15 months later..

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A beautiful couple sleeping peacefully. A man half falling down.just than Kunj sleep get disturbed he open his eyes and look at little munchkin tickling with his little legs.Kunj smiled and near to baby.

Kunj:aww my brightness.come to dada. Kunj bring him near himself and look at his face. Kiss on his cubby cheeks while he making faces.Arey don’t make faces like this already your mumma is virulence with me now you too going on your sadu father haan no baby you are toh dada good cutie pie na.. baby blinked his eyes Kunj look at his baby and twinkle who sleeping peacefully. Kunj smiled to see her face.It’s so beautiful to see you twinkle like this haan. Was a time I was the reason who filled your life with tears and pains now to see you like this only I know I how much I’m happy thanks babaji to give him in our life if he didn’t come today we wouldn’t together mera bacha.He was the reason because of him today we are together that night if I didn’t get to know whole truth I lost him and her too.But jo hota hai ache ke liye hi hota hai.I had question will love conquers fear yes my did my love conquers my fear. I was scared and staying in that fear I’ll lose them but I was wrong twinkle is right she needs me in her time but she help me and bring me out from that Trauma.

Make me understand I just over powered my fear on me and my love. I never thought my own family members playing game with me chii because of my stubbornness I give her so much pain in my madness my di lost his love today she learn again to live life but somewhere she still there only.


After confess Kunj his fear to twinkle she get shocked to know about this both holding each other’s hand and crying like anything

Kunj: this is the reason twinkle why you away you from myself you wouldn’t safe with me.

Twinkle:Kunj why you thinking this haan I’m ready to do anything for you haan why you get scared of this all things nothing will happened to me without you I’m not safe Kunj. At least tell me once I’ll help you kunj. Didn’t you trust on our love haan.

Kunj:nahi twinkle nothing is like this I can’t see you in pain because of me.I love you so much now this new bundle of joy he too not safe..

Twinkle:no Kunj how can you thing this haan he is our baby.Again they hugged each other’s. Don’t do this Kunj.

Kunj:twinkle if I didn’t do that mistakes today we too staying happy in our life I wanted to live my life with you like others.

Twinkle:shut up this all just your imagination.We are together we will fight together our love has so much power now toh our baby too coming in this world. I m with you.Kunj get surprised after so much pain and tears he give her still she with him?

Kunj:twinkle you wanted to help me why? I toh give you so much pain.

Twinkle:so what Kunj I’ll be always with you you are my first and last love.You can leave me but I can’t never.I love you like anything please don’t leave me I can’t live without you I’ll do whatever you wanted to do.

Kunj:no twinkle you don’t please to me please you at least think about our baby if something happened to him.

Twinkle:I don’t care we both are together faced everything but when twinkle and Kunj apart from each other’s Than they can’t Kunj.We will tell to dadi Maa about this she will help us. And you don’t worry.

Kunj: really till now I thought only I loving you so much but today you proved me wrong I’m really blessed to have you twinkle you fulfilling your promises which you taking at our 7 vows time.

Twinkle: even you too fulfilling Kunj she smiled hold his hands tightly kissed on his hand even I m too blessed to have you in my wife who does this haan in this world now hardly people sacrifice something for his love and you doing this all for my betterment nothing happened to me. And I took you wrong thinking so much wrong about you. When you send me divorce paper I cried lot asking myself what mistake I does it why my Kunj behaving like this.

Kunj:that divorce decision wasn’t easy for me twinkle you don’t know what happened to me when I send you those papers I thought after see that papers you will sign in anger but my Destiny bring me back to you.Never thought will stand like this. Wanted to tell this world I’m going to become father but I’m afraid twinkle if anyone evil eyes caught my baby. If is in my hand I hide you never let anyone.Shadow falls down on you. I’m bad twinkle please try to understand you have a bright future with our baby.

Twinkle:no I wouldn’t go anywhere fit this in your mind Kunj.She hugged him. And wiped his tears.

