Twinkle and Kunj looking at each other’s while light shaking due to bad weather again light gone and twinkle get scared. Kunj going in backwards while twinkle clutched his shirt tightly. He knows her she had phobia of darkness and giggles. 


Kunj: Kya hua siyappa queen haan. 

Twinkle: please don’t leave me you know na. 

Kunj:acha ji Abhi toh Kunj Leave me now for your work Kunj don’t leave mimic of her.While Kunj pulled her towards himself their body touching each other’s. It’s so romantic twinkle moving his finger on her face sensually 😛.Twinkle make faces. Didn’t your Fevicol come haa to save you. 

Light come back as soon as lights twinkle immediately push Kunj who landed on bed and laughing. Wow.. 

Twinkle: nonsense man see what you make condition of this room.Messy man. 

Kunj:acha my traditional wifey you clean this mess haa. 

Twinkle:I’m not your servant mr Kunj Sarna get it. 

Kunj: good you aren’t of mine.Listen this is first and last now you aren’t anymore twinkle Taneja remember you are twinkle sarna now so this isn’t allows you do wear this kind of clothes,this isn’t clothes tum ladkiyo ko fabric kam milta hai Kya 😛. 

Twinkle: shut up Drunker.Kunj get up and she about to again hold her hand twinkle turned and look at him now what? Still your sarna’s lecture didn’t end up.. 

Kunj: where are you going?

Twinkle: see Kunj I’m tired let me go to my room, 

Kunj: here also you can??her eyes get moist. 

Twinkle: acha leave me I’m fine in my life alone and here I don’t wanted any scene we come in our friends happiness so don’t spoil it enjoy every bit of it me and you too. Now let me go. 

Kunj:okay even I too don’t wanted.How’s? 

Twinkle: very lame question this you asking me why after 2 months. She jerk his hand and went from there while Kunj ruffles his hairs and closed his eyes. 

Kunj:uff twinkle Kya karu me.he went in side and take out bottle take pills.!

Twinkle entered in her room tears running down from her eyes she throw the shrug and take out her normal clothes and get freshen up.Each and everyone resting for sometimes afterwards servant call everyone for dinner.All come and sits and see so many things in dinner.Kunj come and take seat beside twinkle before Rohan can.Servant served them food. 

Sapna: how’s your party??

Aditi: mom the best thanks Kunj yaar today we enjoyed Lot most surprising part was twinkle 😝😛.All look at twinkle again anger entered in Kunj eyes. 

Yuvi:Bas kar Aditi Abhi ke abhi hi volcano will be blasted 😂😂here.winked at Kunj. 

He make faces. 

Avni:hehe yuvi super cool.Twinkle having her food just than Kunj hold her hand under the table she get shocked and look at him and give him look while he smiled back to her.She try to free her hand from his cage but Kunj tights the grips of his fist more and more.Kunj smirked at her he linked their fingers and having his food. Twinkle making annoying faces.They finished the dinner and all sitting in garden . 

Adarsh:Arey Kunj where is your mind haa your wifey is here and you lost in someone else thoughts. 

Aditi:really Uff Kunj 😛😛. 

Adarsh:by the way Kunj when you have this much beautiful wife how can you think about anything rather than her😝😝. Twinkle and Kunj look at each other’s. 

Kunj:you leave about me think about yourself 😝😂. Kunj and yuvi rest their Arms around Tarun neck and teasing him. 

Chinki: you both have your wife’s haa tease them leave my husband get it. Kunj pulled Tarun cheek.. 

Kunj:ab bol. 

Chinki:see twinkle your husband. 


Rohan:Arey what twinkle can do in this. 

Avni: haa right. This two is impossible. Just than Kunj phone ring he take out his phone from his pocket and see the caller ID. He get up. 

Yuvi: what??

Kunj: aaya call hai he went in side and talk to his father about work.. while twinkle notice where Kunj was sitting he leave his watch.

Chinki:lets go and do dance practice. All nodded and went while twinkle take the Kunj watch. 

Twinkle:this man can’t take care of his things lost here and there afterwards twinkle yeh kaha hai mere woh kaha hai huh.She keep it to herself and went to her room.Afterwards Kunj come back and didn’t find anyone. 

Kunj:where is everyone haa twinkle.Kunj went inside he was going to his room while he stop and see twinkle room door slightly open he went near door and open and went inside and see twinkle was busy in her work he went ahead.Twinkle? She look at him and get shocked take her duppta. 


