Pyaar To Hona Hi Tha: Twinj- EPISODE 6

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Twinkle get shocked to see Vivian at her house she doesn’t know how to reacts on this he hugged her and explain himself but twinkle tell him she gets married now. When Vivian got to know about this he got hell shocked see her mangalsutra and vermillion(sindoor).somehow twinkle send him..

After Vivian twinkle don’t know what to do he come back and defending

himself.She gets confused now.whole day she gives stress to her mind.

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twinkle didn’t have her dinner without having anything she went in room and changed her dress kunj didn’t come back till now from office he gets stuck in work.

Twinkle:where is this kunj.She went towards bed and lay down.Thinking about Vivian.Kunj reached his house he parked the car and went inside he rings the door bell continuously.

Kunj:why this twinkle didn’t open the door.Let me find the key.he check in his laptop bag hopefully he gets house key.!

Kunj open the door and went inside he finds all lights were off he gets confused to see this.because usually twinkle didn’t off the lights she had phobia of darkness.uff where is this twinkle Sarna I’m so hungry..He went upstairs goes in his room.Kunj entered in room his eyes went on bed and see twinkle sleeping her back facing to him.He kept the bag aside and sit he drinks the water.Twinkle.

She didn’t say anything she was lost in her thoughts kunj leave he takes his night dress and went towards washroom Kunj get freshen up and come out of the washroom.He went towards bed twinkle open her eyes and see kunj.But she ignored him kunj lay down, and he was hell tired sleep took over him.Twinkle get up and sit there only she takes her phone and open secret app and see her photos with Vivian.Tears escaping from her eyes she just busy in photos while in sleep kunj open his eyed, and he sees twinkle.Kunj turned his side and sleep.

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Twinkle wake up with heavy face she gets ready quickly and went downstairs she went in garden.she didn’t bother to wake up kunj he’ll get late.Itself Kunj wake up he sees the time and get

shocked he sees twinkle bed side and didn’t  find  her he gives her voice but no response.He gets up and get freshen up get ready for his office.he went down and finding twinkle ask servant.!

Kunj:where is twinkle what happened to her she didn’t have food last night I know. He went in kitchen quickly make her favorite omelette and bread toast. He takes the breakfast in garden twinkle standing looking at birds which tweeting in side taking bath in water pond. Kunj keep the breakfast in side table.And give twinkle back hugged she gets

scared she turned and jerked Kunj.Kunj get confused twinkleee.are you okay na.

Twinkle it’s me..

Twinkle:haa kunj she takes deep breath.

Kunj cupped her face.

Kunj:what happened to you haa everything is fine na.

Twinkle:haa kunj everything is fine..

Kunj:come let’s have breakfast…

Twinkle:Kunj I don’t want.

Kunj:why.I know you didn’t have last night your dinner.Twinkle get surprised how he knows.Now don’t tell me how I know I can read your eyes and listen your stomach voice ?.Now come.He took her towards chairs he made her sit and sit beside her Kunj tore the morsel and take near her lips twinkle look at him. Twinkle closed her eyes and remember Vivian face she jerked Kunj hand and get up kunj get shocked hell.

Twinkle:please don’t irritate me she said this and went from there kunj get

confused. He left for office while driving he just thinking about twinkle.

Kunj:what happened to her so suddenly something is fishy why so suddenly she behaves like this..if I did something don’t know about this.I have to find this as soon as possible.. Kunj reached office he gets busy in work but his mind and heart still stuck on twinkle he think about her only and try to call twinkle, but she didn’t answer his calls.

Twinkle went in room and crying loudly. Juster than twinkle get call from Vivian she sees his name and pick up the call.

Vivian: hello twinkle baby.

Twinkle:hmm.. he finds sob in her voice.

Vivian:what happened are you okay na.

Twinkle:why you call me tell me please.

Vivian:I wanna meet with you twinkle.



Twinkle:okay where.. he tells her address she nodded in yes and take her clutch and left to meet with him..

Kunj looking so sad rishi and Yuvi come

there and see his face they both get confused they went towards him and take seat beside kunj..

Rishi: what happened bro..

Kunj: nothing..

Yuvi:than why this sad face haa.. Something happened to you.

Rishi:if you give him heed than kindly don’t.

Kunj:did you think, so I’ll give him heed I didn’t talk to him.I’m fine just headache.

He gets up and leave the place.

Rishi: I’m sure something is fishy.

Yuvi:leave it let him deal with his problems don’t tell his sister without anything she takes stress on herself.

Rishi:haa right yaar already 24 hours she just think about him only.Every time he have his food on time or not.