Kunj:Arey you didn’t have anything come sit he take towards bed and take apple slice she smiled and open her mouth Kunj feed her both having tears in their eyes whY this path comes in their life. Kunj feed twinkle and give her medicine make her lay down and patting on her forehead she smiled and hold his hand tightly.While admiring Kunj don’t know when twinkle sleep.Kunj see her and smiled kissed on her forehead covered her perfectly and went downstairs he goes in balcony.And looking at moon.What I happened babaji I didn’t think twice assumed everything why I doubt on my wife Haan 😭😭😭.

I’m really bad twinkle didn’t deserve me.She is so good how easily she forget everything and get ready to with me still who does.Even I’m the reason of di tears shitttt.Kunj body started shivering fully he started behaving like mad and falls down on his knees and cursing himself Lot.Kunj take out his pills bottle from his pocket he look at bottle.

I can’t control my mind. It will good if I’ll end up my life it’s good for everyone even my fear too die with me.That’s great.

@At room twinkle wake up with jerk she started breathing heavily didn’t find Kunj in room get scared she get up and looking him in whole room but he wasn’t there.Twinkle open the door and went downstairs she heard sobbing voice twinkle turned her eyes went on Kunj who is in balcony.She went towards him get shocked to see Kunj her eyes went on pills which is in Kunj hands he about to taking before twinkle jerked it and falls down Kunj get shocked and turned and found twinkle who standing in front of him.Kunj sweating like anything twinkle shocked to see his condition she sits down and cupped Kunj face.

Twinkle: kunjj what is this haan why you come here.

Kunj: In shivering voice pill please.

Twinkle: no wouldn’t let you take this.

Kunj: please twinkle without this I can’t I’ll die.

Twinkle:stop Kunj become strong don’t make this pills your strength my Kunj is very strong he can fight everything.Till now you thinking this pills will helps you to get over with your fear now I’m with you.Nothing will happened to anyone just truth me and yourself kunjj. Leave this pills Kunj they making you weak slowly slowly killing your willpower.

Kunj:twinkleeee.he dozing off.

Twinkle:get up Kunj Chalo.She make him stand hold his hands he looking at pills. Don’t look at back Kunj they are just fire which breaking your brightness.You will not get anything at the end just darkness leave.Twinkle hold his hands tightly take him in room.They went towards bed Kunj was so scared he cuddles twinkle that night incident rolling in his mind fully.Twinkle understand his situation and condition she handling him like a small baby.

In mind Kunj i really don’t know why you scared this much but don’t worry I’ll find out each and everything who is behind this all.Twinkle slightly behind and take out Kunj pills bottle from drawer.She looking at bottle.This making you like lifeless controlling on your mind and everything.You have to stope this Kunj if you stay like you will fully went in depression.

@Whole night passed like this.Don’t know when sunrise twinkle didn’t sleep whole night she look at Kunj and smiled kissed on his forehead she get up and get freshen up.She look at Kunj who sleeping she didn’t disturb him.Twinkle went downstairs everyone was sitting in living room Khariah still same to same all handling her. Like a strong girl twinkle Handle each and everything in this condition as well it’s been one week has been passed away to Rohit death all helping Khariah to come out from her pain.Other hand Kunj condition too same to same he going in depression twinkle and Yuvi making try to understand things. Without doing anything Sanam and Ovi getting happiness all get busy in pain and they chilling out.

In twinj [email protected]

Twinkle: Kunj what did you think about baby I mean we didn’t tell anyone about this Haan?

Kunj:if we disclosed this news than?

Twinkle:now I leave everything on you.

Kunj: you didn’t understanding me twinkle.

Twinkle:I’ll not you have to be strong for us and more for our baby Kunjjj. Kunj think more than he hold twinkle hand they both went downstairs everyone was sitting for breakfast Kunj and twinkle went towards them.

Kunj:dadi Maa I wanted to tell you something?

Saroj:haa bolo Kunj what?


