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Thinking your love with tears ??


Twinkle and Kunj sleeping peacefully in each other’s embrace the curtain which was between them as a boarder in sleep Kunj side it out and sleeping in twinkle embrace.They looking so beautiful.

Twinkle wake up she open her eyes first view come in front of her eyes it was Kunj face.She look at him and see their position Kunj half on her.She smiled to see him.Twinkle caress Kunj face with loving eyes.She kissed on his.She closed her eyes recalls all their memories good and bad as well tears come in her eyes. She open her eyed and Kunj too wake up he look at her.Her hairs coming on her face Kunj side her hairs.Both look into each other’s pain clearly visible in their eyes. Both remember something. Tears comes in twinkle eyes she went back to her place with jerk and cuddles pillow.Kunj look at her.Twinkle wiped her tears.She get up. She didn’t turned back and faced Kunj going strangely she take out her clothes from her bag and take went in the washroom.

Kunj and twinkle was very lavish as in royal style.The room was so beautifully.

Kunj playing fruit ninja game?.laying in sitting position resting his head on headboard.Just than twinkle come out of the washroom.She see Kunj and ignores twinkle went towards dressing table she removed towel and started drying her long black hairs slightly water sprinkling on Kunj face he closed his eyes and look at twinkle.Kunj admires her.Twinkle give him mock look Kunj see this. While cutting the fruits in game.

Kunj:feeling like cut someone neck huhu. Twinkle look at him.Kunj get up take his towel and went in washroom.

Twinkle:Karela she murmured.Twinkle take out Kunj clothes and other

necessary things on side table she went back started getting ready twinkle applying her vermillion in her hairline at the same Kunj come out in towel he humming the song humma.He whistling.

Twinkle get ready fully she turned just than her phone beep she went toward bed and take her phone started checking her messages.Rohan and yuvi send funny messages on their group.. she giggles to see Kunj look at her and making suspicious look.

Kunj:what so special she see in her phone haa in mind that Rohan or else toh she don’t have anything.Kunj about to say twinkle for his clothes his eyes went on side table and see things already arranged.Twinkle take her phone and went downstairs without talking with Kunj.Kunj take another clothes and wear he get ready quickly.

At downstairs.

Numbers of servants busy in their respective works.While chef made

All breakfast.Before having anyone itself he has to taste in front of Saroj. One by one each and everyone come for breakfast.Twinkle went towards dinning table.

Twinkle:good morning everyone..

Kavin:good morning bhabhi come sit with me.Twinkle smiled she went to kavin and sit beside him.

Saroj:where is Kunj??

Twinkle:woh dadi maa he getting ready.

Saroj: hoo.Let’s start the breakfast.All nodded and started having their breakfast kavin and kainaat telling twinkle what they had done in her absence in low voice she is in middle between them.Twinkle giggles.Just than Kunj come he firstly take his dadi blessing than sit beside her.

Kunj:good morning where is di??

Usha:like always she will have her breakfast after pooja.

Kavin:this di is so different I mean without any occasion she kept fast.?

Usha:so what she kept for her husband his long live.Kunj rolled his eyes. Khariah and Beenish come and sit they too having their breakfast.Kunj looking at twinkle side by side.

Manohar:Kunj I’m going office you joint me as well.

Kunj:sure.They all finished their breakfast twinkle about to help servants.

Usha:Leave this twinkle beta.Kunj and Manohar left for office.While rest of them sitting in living room.

Usha:aur twinkle beta I think you don’t wanted to come back haan in this time you didn’t even miss us..

Twinkle:no mummy ji nothing is like this infect I missed you all.

Beenish:mujhe bhi.?

Twinkle:hmm yes lot.

Saroj:in mind I don’t think so they had any problem between each other’s see she looking normal he too.Hell confused.

Kavin: acha dadi Maa I’m going out.

Saroj: sure.

Kainaat: I’ll too come.

Usha:you both going take me too I had work drop me there than you both can go.

Kainaat:that’s good. After sometimes later kavin and kainaat along with Usha they went out.While twinkle went in her room. She take out her clothes started arranging in wardrobe.Her eyes went on something she closed her eyes and closed the wardrobe with jerked.She sit in side couch tears escaping from her eyes.She take her phone. And see Kunj didn’t wear the clothes which he selected for him.

