Pyar to hona hi tha Love had to happen Arshi Samud SS Part 10

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Pyar to hona hi tha Love had to happen Part 10
While Khushi walked out through the backyard Arnav pulled her towards him.She became nervous.
A:I want to know whether you understood what I said yesterday.
She blushed.
She pretended to be serious:If I did’nt understand?
A:I will make you understand.
He moved his lips towards her ear.She closed her eyes feeling his breath.
A:I decided to extend our 6 months marriage.I want the duration of our marriage to be 100 years.
Khushi looked at him emotionally.
He held her to closer to him.
A:What do you say?
She blushed.

A:Khushi,when you saved me from Shyam,when you took care of me I asked you why you were doing all those for me.You said one day I will get its answer.Guess I got the answer.
Arnav looked at her deeply and romantically.
She blushed.
A:Is it because of love?Is my answer right or wrong?
She couldn’t stop blushing.
K:Please leave me.Let me go.
A:I will leave you…but….Tell me if you are willing to extend our 6 months contract to 100 years?if your answer is yes wear my gift and come to my room at night.
He gave her a cover.She ran away blushing.

At night….
Arnav was waiting for Khushi.Khushi entered the room wearing a black saree.He was completely lost in her.
A:First time I am seeing you in saree.You look gorgeous Khushi.
She blushed.
He carried her in his arms and placed her on the bed.He lay close to her.
They shared a passionate eye lock.

Meri adhoori kahaani
Lo daastaan bann gayi
Ho Tune chhuaa aaj aise
Main kya se kya ban gaya

A:Khushi….I can’t believe it.I never believed in love.But I fell for you.
They both became emotional.

K:Even I feel I am in a dream Arnav.I thought my dreams were shattered.But now I realized that my dream was real.
He looked at her emotionally:You love me that much?
K:More than myself.
A:Sorry for hurting you Khushi.
Khushi caressed his face:No Arnav.Don’t say like that.

Zindagi ne pehni hai muskaan
Karne lagi hai itna karam kyun na jaane

Karvat lene lage hai armaan phir bhi hai
Aankh num kyun naa jaane O Saiyyan…

He leaned towards her lips.She drowned in burning passion.

Odhu teri kaaya
Solah sigaar main saja loon
Sangam ki ye raina isme tyonhar main mana loom

She held his shirt tight.

Khushboo teri choo ke kastoori main ho jaaun
Kitni pheeki thi main sindoori main ho jaaun

His skin rubbed hers.

Sur se zara behki huyi meri duniya thi badi be-suri
Sur mein tere dhalne lagi
Bani re piya main bani baansuri
He almost reached her lips.

Zindagi ne pehni hai muskaan
Karne lagi hai itna karam kyun na jaane

Karvat lene lage hai armaan phir bhi hai
Aankh num kyun naa jaane O Saiyyan…(Agneepath).

Suddenly she got up.
Arnav smiled:Khushi….
Khushi was dull.

K:No Arnav.This is wrong.Please wait till marriage.
A:Don’t worry Khushi.I understand your culture.I will wait.
She smiled.
K:I have to go now.
A:Good night.
Giving him a smile she went out.
She went to her bedroom and lay down.
Thinking of their intimate moments they both couldn’t sleep.Saras entered the room.
S:Arnav,you didn’t sleep yet?
A:I am not able to sleep.
S:Is it because of Khushi?
Arnav was embarrassed:Why did you ask like that?
S:Because I saw Khushi going out of your room.
Arnav was shy.Saras smiled.
A:Frankly speaking it’s a beautiful feeling to be in love Saras.Saras…if you love Kumud you must not try to hide it.Because letting our love going out of our hands is the biggest mistake and foolishness.
Saras thought of Kumud.

The next morning….
Khushi ran to the temple and thanked God.
K:Thanks a lot Shiv Dev for giving me my love whom I thought was not mine.You gave me the biggest happiness of love through this.

Saras went after Kumud:Kumud…during holi why did you get angry?
Kumud blasted at him:Because you put colour on my cheeks.Why did you do that?You are not not my fiancé.I am not your fiancée.Then why are you doing so?Why didn’t you go to Juhi and celebrate holi with her?

Tears drops rolled down her cheeks.
His eyes became wet seeing her tears.
He held her shoulders.She didn’t resist in that emotional moment.
S:You want to know why I choe you over Juhi on Holi.Right?You want to know that?
S:Come with me.
Saras took Kumud to a farm house in Ratnagiri.
S:This belongs to Juhi.Her dad has got a farm house here.
He took her inside.Kumud was shocked to see Juhi standing close to a guy.
Juhi and that guy were surprised.
S:Juhi…I think now the truth has to be out.
Juhi smiled:Good decision Saras.Kumud…I am not Saras’ girl friend.I am just his friend.
Juhi held that guy’s hand and said:Meet my fiancé Raunak Shah.

Kumud was shocked.
Kumud ran out.Saras followed her.They reached house.
Kumud broke down into tears.Saras held her.

K:Why did you fool me Saras?
S:Because I thought if you feel that I am in love with someone you will erase me from your mind.
K:Then why did you open out the truth now?
Saras looked at her eyes:You asked me if your eyes were foling you.Right?No.Your eyes were right.Wht you saw in my eyes for you is right.Unknowingly I have started loving you Kumud.You stole my heart Kumud.
Kumud was very emotional:Saras!
He kept his hands on her shoulders:I am telling the truth Kumud.
Kumud held his shoulder:Please Saras…don’t break my heart again with one more lie.
S:No Kumud.I am telling from the bottom of my heart.I really love you.Because of you I started believing in relationships.You made me understand that being in a relationship is beautiful.

She fell into his arms and cried:I love you Saras.Please don’t leave me again.
Saras embraced her tight and shed tears:Love you Kumud.I wll never leave you.Because you are my life now.

Arnav watched them together with a smile.
Saras saw Arnav watching them.Arnav blinked his eyes with a smile and left.

Today is a great day for Danny.Because for the first time he was going to perform with Kumari on stage.It was his dream to dance with Kumari.
Danny-Kumari did a romantic contemporary dance on stage.While dancing their bodies rubbed each others and eyes locked onto each other.Both of them felt a current passing through them.

The dance ended with an intimate posture.Everyone clapped their hands.They loved the dancing couple a lot.
The curtain fell down.
They were lost in each other.Danny rested his head on her neck and blew air into her ear looking at her passionately.Kumari closed her eyes in passion.

Suddenly she realized what was happening to her.She moved away.Danny came back to his senses.Kumari ran away crying.Danny became upset.

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