Usha:Kya woh Kunj.He look at twinkle with helpless eyes twinkle gesture him back go ahead.Sanam and Ovi look at each other’s

Kunj: woh yeh ki twinkle is pregnant. As soon as everyone listen this they all get surprised and get up and look at them while two person fully shocked.

Saroj: what????

Kunj:Haan dadi Maa she is pregnant.

All smiled and kissed on twinkle

forehead finally happiness comes in their life.

Saroj: I’m so happy for you I’m just waiting for this news only you give me everything thanks Kunj and twinkle beta hugged them they smiled.

Manohar: Haan we are so happy. Khariah too smiled. Sanam and Ovi get angry.

Sanam: pregnant how 😱.

Kavin: what do you mean by this Bhabhi Haan 😛.

Sanam: I mean pregnant hoo.

Saroj: Haan I’m so happy finally I’ll get my great grand kid.

Usha:Haan Maa.Saroj take out her bangle and put in twinkle hands Sanam see this get fumed like anything.

Twinkle: dadi Maa.

Saroj: take this 😛. You don’t know what you give me I’m so happy arey please bring sweets she started shouting servant bring sweet all eat each other’s twinkle get so happy to see everyone happiness. While Kunj is in tension.

Kunj:this news has come out now I have to be more conscious about twinkle.Yeh pyaar hai yah saza Babaji which we getting.

Sanam: in mind is my doubt is right she is pregnant now everything went from my hand this Ovi can’t do anything I just give her so small work just stay near Kunj so he stay away from twinkle still she get pregnant useless girl Huhu.She went from there and take out something from her wardrobe.I does all possible things still my all plains failed in front of their love they come more closed due to me only uff I toh try to control this Kunj. Almost I’m send him in depression if this twinkle wouldn’t come in his life today he was in somewhere in hospital bed laying like a lifeless body now he give baby to this family and everything twinkle will get I’ll like a servant.So what baby still didn’t come out still game in my hand get ready twinkle.She smirked.

After get to know about twinkle being pregnant all family members get hell happy even in twinkle family too.Kunj too happy but scared.

Twinkle was in kitchen she making food for everyone just than gas stove throw fire she shocked and call Kunj. He come and see immediately off the gas stove.

Kunj: are you mad Haan still you working in kitchen I told you na just stay in your room but you will not listen to me.

Twinkle: Kunj I’m fine just.

Kunj: what just. See na twinkle I told you na. You didn’t understand me .

Twinkle:I understand you Kunj but you didn’t leave everything aside I get your appointment we will go to dr.

Kunj:for what?

Twinkle:for your don’t eat my head please.

Kunj:I didn’t getting anything twinkle.

Twinkle:I’ll tell you each and everything Kunj just come with me.She hold his hand both went outside and sit in car and left with driver.In whole the way Kunj asking to twinkle where she taking him but she didn’t tell him anything. Soon they reached twinkle and Kunj

Come out of the car.Kunj get confused to see the place. She hold his hand and take him ahead so many kids are there.

Kunj:kids why you bring me here what about dr?

Twinkle:here is your dr Kunj.See this kids Kunj.Aww they all playing.

Kunj:Haan but why you come here?

Twinkle:because here is your fear pills which you taking it’s wrong Kunj. It’s just damage your nothing else see this kids. Learn from them Kunj you know what Kunj when a baby come in this world he don’t know anything how will be his parents what life Babaji will going to give him does he get milk on time or not nothing else Kunj.He don’t know anything how to walk while holding he learn how to walk he will falls many times but it just helps him. We have to fight with our fear not sit and scared of your fear.We all get busy in our life so much didn’t think once many of playing games with their own family.They don’t know like a small baby will come we will not bring anything when we born come bare body we will go like this only.Didn’t take anything with us.We come with closed fist will go with open fist. If we knows this than no problem in life’s. this is a dream which we seeing with open eyes when our eyes will closed at end of our life it’s not the end but it’s the start of life Kunj we wake up from our dream which we seeing our life is a dream..