Twinkle:see him he didn’t wear I knew it still I’m blind I always did it.He toh didn’t wanted to see my face babaji.She try to called him his phone coming busy. Twinkle get Avni call. Hello ?

Avni: hello madam.

Twinkle: bol kaha hai??

Avni: I’m coming to Amritsar.

Twinkle: acha great I’ll get your company.

Avni: acha where you are now??

Twinkle: sadu ke cage me..

Avni: hehe really how? Twinkle told her each and everything. So cute your dadi Maa come to take you back aww.

Twinkle: what aww for him I come in this house Avni he toh don’t care about me.

Avni: yaar twinkle leave him?

Twinkle: how can I leave him he is my

Husband Avni it’s easy in words you aren’t at my place.

Avni: I didn’t get it anything yaar. Was a time you always saying me Kunj didn’t leave you alone didn’t even let us talk anything in personal now what is this?

Twinkle:even I’m thinking this only Avni what is this what happened to him.Was a time he can’t stay without me now he don’t wanted to see my face. I’m really confused.

Avni:I think twinkle you give her enough respect and love.Now he taking advantage let him do anything you too live your life.Without any questions you follow his all decisions I told you before only this men’s is like this now see. That’s why I didn’t give damn to yuvi that much only when needed..

Twinkle: aha Avni but what I have done in this all’s I toh did what he likes never disobey him still yesterday he tell me to go with him I come immediately didn’t give him back anything. What else he wanted if he didn’t like anything he should tell me rather than staying muffed with me.Baath bhi nahi karta ache se ab toh day by day he going away from me avni. What I’ll do I can’t lost him.

Avni:I don’t know anything one time you say you don’t want him now saying you can’t live without him.I know you love him but he didn’t care about your feelings. Than why you behave so rude with him at goa. Twinkle closed her eyes.

Twinkle:when you get to know what he had done with me haan.You are right it’s my fault I only make him like this. ??.

Avni: Chal don’t cry I’ll talk to you when we meet okay. Haan listen you are mature you know Kunj from the starting twinkle he is so care free boy. If he didn’t talking to you.You leave your anger aside and talk to him hope it will be work out.Ab you know Ek naraz hai toh durse ko usko manana padta hai not become like him.

Twinkle:hmm you are right let him come Than I’ll talk to him.Thanks.

Avni:great don’t be acha bye.

Twinkle:bye they end the calls twinkle wiped her tears Avni is absolutely right. Till now he always persuade me

whenever I get angry with him now it’s my time.Let him come I’ll talk to him.

#In office Kunj was busy in his work with his father. Today twinkle music class off.

Twinkle went down and sit with Saroj.

Saroj: what happened getting bored.

Twinkle: nahi dadi Maa just..

Saroj: acha twinkle beta tell me truly did anything happened between you and Kunj. Twinkle look at her?

Twinkle: why you thinking this dadi Maa.

Saroj: I can see and read my both Kunj and twinkle eyes.I didn’t whiten this

Hairs in the sun. So tell me. She takes twinkle both hands in her hands. Twinkle look at him.

Twinkle: dadi Maa nothing is like this it just normal nok jhok you know us we are like Tom and Jerry so husband and wife me hota hai little bit don’t worry I’ll handle your pota.

Saroj:if you saying this I trust you more than myself okay. Khariah come there.

Khariah:what’s going on haa?

Twinkle:nothing di complaining about your bhai..??.

Khariah:hoo Kunj acha what he had done now?

Twinkle:tells you later.

At evening twinkle thinking let’s make something for Kunj with her hands he love her food.She went in kitchen and tell chef today she will make all dinner.

Chef: okay bahu… chef help twinkle in some work she started making all Kunj favourite dishes he born and grown up in aboard but he loved typical Indian punjabi food.after so much time she finally made all things and take deep breath.

Chef:aww you are faster than me bahu.

Twinkle:hmm thanks for helping.I’ll go and get freshen up before Kunj.She went in her room take out nice dress for herself twinkle take her clothes and get freshen up.She come out of the

washroom lit fresh fragrance candles the aroma coming so beautiful.Now it’s perfect.She went downstairs kavin and Usha or kainaat come back.They get freshen up servant call everyone for dinner twinkle helping servants just than Kunj and Manohar come back all settled down.