Yuvi:hmm bichara baby brother.

Soon twinkle reached cafe Starbucks she finds Vivian while he saw her and waving hand towards her twinkle see this she gives smile and went towards him.

Twinkle:bolo Vivian..

Vivian:first sit.they both sit on chairs Vivian oder coffees for them.Twinkle which you wanted.

Twinkle:you didn’t remember she gives fake smile.she oder whatever comes in her minds.Soon their coffee comes ab bolo.Vivian take twinkle hand in his hands.

Vivian:Twinkle please listen to me once.

I didn’t do anything Itself. I love you lot.

Twinkle:acha if you love me than why you leave me alone and went and at time when I was waiting for you in wedding don’t know Vivian what humiliation me and my family bears because of you.Because of you now I can’t believe on love and anything my trust break down.

Vivian:I know twinkle you are right at your place but listen to me once.I’m coming only but I met with a accident because of that I didn’t come and you take me wrong.

Twinkle:acha when where are you after.

Vivian:he paused woh I was in hospitable when I went to Amritsar I didn’t find you See my reports Vivian show twinkle reports twinkle see the reports and get shocked tears escaping from her eyed Vivian see this and smirked. Trust me twinkle.She looks at him he took her hand in his hand kissed on her

hands.Twinkle get up and Vivian too. She hugged him he too her tightly. Public see them. After sometimes later Vivian and twinkle sit Vivian tell her each and everything !everything is just fake his own minded story which he tell twinkle like an idiot she believed it.

Twinkle:okay Vivian I have to go now if anyone sees me here with you it’s not good.

Vivian:okay twinkle I love you about to give her lip peck she side her face.

Twinkle:Viviann.bye she gets up and left for her house.she reached and went inside.Later in night twinkle was in kitchen she does her work. Kunj come back home from office he sees twinkle and went towards her he gives her back hugged she felt his touch and slightly moved and turned her face and look at Kunj.

Kunj:see twinkle I brought your favourite pastry.

Twinkle:why did I tell you.

Kunj:what you mean by this can’t I bring Itself for my wife.acha chod bas he cupped her face and tucked her hairs look at twinkle rosy lips.he went near her lips they both learn for kiss twinkle closed her eyes Vivian face come in front of her eyes she pushes kunj so hard his elbow hit with side pillar.Ouchh..

Twinkle:don’t dare to touch me stay away from me.she pushes the pastry ?

Kunj was hell shocked to see this twinkle behaviour.he stands in shocked.Kunjjj. Kunj went from there he sits in poolside. Looking at moon.he closed his eyes and past some memories flashing in his mind tears escaping from his eyes kunj phone ring Kunj see called id his blood boil he didn’t think twice immediately throw his phone in side.Kunj closed his eyes.Today scenario revolved in his mind.


#Kunj was passing from same cafe he was in his car his eyes went on twinkle he was shocked to see twinkle he gives smile but his smile immediately

disappears when he saw some guy with twinkle both holding each other hands he was shocked to see this.He doesn’t know what to say and how to reacted he thought may be he is her friend he leaves it.Now he saw twinkle behaviour making him sad.Kunj get up and went in his room he takes his clothes and change it he heard twinkle phone ringing continuously, but he didn’t see.. Kunj about to went towards bed twinkle words echoed in his mind kunj take step back and see couch he takes another blanket and lay down couch.Twinkle finished cooking she brings food in room she sees kunj and get confused.

Twinkle:I’m mad whatever comes in my

Mind I told kunj..kunjjj.No response kunj was wake up but still pretending like he sleeps.Kunj at least have your dinner she keeps in side table and went in

washroom.After twinkle come and lay down on bed she look at Kunj.this night too passed away.

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Kunj wake up and sit on couch.Twinkle come in room and see kunj…

Twinkle:Kunj go and get freshen up.She about to give him clothes kunj take itself and went in washroom.Kunj get freshen up and ready as well.he went downstairs twinkle waiting for him at breakfast table. She went towards him and bring him forcefully.I’m sorry na for last night I don’t know what happened to me.

Kunj:it’s okay.Twinkle bye take care of yourself.He leaves the house and left for office..

Twinkle:in my tension I hurt kunj lot.. babaji this Vivian what I’ll do I’m stuck. One side is my past and next my kunj with whom I wanna spend my entire life.

Kunj friends finding Kunj sad they number of time they asked him.but Kunj didn’t tell them.Rishi messages maya.

Twinkle went in kitchen she thought to make something for kunj she makes his all favorite dishes.Twinkle make the lunch and packed in lunch box she went in room and get freshen up.