Kunj just lost in twinkle words fully.

God give us life let enjoy with good deeds.

Twinkle take him near kids.A boy can’t see properly but he still walking with help of stick.Kunj see this.They went inside twinkle and Kunj walking near Walls twinkle rubbing her hand on wall. See this holes Kunjjjjjj on wall. It’s not holes but Someone’s language.They can’t See but thought this dots they can too communicate with peoples.God closed one door for them but open others if they think and get sad they can’t see and can’t do anything.Than Kunj. Kunj smiled and agree with her whole day they both spending time with kids Kunj bring toys and chocolates for them they playing with them had a happy time with them Kunj smiling twinkle see his smile and get so happy.

Than they went back to home.

Usha: where you both are Haan?

Kunj: we went somewhere Maa we enjoyed it lot he went to Usha she cupped his face.

Usha:ho my Kunj is so happy what else I wanted more now toh going to become father pulled his cheeks he smiled.

Twinkle:in mind finally he smiled hope my words work at him.Twinkle going to upstairs suddenly her leg slip she going to fall Kavin come on time and hold her.


Twinkle:shhh don’t your Bhaiya will angry okay.Twinkle see oil drops on staircase she get confused but went from there in side Sanam get angry.

Sanam:again.Shit every time she save.

Saroj and Manohar went for shopping they bring so many things for baby. Twinkle and Kunj shocked he didn’t come till now.

Twinkle: papaji we have time for this all things why?

Manohar:arey so what Bacha we wanted this only when he and she will come and play with us.


Sanam:you all get so happy for baby.

Saroj:Haan Sanam.

Nikki:ab Sanam you toh can’t give us baby only twinkle.

Saroj:Nikkii..twinkle read Sanam and Ovi face and giggles inside her heart so much.

All taking care of twinkle like anything put everything in her feet’s. she get so happy to get so much love and care from her family while Sanam didn’t leave single chance to taunt twinkle but she too give her back. Twinkle getting doubt at Sanam. One day Kunj phone beep again he get that warning messages. Before Kunj saw twinkle see and read the message and get shocked he is right.Twinkle read and immediately deleted after so much hard work he come out of his fear still he is somewhere but normal before at least.

Twinkle: now I have to deal with this all just than Kunj entered in room and kissed on her cheeks from back and give her backhugged.

Kunj: missing me Mrs Sarna.

Twinkle: hmm where were you Haan.

Kunj:I have meeting and Yuvi take me for lunch that’s why see what I bring for you she turned and Kunj show her her favourite kulfi she get happy.

Twinkle: aww thanks Kunj I wanted this only even baby too.

Kunj: hehe twinkle please don’t put all blame on my baby he toh don’t known anything about this how he will know about kulfi.

Twinkle:you don’t know me and baby have special connection💗💗.

Kunj:Acha ji twinkle enjoy her kulfi Kunj

Admiring her and keep talking to baby while keeping his hands on her baby bumped twinkle laughs out on Kunj questions to baby it’s so funny.

Life is a roller coaster fully don’t know happy time come and went and when pain. I think both things is important and needed we can’t understand value of happiness.

Flashback end.


Kunj playing with baby suddenly he started crying and took whole room on his head Kunj get shocked.

Kunj:uff baby you do noise so much Haan mumma sleeping na.

Baby:Huhu mum😩😩.

Twinkle: Kunj why you making him cry Haan he get shocked.

Kunj:are you wake up Haan?

Twinkle:yup when you busy with your baby come to me Mera Bacha she pulled him to herself aww baby crying why this Sadu papa make your mood off.

Kunj:oyee i wouldn’t he is like this only crying king.

Twinkle:Huhu Sadu.Leave my baby he is hungry.

Kunj:he toh always hungry only twinkle. Twinkle see his feeder is empty she feed him Kunj admiring his baby and love. He just stick with you only you fulfill his tummy what about me 😛😂.