Kunj: I’m so hungry today.

Usha: first go and get freshen up na.

Manohar: let him today he work Lot.

Kunj:haa Maa smells coming awesome. He take his seat Saroj gestured twinkle she serving Kunj he get happy to

See all of his favourite dishes.Waha seemed like today is my day.Servant served them twinkle take seat beside kavin.They all having their food Kunj was hell hungry he didn’t wait just having his food and making faces twinkle see and get so happy to

See face.

Kavin:delicious ?. Who made this.

Saroj: twinkle.Kunj look at twinkle. How’s it Kunj?

Kunj:great.. she smiled.They having their dinner while Khariah playing with food.So what happened?

Khariah:haan nothing.

Kavin:di always lost in jiju dreams ??. All giggles.

Kunj:I’m toh done finally.

Kavin: bhai let’s watch a movie.

Kunj:I’m not like you very tired some other day okay.He wiped his face with napkin and get up went from there.

Twinkle: in mind great at least he had his food didn’t leave after knowing my name she smiled like anything.She had her food half her tummy already filled to see Kunj happy.Manohar and Usha caress twinkle hairs they all get up went from there. Servant give them their dessert.While twinkle take for Kunj in their room. She entered in room didn’t find out in room.

Twinj [email protected]

Kunj was in balcony she looking here and there.

Twinkle: where is this Kunj?? Kunj come back in room from balcony his shirt coming out loosed tie messy hairs but looking cute. Kunj end the call of his client he look at twinkle who standing and waiting for him only holding something in her hand he look at her take step ahead.

Twinkle: kunjj


twinkle:dessert your favourite one. Rasgulla.he look at her..

Kunj: I’m full now twinkle sorry.

Twinkle:why today always toh you never full for this Kunj.Have one I made for you with my hands you love na.In sweet voice.Kunj look at her.

Kunj: ab nahi hai. Things get change now.

Twinkle:what..she keep Tray aside and hold Kunj arms and look at him in shocking way.What did you say haa changed what. In 2 months you changed it.

Kunj:yes at least I take two months but people changed in few seconds.She looking him in shocking way completely. Leave this let me sleep.

Twinkle: I won’t.

Kunj: what you wanted haa?

Twinkle:you tell me what you wanted from me what I have done Kunj.She cupped his face tears coming from her eyes.Why you doing this with me let me at least.You totally changed Kunj.You aren’t my old Kunj anymore.

Kunj:good you understand this leave me.

Twinkle:why I’ll leave today you have to tell me Kunj.I’m done now.You behaving like with me strangers.Kunj phone ringing twinkle see. Itne Badal gaye Kunj tum.

Kunj:over your drama.

Twinkle.Really Kunj you thinking I’m doing this all is drama.Avni is right I’m idiot who always running behind you. That’s why today I bearing this all pain without any fault.???.Look at me na Kunj moving his face here and there. Why you didn’t making eye contact with me Kunj.Answer me

Kunj: what answer you wanted.?

Twinkle: why you doing this?

Kunj: why you come..

Twinkle:because of you.Did you stop me.In this month did you think to call me once and ask me how I’m but you toh busy in your own life Kunj.

Kunj: you itself come I didn’t.

Twinkle:what I’ll do after see you with. She hesitates.Kyu Kunj.Tum toh mujhe dur ja rahe ho mere pass aane se tumhe problem hai.he look at her.Kyu Kunj. Ek time ta you wouldn’t stay without your twinkle today see what you doing with me you didn’t see tears in my eyed now everyday you make me crying..

Kunj: in painful voice I told you leave me went away from my life with me you just get this pain and tears nothing else. She look at him.

Twinkle: why I’ll go away from you haan from this day we get marry haa??

Kunj: you know me also we just marry due to our family happiness nothing else we don’t have love between us. Twinkle getting shocked one by one.

Twinkle: what right we don’t have that friendship we had which making our relationship strongest what about that.

Kunj: baseless things we can’t become friends twinkle we are just made for enemies.Twinkle didn’t believe on Kunj and her ears what she listen.Blinking her eyes.Twinkle I told you that’s it what about you in goa you behaving what about that is it good. Appreciate you haan tell me.