Maya bring food for kunj and others she went in kunj cabin she looks at Kunj who carrying sad face she went towards him.

Maya: hi kunjj.he didn’t look at her.she sits beside kunj. See what i brought for you today you’ll love it. She places the food on table maya see tears in kunj eyes she gets shocked and cupped Kunj face heyy Kunj what happened. He looks at maya. She can read his eyes and face why this anger and tears haa.Something happened..


Maya:acha now hiding this from me kunj I’m your sister I can read your eyes I know something is fishy my sunshine today why so dull.She wiped Kunj tears.Okay koi na let’s have lunch together.she takes morsel

Kunj look at maya she gestured him to have. Kunj Open his mouth maya feed him food with her hands just than twinkle reached near kunj cabin while asking employees she about entered inside she stops and see maya and Kunj together kunj having food with her hands.twinkle stop there only.Twinkle become all red and went from there in anger.!

Kunj:bas Di I’m finished.,

Maya:acha good see my brother become so dull.. Tell me if you wanted.

Kunj:hmm I’ll tell you if anything is there.

Twinkle throw the lunch box in side and went in her room.

Twinkle:kunjj I can understand I did wrong with him last night, but he can’t do this. She sits and crying I’m tired now babaji..

Vivian asking me if I love him or not what I’ll say.She sleeps while crying later in Evening twinkle heard door bell ring. Her sleep get disturb twinkle wake up and went downstairs to open the door she open the door and find Vivian with flower bouquet.Twinkle stunned to see him here.

He entered Inside and give twinkle hugged.


Vivian:haa I was getting bored, so I thought to meet with you.he gives her flower bouquet.I miss you twinkle. He cupped her face.

Twinkle:Vivian please don’t come to my

Place.If my husband will get to know about this he’ll get angry. Don’t come here.

Vivian:Twinkle I love you love me.

Twinkle looking at him didn’t say anything.

Tell me na do you love me or not.

Twinkle:I don’t know anything Vivian.He pinned her side wall nuzzles his face on neck her.Twinkle try to stop him he didn’t stop twinkle feeling so disgusting..leave me.

Kunj leave his one of file at home which he needed now only to take the file he went to his house he parked his car and see someone car he gets confused he went for inside main door was slightly closed. Twinkle try to push Vivian away from her, but he holds her very tightly.Kunj see door open he gets distraught.He open the door

And he saw the view and get shocked like anything.Twinkle open her eyes and her eyes went on kunj who standing door entrance she hardly push Vivian.

Twinkle:kunjjj.Kunj just blinked his eyes Vivian look at Kunj. Vivian hold twinkle hand. Leave me she jerked his hand and went towards kunj.kunjjj.he looks at her.

Kunj Meri baath suno..

Kunj:who he is?? In very low voice.. Interpreted by Vivian.

Vivian:me Vivian twinkle love.Kunj look at twinkle with big eyes balls.Me twinkle se pyaar karta hu..

Twinkle:shut up.leave from here.Vivian went from there.Kunj jerked twinkle hand and run from there while twinkle run behind him Kunj sit in his car and drove off,kunjjj she screamed.while driving kunj crying like anything that view coming in his mind he bang his hand on car steering.

Whole night kunj didn’t come back twinkle was hell worried about him.she asks his all friends.Kunj drinking in anger alcohol.At morning kunj come back home he went inside and goes in his room as soon as Twinkle see him she gets so happy she run to him and hugged him tightly.

Twinkle:kunjj where are you haa I was worried about you kaha se whole night. Kunj didn’t hug her back.She breaks the hug and cupped his face looking at him. Kunjj tum ne drink ki.. he went toward couch and sit there didn’t say anything. Kunj you take me wrong.He raises his eyes and look at her with red blood eyes. Kunj get up in anger and went in washroom he closed the door with jerked twinkle get scared.later kunj come down she sees him.Kunj take deep breath he went towards her..

Twinkle:Kunj at least talk to me..

Kunj:tell me.. jhoot nahi that I didn’t like.

Twinkle: Kunj he is Vivian whom I.. she shop.

Kunj:whom you love m I right twinkle.. she nodded her head in eyes.

Twinkle:haa kunj don’t know from where he come to know about me.. and he come at our place. She narrates him everything.

Kunj:haa even you went to meet with him cafe.twinkle get shocked how kunj

Knows about this..

Twinkle: haa how you know..

Kunj: I saw you..

Twinkle: but you didn’t ask me.

Kunj:aise hi I trust you na but don’t know.. leave everything now..

Twinkle:now what..