Twinkle:Acha ji what you wanted tell me he went near her.

Kunj:I have to tell you. Winked at her 😂😛.


Kunj:if I have wouldn’t shameless than he wouldn’t come😂😛😛.Twinkle blushed and slapped him playfully. Song play in bg Tera Mera rishta ❤️❤️❤️❤️.

Twinkle: Acha Kunj now you handle him I’ll go and get freshen up.

Kunj: what’s say today we both give you accompany 😂😂.

Twinkle: don’t make my baby like you Sadu.. she check baby who still busy in milk. She smiled and patting on his back while drinking milk he slightly doze off twinkle check him and come out. Gestured Kunj keep eyes at him.   

Kunj wouldn’t leave his son for a second alone always beside him and his wifey. Maybe his fear get over but he very much protective father and husband.

Kahil is a 6 months old baby son of Kunj and twinkle. He is apple of everyone eyes after coming him everyone life filled with joy and happiness only.

Twinkle went in washroom was a day she was always unhappy and thinking about her life and others now so relax she is after baby any kind of stress wasn’t good for her each and everything keep this in their mind make her happy whether they are family once’s or friends. Now her smile is Kunj favourite thing if he didn’t saw smile on her face his day wasn’t started shower so many questions on her. First they was busy in their martial life and in others now they just busy in their parenthood which was truly amazing thing.

Kunj too slept again with his baby.After get freshen up twinkle come out of her room.She come in room and saw his lifelines busy in sleep.She giggles Kunj get more chance to sleep again due to baby. 😛😛.She went near dressing table and started dying her hairs she get ready beautifully now she become more beautiful after become mommy glow😛😛.She done with her make up and look amazing.

She went downstairs and see all servants busy in work fully she smiled to see them.Twinkle went in kitchen and make tea for everyone and take her mug she went balcony and feels so good.

Twinkle:meri zindagi bhi kitni  jaeeb hai.

Whatever is it but my love story is amazing like a film story she giggles pyaar yah dard Kunj was right after our baby dard end he filled our life with love and happinesses.All ups and downs comes in our life we didn’t tired fight back.I never thought in my wildest dream she will do something like this chii.Long tears dropped falls down from her eyes.Twinkle closed her eyes and remember better fast.flashback.

After get to know about twinkle is pregnant sanam and Ovi was behind twinkle they do all attempt to harm baby and twinkle but Kunj always save her.

Twinkle read those blackmailing messages than she get behind who sending this if the person die who bumped with Kunj car.One day one letter come on Kunj name again that blackmailer send it which comes in twinkle hand.Twinkle read the paper and get shocked.

{ hoo so Kunj you going to become father I’m happy very much now I’ had fun to kill your two love birds hehe.}

Twinkle think again and again.How that blackmailer get to know about twinkle pregnancy. Due to twinkle safety only family members and Kunj and twinkle friends know about this

twinkle:how this blackmailer knows about this haan.I’m pregnant because nobodies knows In outsiders something is really fishy I mean after seeing this I think whoever is this behind this all some close one hand behind too. I’m getting strong vibes this two red chilli and green chilli enough in my life now mores uff Chal twinkle lets find it out who behind this.If I get to know I’ll not leave that person for sure because of him my Kunj suffers Lot still he suffering.

Now this letter helps me lot.Twinkle thought if she wants to know about that person who he is.She started checking everyone hand writing even in her family as well all friends everyone.Without lettering anyone knows about this.

@Twinkle checking everyone writing no one writing has matched lastly Nikki hand writing is left.Twinkle check and get shocked Nikki hand writing was matching with letter hand writing.

Twinkle:what is this Nikki bua Hand writing same to same how can. 😱😱. Twinkle maybe you are wrong. Twinkle went to Nikki room she about to entered listen Vivian and Nikki talks and stop there only.

Vivian:mom now you see Kunj baby is coming again he will rule on nani heart shit what we will get nothing mom you promised me I’ll be the next head of this family I’ll get each and everything. His baby will get everything.