Twinkle:haan my smallest mistakes you raising so much what about you kunj. Did you think once before doing that things how could you send me those she clutch his shirt and shaking.Their room door was closed.


Why you become silent tell me now what for reason you send me that divorce papers.You can do anything what you wanted but I can’t because I’m your wife haan.Didn’t said uff against you still you doing this things with me roaming with that OVI still I didn’t said anything you asking me why I haa. First you answer me why you send me this divorce papers. In loud voice.

Kunj:to end this marriage..

Twinkle: what why??

Kunj: I’m done with you.

Twinkle:you done with me really.She wiped her tears went towards wardrobe take out divorce papers come to him back.Take this your papers you wanted to end it na Than why you didn’t sign it. He look at her.

Kunj:I’ll do first you do.

Twinkle:I won’t till when you didn’t tell me the reason that twinkle here you are wrong.Hoo now I understand you living me for OVi now you are interested in her Kunj what about me.she grab his collar.

Kunj:yes sign this papers and went out of my life.

Twinkle:I’ll toh go Kunj but answer me. What I’ll do Kunj after you. I toh find my world in you i can’t stay without why you doing this with me. She started sobbing so badly Kunj having tears in his eyes to see her like this. Kunj hold her shoulders.

Kunj:I’m saying you twinkle please sign this papers and end this relationship you had beautiful life live your life. If you staying with me you will get this pain and tears.

Twinkle:why..?You aren’t my old Kunj. You toh saying na you love me now where is your love went.Kunj that love I can in this eyes for myself today I seeing something else anger why??

Kunj:nafart bas jaa meri life se.I’m not loving you anymore.It just infatuation

.Kunj turned look at other side while twinkle completely breaks down.

Twinkle:you saying me Kunj.Means till now you just playing with me haa.She backhugged him.I know you doing this just to tease me don’t Kunj.Don’t act like  jiju.. Kunj closed his eyes and anger running in his veins he immediately turned with jerked pinned twinkle towards wall she get shocked to see this.Kunjjj.

Kunj:I play with you waha. Great you have one day sign and went from here twinkle before I did something worse with you.

Twinkle:maaro mujhe last time toh you almost slapped me for sanam bhabhi. Kunj punch his hand on wall.

Kunj:don’t poke me twinkle. Pinned her hands on wall breaking her bangles she didn’t said anything just seeing into his eyes.

Twinkle:ouchh..blood oozing from her hand slightly she smiling Kunj hold his head and went from there.Twinkle sit down on floor cuddles herself tightly.

I know this sisters fills his ears against me my Kunj isn’t like this.

Kunj sitting in balcony he looking at moon recalling what happened just now.

Kunj:how happy I was with her. I never thought about this wouldn’t feel bad at that moment when I’m going to marry with her against my will. I get mad. Kunj take pills lay down on couch his hands fallings down his eyes were opened just looking at moon.

Flash [email protected]

After twinkle and Kunj roka they both were not ready.But they can’t do anything both gives promise to their father and dadi.Next day their family kept their engagement it was shocked for them.Both didn’t sleep whole night.

Twinkleand Kunj or yuvi avni Aditi Adarsh Chinki and Tarun or Rohan.They were studying in university.Rt and Leela staying in India with their family.As soon twinkle finish her 12th rt send her for higher studies Avni mother is twinkle best friend they went together.And Kunj and yuvi fathers. Kunj and twinkle was enemy of each other’s both just waiting for a moment to fight like Tom and Jerry all giggles to see them. Aditi was yuvi and Kunj childhood bestie In university they meet with each other’s yuvi and Adarsh both fells in love Aditi and Avni during their university time or Chinki and Tarun was already in relationships. Rohan liking twinkle very much but twinkle just learn this never do anything Against family will.So she isn’t interested in this all things and Rohan respect her decision he understands her lot.Back to the things.Next both families get busy in twinkle and Kunj engagement preparations. Khariah call Kunj and twinkle friends Italy.At very short time they all come.

Whole day Kunj just roaming in fuming.