Kunj:haa woh I wanna talk to you?

Twinkle:what?But I don’t want Kunj.He went near her.Just than Kunj phone ring he take his phone and see caller name.

He look at twinkle and cut the call again phone ring.Pick up your call Kunj this is more important than me at least.Acha you come good I have your thing. She went and bring Kunj watch. Your watch? Forward to him.. 

Kunj:meri watch yeha keshe?

Twinkle:you don’t know.Leave take she give him he take it.Kunj keep his hands on her both shoulders. 

Kunj:I need to talk to you. 

Twinkle:but I don’t want.Now what you wanted to tell me kunj.Here I don’t want any drama. 

Kunj:why you getting louder haa I’m talking to you nicely haa.She look at him surprisingly. 

Twinkle:acha really.Give him painful look. 

Just than Rohan come and knocking the door. 

Rohan: twinkleeee? Twinkle and Kunj look at each other’s. 

Twinkle: Leave me.

Kunj: why. 

Twinkle: Rohan??

Kunj:what Rohan Rohan haa always here your husband is standing in front of you and you giving shit haa.Tears coming down from her eyes. While door was opened it Rohan didn’t get any response so he entered in room and see twinkle and Kunj. 

Rohan: twinkle are you here and I’m knocking you didn’t reply me back Kunj and twinkle look at him Kunj rolled his eyes And Kunj tum.Twinkle quickly wiped her tears. 

Kunj:kyu can’t I come to my wife haa Rohan.

Rohan:why not I’m just normally bro. Kunj look at twinkle he give her angry look. 

Kunj:carry on he went from there in Tashan. 

Rohan: twinkle lets go for dance practice haa, 

Twinkle:mera mood nahi hai.. 

Rohan:Chal please he take her anyhow while Kunj roaming here and there in anger. 

Kunj:what she think of herself haa giving me Tashan. All girls and boys doing dance practice happily while twinkle standing in side and looking them. 

Aditi:Chal twinkle now your turn.. 

Twinkle:na yaar. 

Aditi:acha ji. She hold her hand and take her with herself Avni play the song while twinkle don’t have any other chance she has to dance Aditi and Adarsh making puppy faces at her.She smiled and dancing just than Kunj come there he was out side watching twinkle though glass door twinkle dancing gracefully she forget everything lost in her world and smiling while Kunj see her and he too smiled and lost in her fully. He going near door and bumped with door and slightly winched and come in sense and smiled at himself ruffles his hairs. After this everyone sleep.

Next [email protected]

Today is Aditi and Adarsh mehndi and sangeet function is there so everyone get up and girls get busy while Kunj and yuvi went outside.Everything is done. 

Everyone come and sitting girls applying Heena and others dancing in side Kunj and yuvi come and went towards Aditi who applying her bridal Heena fully. 

Kunj:ab Aditi Kya puri body pe lagai gi Kya 😂.

Adarsh:jaa apni biwi ke pass she too.

Kunj:I leave my wife enjoying with my bestie 😝😂. Twinkle and Avni applying Heena just than Heena girl?what is your husband name she asked to them. Both look at each other’s. 

Avni:Yuvraj Luthra. 

Heena girl: and your? Twinkle eyes went on Kunj who playing with kids. 

Twinkle:Kunj.She write Kunj name in her hand.All done with Heena.Chinki and Tarun dancing.They looking so good while Kunj and yuvi laughing like anything they winked at girl she went and started dancing with Tarun.Adarsh and Aditi dance at jab se mera dil song play..❤️

All admiring them and smiling. All dancing at their songs numbers. Now two couples lefts one is twinj second one yuvni..

Adarsh:now our two most favourite couples. Avni and twinkle make faces . 

Avni: we’ll dance with them really eww. Kunj arching his eye brows.They both throw tantrums and went in side while yuvi and Kunj look at each other but hifi and went in opposite direction.all Lights went off. Twinkle standing Kunj went toward her and hold her hand singing the song dilliwaali girlfriend and dancing as well. 

Even yuvi and too both dancing with their wife’s and they both too not less everyone enjoying like anything and laughing so much.Kunj winked at twinkle he lift her in his arms and swirling her fully.All joint them they all Dancing Kunj and twinkle look at each other’s both dancing and give smile to each other’s.They end sangeet too. 

Later at night Aditi was sitting with yuvi and Kunj trio drinking and cracking jokes. 

Kunj:so babes tomorrow you will become mrs Adarsh Sinha. 