Nikki:shut up Vivian I thought he will leave twinkle.I itself didn’t understand how my all attempted failed after sending that warning messages still even I send today’s as well. He didn’t reply me back. He must be scared if something happened to his baby and wife but not he is toh happily enjoying every bit of it how can. 🥵🥵🥵.

Vivian:mom you told me he is depression patient your earning affects him more fastly.

Nikki:I know 🤔🤔my son you don’t worry you will get each and everything my son.Than you will rule here like a king.

Vivian: but you do one thing don’t do anything to twinkle she is so beautiful mom I’ll take her with me marry her.

Nikki:Are you mad that twinkle she is pregnant.

Vivian:so what mom we kill that baby along with his father if not than after seeing his condition he is darpok hehe both laughs he and his baby will play together after Kunj get mad in mental asylums.

Nikki:great work.twinkle shocked fully  she don’t know how to react on this.

Twinkle:how can this people do this with Kunj haan they stoop so low.She run from there while going pot falls down but twinkle run she is in dilemma 😰😰.

Nikki and Vivian listen pot voice they get shocked and come out and looking and here and there.

Vivian: someone is here mom.

Nikki:no one was Vivian. Chalo.They went in room twinkle entered in her room and found sanam and Ovi in her room and finding something in their wardrobe.

Twinkle:sanam bhabhiiiii…  they both turned and get shocked.what are you doing here.

Sanam: wohhhh.

Twinkle:haan.Wait I’ll call dadi Maa twinkle started screaming loudly. No one was at mansion only Nikki Vivian or sanam , Ovi twinkle. They too come in room.

Vivian: what happened.

Sanam: whom you will call haan. What is this divorce papers hoo. So you both going to divorce each other’s amazing devrani ji..

Twinkle: what is this went from there.

Nikki: twinkle.

Twinkle: don’t take my name from

Your blo*dy mouth I’ll tell each and everything to my Kunj your face come out in front of me they both mother and son get shocked. Twinkle about to went Vivian grab her hairs.

Vivian: so I was right someone listen our talks mom she is only.

Twinkle: haan I know each and everything what you all done.

Sanam: acha what we have done. So your Kunj taking this pills she thought he will get fine but idiot don’t know anything it’s wrong medicines 😂😂.

Twinkle: acha my Kunj didn’t taking any pills he leave everything.Their face faded.

Leave me Vivian I’ll tell Kunj.

Vivian:acha A’s I’ll leave you.Baby.Twinkle push him while Vivian slapped her tightly. Twinkle shocked. They all pushing her.

Twinkle: don’t please mera bacha.. she crying like anything twinkle get chance she run downstairs while they all twinkle hit with pillar blood coming from her nose.

She hold her tummy and crying so badly everyone went in some function even servants wasn’t there.Twinkle screaming

Kunj name. She run outside they four of them too come. Meanwhile a car come they get shocked. Twinkle smiled and falls down on her knees Kunj come out of the car twinkle see him and run towards him. All shocked to see twinkle like this twinkle about to falls Kunj hold on time.



Kunj: what happened haa yeh blood..

Twinkle:kunjj she hugged him tightly and crying all get shocked.Sanam and Nikki look at each other’s .

Saroj: why you crying twinkle haan.

Twinkle: dadi maa😭😭.

Kunj:what happened at least tell me all get shocked to see her condition she breathing so heavily.Kunj cupped twinkle face batana Kya Hua.

Twinkle:kunjjj they all are bad.


Twinkle:haan Maa.

Vivian:Arey Kunj she get mad don’t know what happened to her. Kunj show him his hand.

Kunj:my your tongue for whom you were talking she is my wife.Bolo.

Twinkle:Kunj Nikki bua and this Vivian they all behind that blackmailing message haan from my own ears I listen each and everything.Twinkle tell them each and everything all get shocked.

Kunj:whattt.. really.