At evening @

Each and everyone come all guest has arrive. Avni and yuvi reaches they both don’t know twinkle and Kunj engagement with each other’s either anyone tell them let it be surprised.

Kunj come with his family Taneja’s welcomes them.Kunj standing with gloomy face.

Yuvi: Kunj what happened why you making this faces haa???.

Avni: haan kunj. He brings me here. Chal who is your girl haan tell us about her. Kunj give her death glares. Both yuvi and Avni making fun of him.You remember Kunj twinkle who is your Jerry she used to say you will get marry with dayaan??.Kunj murmured.

Kunj:she itself is.. ???.All waiting for twinkle. Avni see Taneja’s and get confused.Twinkle coming downstairs with Mehar she looking like queen. All guest has turned and see her get mesmerising to see her beauty. Kunj can’t take off his eyes from twinkle. While as soon as Avni and yuvi see twinkle and get shocked cum surprised. Mehar bring twinkle down make her stand beside Kunj.

Yuvi:what is this twinkle here??

Avni:twinkle..all family members encircled them. Twinkleand Kunj take rings in their hands

Saroj: chalo Kunj and twinkle. Kunj take her hand in his hands he made her wear the ring all clapped even twinkle too. All smiled for them they take everyone blessing yuvi and Avni rushed towards them.

Yuvi: what is this twinkle tum.?

Avni: haa twinkle. They both look at each other’s.

Kunj: you both wanted to meet with my would be wife cam dayaan??. He keep his hands on twinkle arms she is here twinkle. They both get shocked.

Avni: really how can this happen twinkle you marry this langoor??.

Yuvi: haan. Kunj look at yuvi.

Kunj:what. Haan.They both tell them each and everything.Both laughing at their situation lot??.

Yuvi: I must say this happened great with you it’s needed as well.

Avni:haan they used to taunt each other’s she will get angoor he will get dayaan??. Ab now you both think about this all.

Yuvi: Avni they get anyhow??. Kunj pulled yuvi and pulled his hairs

Kunj: Saale you are so curl.

Twinkle: haan. Think about me I stuck.

Kunj: oyee now don’t fly too much going to marry a prince ?.

Yuvi: fhatu Prince ??.They all laughing. For family sake Kunj and twinkle holding each other’s hands giving smile.Like this their engagement also done Saroj and Bebe fixed their wedding date in a week. Kunj and twinkle didn’t get time too much to think.During their wedding function both get happy and enjoying as well.So tomorrow twinkle and Kunj wedding.

After sangeet and mehndi function over.

Kunj message twinkle to come in lobby. She come.

Twinkle:haan Kunj you call me here.

Kunj: haan I want to talk to you.

Twinkle: hmm.

Kunj: see twinkle now we can’t deny this fact whether we wanted or not we have to marry so I itself wanted let’s do with happy heart rather than any grudges twinkle. He come near her.Yeah we fight Lot didn’t like each other’s. I need to know what do you expect from this marriageand me twinkle.

Twinkle: Kunj what I’ll I mean this all happened so suddenly but I can say one thing with full respect and from bottom of my heart I’ll fulfilled all my duties of a wife and daughter in law never give a chance to complain because I can’t let down my papa head.Always faithful with you.

Kunj:good even I wanted this too. A husband wanted from his wife and expect.Give respect to my family love care everything even we can to stay happy with each other’s.She smiled.

Hope no misunderstandings come between us.You go and sleep it’s already very late.

Twinkle:hmm goodnight.

Kunj:goodnight. Both smiled and went

from there.

Continue wedding time twinkle and Kunj sitting in mandap.They both performed all rituals whatever pandit ji telling them finally Kunj adore mangalsutra in her neck and filled her hairline. And pandit ji declared them husband and wife they both took everyone blessing. After this their gang encircled them. Teasing Lot.

Yuvi: Adarsh today Kunj you happy?

Kunj: why?

Adarsh: obviously he will after all today is his and twinkle first night ??. Kunj look at twinkle by the twinkle looking so pretty how you controlling on yourself Kunj.

Kunj: shut up biwi hai meri. Yuvi and Adarsh hooting.

Yuvi: Abhi se just a minutes went she becomes your wife.

Kunj: whatever ?.

Adarsh: she don’t know you are so possessive loose your cool so easily.

