabba ve….

Khushi ran to the puja room before Shiv Dev’s Idol.
K:Shiv bhagwan….thanks a lot for hearing my prayer and giving me my future Pati Parameshwar.

Saras’ eyes hungered to see his sweet heart in the saree he gifted.Kumud came wearing the green saree.
He was very happy.Kumud could see his eyes glow seeing her in the saree.
S:Thank you Kumud for wearing this.
She smiled.
S:And you look more gorgeous than I expected.
She blushed.
K:You too.
He also blushed.

Arnav-Khushi,Saras-Kumud exchanged rings.

All were chatting and enjoying.But Saras-Kumud,Arnav-Khushi were lost in each others eyes.

Kumari saw Danny upset.She also felt upset.
While all were enjoying Danny who was gloomy left the hall.

Danny entered his room.
He was surprised to see his room being decorated.
D:How come my room is decorated?
Suddenly he saw the floor…the biggest surprise for him.
It was written ‘I love you Danny’ with flowers.
He turned back.
He saw Kumari smiling at him.

He couldn’t believe his eyes.
D:Kumari….you did this?
K:Yes Danny.Because I love you.
He couldn’t believe his eyes.
Kuma:Though I am late,I realized my feelings for you.
Danny held her hands emotionally:At least now you accepted me Kumari.Otherwise I don’t know what would I have been my condition.

I love you Kumari.
Kuma:Love you too Danny.
Suddenly they heard a voice from behind.
They turned back.
They saw Guman fuming with anger.
Danny-Kumari were shocked.

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