Kunj:kuch nahi.. Kunj went from there he called Vivian and tell him to meet with him.

Vivian: why you call me..

Kunj:I’ll tell you.. did you love my twinkle.

Vivian:yes I love him like anything..

Kunj:than why you leave her.Vivian tell kunj too the same story which he told twinkle.Okay when I call you come..

Vivian:hmm.. he went..

Kunj:she loved him still I know if she didn’t love Than yesterday she can’t.I can understand twinkle you.I’ll not come in your way.since starting I know you loving someone not me still you are not in my destiny.He went back his home., he directly went in his room taking out twinkle clothes and packing in bags just than twinkle come there and get confused she went to kunj..

twinkle:Kunj what is this why you pack my clothes kunjj I m asking you man..

Kunj:because you are going from here..

Twinkle:what where why??? Kunj leave the bags.. he cupped twinkle face.

Kunj:with Vivian twinkle I know you love him.And you are not happy with me.

Twinkle:what I’m not happy with you. I’m sorry for my behaviors Kunj..

Kunj: it’s okay twinkle he loves you..

Twinkle:acha he loves me what about you.

Kunj:nothing twinkle your happiness with Vivian that I know and can see love for him in your eyes.

Twinkle:than why you Marry to me.Itself you assumed I love him and packing my things kunj.

Kunj:Twinkle Vivian didn’t wrong you misunderstood him.He told me everything..

I’ll be happy if you are happy.He held her hand and take her down with bags twinkle looking at kunj.Vivian come they went down and twinkle look at Vivian.

Vivian; kunjj.

Kunj:good you come.twinkle see your love is here.twinkle looking at Kunj painfully. Vivian come and stand beside twinkle keep his hands around her shoulders.

She too loves you Vivian take care of her. Twinkle totally blanket.Inside his heart kunj crying like anything.Twinkle stay happy with him. Leave our nonsense marriage pyaar ta hi nahi humhare beach me. I can’t force you stay with me.bol twinkle what you wanted today ask me anything I’ll give you my everything.

Twinkle:what I’ll say kunj you didn’t leave anything for me.she jerked Vivian hands.

Now I understand everything now you tired with me like him.. na kunj.. good who told you I love him haa I didn’t love him now I understand kunj.. he loves me na he’ll not leave me kunj what he thinks of himself haa. That he cooked up nonsense fake story and I’ll come to his sugary talks that old Twinkle Taneja is mad in your love Vivian love only from my side from your side just lust.. he toh just wanted to spend night with me not life hain Vivian. He gets shocked to listen words from twinkle mouth. Don’t be shocked that time only understand you but I just pretend I just wanted to see how much you stoop low and my husband who denying always that he doesn’t love me and today he got ready to sacrifice his love just for my happiness twinkle and Kunj both having tears in their eyes.Learn from him and you say you love me.You ask me na Vivian do I love you so listen carefully today yes I didn’t love you.. and don’t wanted to see your face in my life that fake reports I’m too smart one time I break down again I can’t come in your tricks I too inquire about you. I come to know that reports are fake like you she went near him she slapped him.. how dare you.. make fun of my feelings what do you think about yourself haa did you think me as a toy..

Now your all money finished so you come to me where is your wife went haa. You are already married Vivian still you play with me haa..she grab his collar Kunj was hell shocked.If I saw you again no one will be worse than me get out of here she said in loud voice.he laughs out.

Vivian:smart twinkle I must say.this only

I love about you.Perfect catch this time. He about to touch twinkle before kunj come and held his hand and push him.

Kunj:don’t dare to touch my wife.Vivian see kunj anger he run away from there. Twinkleee..

Twinkle: bas I see you how much I’m

Important for you don’t worry I’ll Itself go.

Kunj: nahi twinkle.I didn’t take you wrong. Just wanted you happy.

Twinkle:my happiness is in you kunj. Thanks for today..

Kunj: Twinkleee..

Twinkle:again I’m sorry because of Vivian I behave with you like a insane.. she held the bag.

Kunj:where are you going I’m sorry na.

Twinkle:Kunj I need time even Space too.

I’m going Amritsar my MAA House.take care of yourself bye.she takes the bag and went outside kunj run behind her she calls taxi and see kunj and sit and left for airport Kunj didn’t get time to deal with anything.

Episode freezes here only..


How was the episode??

Finally twinkle didn’t come in Vivian drama. 

Unknown i just for your bday happy birthday dear????????❤️. Stay happy in your life hope your bday brings happiness in your life.. enjoy your day. 

Let’s see what will happened next??

Stay turned here only to know more.. bye love you all no proof reading.

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