Kunj: she will know now ??. After bidaai twinkle and Kunj send to hotel for their wedding night. Both feeling so weird soon they reached to Hotel both went to their honeymoon sweet both get shocked to see the room condition this make them more conscious ??.

Kunj:we should sleep.

Twinkle: hmm twinkle about to go Kunj hold her hand due to carpet Kunj foot slip both falls down on the bed. Kunj upon twinkle both looking at each other’s. Kunj looking at twinkle.

Kunj:you looking very pretty twinkle.

Twinkle: haan.

Kunj:I can’t control on myself.He kissed on her cheeks she blushed and closed her eyes.Kunj kissed on her forehead. Both looking at each other’s.

Twinkle: if you wanted than.

Kunj:it’s not necessary to take our marriage next level now only we have whole life for this.My enemy he pulled her cheeks she giggles.Twinkle cupped Kunj face and kissed on his cheeks.

Flashback end.

While crying twinkle sleep on floor Kunj come out of his thoughts he get up and went inside the room and see twinkle sleeping on floor he closed his eyes. Kunj went towards her lift her in his arms and went towards bed he place her on bed Kunj about to go twinkle and Kunj bracelet stuck in each other’s.

Something echoes in Kunj ears.

Whenever this happened.Twinkle always said KUNJ THIS ALSO LIKE THIS HAINA TOM AND JERRY.She said. Haan right wild cat Kunj said ??.

Twinkle face drenched in tears dry marks.Kunj see her hands he take in his hands take ointment from side drawer. Kunj apply on her wounds.Kunj kissed on her forehead covered her with blanket and lay down next to her. Kunj back facing to her. Twinkle open her eyes and look at Kunj. In heart.

Twinkle:why you doing this Kunj tell me the reason I know you love me very much Still. Mujhe aaj bhi yeh yakeen Zaroor hai tu di ke pass hai chaahe faaslo Mein door hai..??. Kunj turned

Toward her both look at each other’s. Both keeping their hands on bed near each other’s closed their eyes and sleep took over them.

At morning.

Twinkle and Kunj sleeping till late. Kainaat banging the door due to this twinkle wake up even Kunj with her both look at each other’s together.

Aaii..look at each other’s Kunj get up and open the door and see kainaat and Beenish at door.

Beenish:maamu late good morning.

Kunj:haha what a English.Kunj lift her take inside.

Kainaat:Kunj bhai bhabhi?


Kainaat:I’m going Market please come with me.Twinkle look at Kunj.

Kunj:where you wanted to go haan.

Kainaat:bhaiya you never send bhabhi with us huhu she went from there. Twinkle take her clothes and went in washroom while Kunj playing with Beenish in room. Twinkle get ready she come out of the washroom.

Kunj: I’m coming okay after bath.

Beenish:maami come with me.

Twinkle:hmm Kunj went in washroom. Twinkle take Beenish downstairs.After Kunj come down twinkle give Kunj his breakfast with servant while she didn’t have her breakfast.!

Kunj didn’t have work so he didn’t went office.He and Kavin playing with Beenish.Twinkle sitting and looking at divorce paper in her room and tears escaping from her eyes Kunj entered in room and see her twinkle holding pen in her hand. Both share a painful eye lock.

She get up from bed.Just than there Farida come. Kunj and twinkle look at each other’s twinkle composed herself she hide divorce paper inside the pillow.

Farida:twinkle puttar dadi Maa calling you.

Twinkle:hmm she went downstairs with her.

Saroj: twinkle beta.

Twinkle:haan dadi Maa.

Saroj:beta my friend coming today so can you make sweet for them.

Twinkle:sure she went in kitchen. Twinkle started preparing for dessert. After one hour she made it and went in mandir twinkle sitting for sometime and praying for her and Kunj marriage. Twinkle duppta slightly hit with mandir side diya twinkle get up and going in garden she don’t know about fire on her duppta because her duppta was long falls down she went in garden and see kavin and kainaat or Beenish playing. Slowly slowly fire started increasing. Twinkle feels something she turned and see fire on her duppta she get shocked and started screaming whoever was listen twinkle voice they come there.Get shocked to see.

Twinkle:help me yeh aag.kunjjjj.