Twinkle: this Vivian wanted to kill you and our baby as well Kunj. Ahah. Saroj look at them.

Saroj: what is this Haan twinkle is saying right haan.

Sanam: woh dadiiii. Saroj take step towards them and slaps Nikki so hard.

Nikki: mom.

Saroj:till now I’m thinking you will improve and your this so called son don’t know whom blood he is. You shamed our family now again how dare you think of this haan you try to kill my Kunj.And you sanam.

Sanam: what about Kunj dadi even he too wanted to give divorce to twinkle. And he tell twinkle to abort their baby( twinkle writing in diary everything she read from there)

Kunj:acha.So you all wanted to mad me. Why you all did this all I need a answer haan.

Sanam: woh kunjj. Because of dadi Maa she just giving all importance to you and your wife this twinkle after come to your baby. He get everything what about me. So I thought I’ll manipulate your pills. After taking over power pills you will get mad and.

Usha: and what?

Vivian:and we will get everything happy. Saroj slaps him too.

Saroj:chii feels so shamed. Kunj grab his collar.

Twinkle: Kunj that all message bua Ji sending you she scared you.

Kunj: how you get to know about this all. Nikki smiled.

Nikki: that night The person was me who bumped with your car and you didn’t give any heed to see me once.Since started my Vivian get everything after used by you no love anything. I know you are so weak. I used this things and started sending you those messages and scaring you. Thought you will get mad or else throw this twinkle out from your life.

Kunj: you stoop so low bua why just for this all money and power you played with my feelings and you both sisters oviii.

Ovi: kunjj I toh only does those things whatever di told me. She told me come between you and twinkle than you both fight with. Each other’s she will marry you with me.

Kunj:acha really.

Saroj: I don’t want to listen anything. She immediately call police. Arrest them. Police immediately take they screaming.

They all went inside all look at Kunj. May I know the reason why you wanted to give divorce paper and baby abortion?

Twinkle: woh dadiii.

Saroj: nahi twinkle let him explain me today.

Kunj:dadiii I does because he cried Kunj tell each and everything.I toh just wanted my twinkle and baby safe.I was scared so much.

Twinkle:haan dadi Maa.He loves me so much.And my kunj suffers so much dadi Maa: please don’t take him wrong.What he going on him he only knows.

Saroj:see Kunj she loves you so much.

Understand her value.

Kunj:haan dadi Maa I know I’m so lucky much get her.In front of everyone twinkle sorry for my each and

everything.I give you so much pain. He fold his hands in front of everyone and sorry to twinkle for each and everything. He hold his ears and loudly he said sorry to twinkle she smile.All having tears in their eyes. Twinkle cuddles Kunj tightly.Thanks twinkle for each and everything my fear Lose in front of our love. Mere pyaar me shrif daRd Mila hai tumhe twinkle sorry again.

Twinkle:so what dard end ab I want love only. All agree with her.

Manohar:my bahu is the best. They all share a group hugged. Twinkle tell them don’t tell anything about this all to her family members she don’t want anyone took his husband wrong.Twinkle respect increase more in everyone eyes.

{Fear of family defeat love But a good love win ever fear without breaking Hearts Family support can be Big weapon for you

To face the world.

Sometime we have to stop being scared and just go for it either it will work or it won’t that is life.Twinkle stand beside him and today Kunj fear lose over twinkle and Kunj Love.Fear is just our kind imagination nothing else more.

No one can’t separate us it just we are the main reason.We have to be strong and show our love power.Being a wife it’s her duty to support her husband even husband too.Love teach you many things in life. Love always win over fear.

Scene freezes.

Dard end hua pyaar Baki hai 😂😛.


Now fear and pain is over let’s welcomes happiness..

how was the shot?!

I know it’s not good..😝.All truth come out it’s all about love power and fear.

Kunj fear cant stand anymore in front of twinkle love. It’s just planning and plotting fear but love is soul.

Give your views please.

Last.. 😛😛😛.

Bye love you all.

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