Aditi: haa I’m so happy for this finally we will tie in one knot you both toh knows before than me how’s it, 

Yuvi:awesome Aditi whom you love this much she going to stay with you. And now you can address her she is just yours and he is too. 

Aditi: and you kunj. He laughs out. 

Kunj:you know about me I get surprised man😂. They too laughs out along with him. 

Yuvi:we know man. 

Aditi:still Kunj you and twinkle. 

Kunj:hmm acha hai sab me and she not like you people love marriage humhari toh arrange marriage hai. 

Aditi: haa yesterday how you become angry bird after see twinkle 😝😂. Between she looking bomb. 

Yuvi: truly Aditi yaar I was shocked and hotness is overloaded while Kunj get angry. 

Kunj: kam bol samja na. 

Aditi: I’m damn sure you take her class haina Kunj. 

Yuvi:pagal hai Kya Kunj kabhi nahi he toh talking with her so sweetly twinkle baby. 

Kunj:bas bas aisa kuch nahi hai.She just eat my head nothing else.They chit chat with each other’s.After sometimes later they went in their respective rooms.Kunj went in his room and slept.

At Morning. 

Everywhere hustle and bustle going on while all boys still sleeping. 

Aditi: where is this Kunj haa? Twinkle. 

Twinkle: I don’t know. 

Chinki: you don’t know about your husband haa. 

Aditi: go and call him I can’t do my photo shoot without him please. 

Twinkle:okay I’ll call him.She went from there and went towards Kunj room.I’m

Damn sure this sadu must be sleeping till now she open the door and went inside the room firstly she see room condition and makes faces her eyes went on bed Kunj was sleeping peacefully. See him his bestie wedding is today and he sleeping omg she went near him. Kunj wake up Aditi calling you kunjj.She patting on his back. She sit beside him he looking so cute twinkle admire Kunj face and caress his face and kissed on his forehead.Due to her touch he wake up and open his eyes. And see twinkle her hairs coming on his face kunj slightly slide her hairs twinkle get surprised she raise her face and see Kunj she about to moved while he hold her hands, 

Kunj: kaha apne handsome and dashing husband Ka sleep me hone Ka taking advantage haa. 

Twinkle:Kya me hatt.I come here because of Aditi she calling you that’s all.Nothing is like this now you started living in dream world. Kunj pulled her toward himself and rolled her down and take her under him. She get shocked kunjjj. 

Kunj:I living in dream world I think you are. Both look at each other eyes.Kunj held her chin their face is just inch apart.Kunj Tucked her hairs and kiss on her cheek. Twinkle closed her eyes and tears coming from her eyes she jerk Kunj. 


Kunj:Kya hua. Naraz hai Kya? 

Twinkle:really you asking me this haa. 

Kunj: I know the reason. 

Twinkle:Than why you asking this and stop doing this.Side please she side him and get up and wiped her tears. 

Kunj:always this tears come out why.You just holding them only. 

Twinkle:I too wasted them in front of wrong people. 

Kunj: good when you know this still why you doing same thing. 

Twinkle: it’s none of your business Kunj. It’s my problem because I’m very sensitive and you are heartless.She get up come down everyone is waiting for you for photo shoot. She said this and went from there Kunj closed his eyes and wiped his unshed tears.He take his clothes and get freshen ready within no time.Kunj went down each and everyone was come giving pose for photo shoot.Kunj went and joint them he and twinkle share deep painful eye lock. 

Aditi: finally my boy is come.Come Kunj. Firstly Aditi and Adarsh photo shoot is going on afterwards with everyone.They all buddies clicking funny photos after this get over than everyone get busy in wedding preparations. 

At [email protected]

Aditi was fully ready in her wedding attire Kunj and yuvi come and see her they both smiled and she went towards them.

Aditi: why you both looking at me like this haa. Both kissed on her cheeks she smiled and cuddles them. 

Kunj:aloo is looking so beautiful she playfully hit on Kunj chest. She didn’t taking her veil.They cheers the glass and drink and take Aditi went towards dressing table both bring her veil put on her head she completes fully now. 

While other side everyone was presented there only.Looking so beautiful each and everyone. Dina shagnaa da song play in bg. Adarsh was standing in mandap waiting for Aditi. 

Adarsh: where is this Aditi man. 

Twinkle: haa. 

Adarsh: Kahi trio fully passed out..😂😝. Just than Aditi coming along with yuvi and Kunj they both hold her hands and while men’s holding veil over on her head fully. Everyone look at them she looking so beautiful even they too. All smiled to see them.😍.They both take Aditi towards mandap Adarsh look at her she too him both smiled he give her his hands she hold it. 