Kavin:bhabhiiii. Kunj was in his room balcony his eyes went on twinkle he get shocked to see.

Kunj:twinkleeeee.Kunj immediately run down he went towards her twinkle try to jerk duppta away from her but fire increasing more.What is this yeh aag. Removed this duppta.Twinkle duppta pinned it with her dress.Kunj started dousing fire with his palm. Kunj pulled her duppta and Throw it away from twinkle. Elders come and get shocked Kunj see twinkle who breathing like anything. Kunj immediately pulled her in hug.

Are you mad haan what is this can’t you take care of yourself yeh aag keshe lagi haan pagal ladki if something happened to you from where I’ll get you back. In one go all listen and get happy. Kunj cupped her face. Are you okay twinkle in sweet voice she nodded in yes.

Saroj:yeh hua keshe twinkle beta.

Twinkle: I don’t know dadi.,

Usha:you should care full Kunj take her with yourself. Kunj hold her hand take her in their room.

Kunj:sit here now. I’m right you are a big siyappa queen no one can’t handle you expect than me. Come both sit on bed. Kunj bring first aid box.

Twinkle: when you know no one can’t handle me and my siyappa than why you leaving me Kunj.Kunj look at her. He didn’t said anything. If you don’t care about me than why you come and save me let me die haan.

Kunj:are you made twinkle. He started dressing her wound. Blowing air twinkle admire him.She smiled.

Twinkle:tell me Kunj today reason.

Kunj:koi reason nahi it just only I have right to hurt you no one can’t even you can’t too yourself get it. Twinkle take his hand in her hand kissed on his palms which burned it.

Twinkle:can’t see me in pain and telling me give you divorce haan really. You can’t stay without me Kunj fit this your mind and after see you today I understand you love me very much this all you doing because of something that I’ll get to know very soon. Kunj hold her hand press her wound. Ouch..

Kunj:now happy. Twinkle push him on bed and come upon him. Kunj get confused he looking here and there.

Twinkle: if you don’t love me than say this look into my eyes. Twinkle cupped his face look in my eyes Kunj. He look in her eyes immediately changed his gaze to other side. I get my answer when you love me this much how can you leave me Kunj. When we are enemy didn’t like each other’s that time you save me how can you hurt me today when you love me this much.

Kunj: you speaking totally nonsense twinkle.Your philosophy. Kunj get up twinkle too she grab his collar. Kunj phone ring. Mera phone..

Twinkle:Leave this phone I know this Ovi calling you.Right now you are with your wife. Leave about this world you are just mine Kunj. You always telling in our love we had Magic.

Kunj: leave or else.

Twinkle: or else what you did today.

Kunj: woh me. Before Kunj speak more twinkle cupped his face and grab his lips Kunj get shocked.Twinkle smooching his lips. Kunj push her and looking at twinkle with shocking way.What is this.

Twinkle:this is PROOF of our love ❤️?.

Kunj sarna.She push him on bed get up went in side.Kunj looking at her. Kunj lay down on his stomach.

Song play in bg. Dhadkan.,

Saans lene se bhi zyada

Tum zaroori ho gaye

Jee rahe the hum adhoore

Tum se poore ho gaye

Meri dhadkan

Teri dhadkan

Dono dilon ki

Ik hai tadpan (x2)

Aankhein ye meri

Jo bolti hain

Dhadkan ye teri

Wo tolti hai (x2)

Jeene ke sawaalon mein

Yun pyaar ka rang bhar la

Ke lafzon se phir kuch bhi

Mushkil ho bayaan karna (x2)

Kunj: in mind this girl become Mad.

I’m just poison for her. Twinkle humming the song Kunj listen he remember and closed his eyed Why twinkle???…

Twinkle: yeh Kesha pyaar hai Kunj. Jaha pyaar aur dard Ek saath Chal rahe hai.

Pyaar ya dard ??

scene freezes on their face.



So how’s was the episode??

Confused?????. So Kunj wanted to give twinkle divorce??. But pyaar hai ki. Maanta hi nahi..?.

Let’s see what happened in this love story. After all will love conquers fear or not..??.

Thanks for your comment in previous shot do share your views please.

Bye love you all

Allahafiz. ??..

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