Pandit:varmala. Kunj and yuvi lift Aditi and Adarsh cousins him too.Firstly he can’t put varmala in her neck but lastly he did it all laughs out than time her time he itself  bow down his head in front of her all hooting and Aditi blushed it and girls smiling to see Adarsh.Than they both sits and performed all rituals twinkle and Kunj look at each other’s in middles and remember their time.Than they both stand for 7 vows all showering flowers on them. Kunj throw at twinkle she give him look while Kunj winked at her make pouty face..she smiled and ignored him. Adarsh fills her Hairline with vermillion and tie mangalsutra in neck lastly pandit ji declares them husband and wife all clapped for them they take blessing of their elders and their group went towards them. 

Kunj:now you get ready bro. 


Kunj:he finally lost his bachelors degree and she got her masters 😛😂.My most favourite couple give them tight hug.They went toward stage twinkle wearing heavy lehenga she about to falls down due to heels Kunj come and hold her on time. She closed her eyes and open found Kunj. He make her stand on her feet’s. Carefully twinkle. 

Twinkle: thanks yuvi and Avni come. 

Avni: So romantic. Yuvi I’m thinking we should too go for honeymoon with Adarsh and Aditi what’s say. Kunj and twinkle Raise their eyes. 

Yuvi:so what yaar. 

Kunj:really you both become haddi 😂. 

Avni:hoo Kunj and twinkle tum dono ki Shadi ko kaun si year hui hai just 4 months. 

Twinkle:I don’t want to go anywhere. Me toh chali Amritsar. She said and went from there. After this they all enjoy wedding Lot now it’s bidaai time Aditi done with all ritual before bidaai. Kunj and yuvi come and handover envelope in her hands she get confused.

Aditi: what is this?

Kunj/ yuvi: honeymoon package for you both till now we both breaks your moments Lot now time for rectify 😂😂. 

Tears coming from her eyes. 

Kunj:aww Aditi don’t cry you wanted this only now don’t leave this Adarsh wiped her tears trio share a hug she cry Lots even Kunj and yuvi too having tears in their eyes they joint their foreheads and smiled after Aditi meet with all. Girls and boys tears Aditi and Adarsh Than Aditi and Adarsh sit in car and left for their honeymoon sweet. All smiled and looking at car. 

Chinki: finally they both too done in our group.❤️. 

Tarun:ab kaha kunj babu. Kunj look at twinkle.

Kunj: kaha or ab back to london😛. Both look at each other’s painfully. Twinkle get call from rt she talk to him. 

Twinkle: haa papa I’m coming. 

Avni: now only. She end the call. 

Twinkle:haa I have work papa is waiting for me even I have flight for Amritsar in one hour. Both went from there in opposite direction both wiping their tears agar tum saath ho play. 

Episode end, 

{ twinkle and Kunj standing at airport 

He waiting for his flight going back to London while she too for Amritsar Kya hoga now..} what destiny hold for them


How was the episode?

Do share your views thanks for your response I didn’t think about this small

Story you people like this aww and why you all confused this much haa😂😂. Leave it. Love you all 

Bye allahafiz🥰. 


Introduction of characters. 

Kunj Sarna who belongs from royal family and big heart man billionaire man handling his family business nicely. 

love his family lot grown up under rules and regulations. His dadi is his life son of Manohar and Usha sarna. Bestie of yuvi and Aditi they trio is chaddi buddies. 

Twinkle Taneja now sarna.she is fun full girl full punjabi pataka.Love her parents lot.Respect her in laws lot. Kunj and twinkle is husband and wife.

Adarsh Sinha is kunj and yuvi or twinkle Avni and Chinki Tarun Aditi friend they all are in same university.He felt in love with Aditi during their studies. He is lawyer. 

Aditi Mehra she is fully mad love Kunj and yuvi Lot and Adarsh too and twinkle and Avni is her all time favourite. Adarsh and Aditi is husband and wife. 

Yuvraj Luthra is Kunj childhood friend their parents is too Kunj and he is partner is in crime both share each and everything with each other’s he love his wife Lot Avni. 

Business man.

Avni Ayesha / Luthra Bestie of twinkle mature girl Naughty girl love her husband lot. She and twinkle two body one soul. 

They all friends love each other’s fully. 

Find their love In each other’s only. 

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