pyaar toh hona hi tha(epi-8)

here the previous episode

Precap: kabir slapped sanchi and then he realized his mistake and ask sorry to sanchi in temple and his cabin also.

Today start from there…..

Sanchi and kabir in his cabin.sanchi is smiling on kabir childish behaviour and kabir only staring at her but soon disturb by door he opened the door.this time mahek,kusum and priya.

Kusum:golu door khule ne me itna time lagta hae kya……..

Hearing golu name sanchi is totally shocked and also laughing.kusum,priya and mahek is also shocked seeing sanchi in kabir’s cabin.sanchi stop laughing when she saw kabir angrily looking at her.

Priya:sanchi you are also present here………bua ma and mahek di meet sanchi,daughter of sunil mamu…….(pointing towards sanchi)

Sanchi bent down and touch kusum feet and kusum hugged her and mahek also hugged her.kusum hold sanchi’s face by her hand s and say……

Kusum:tum sunil or jaya ki beti ho……

Sanchi nodded……

Kusum:kitna sweet ladki hae na mahek…..

Mahek:ha maa…..

Kusum kissed on her forehead.kabir looking at sanchi lovingly and mahek notice that and smile.then they talked each other and going to looking neev.

Time skipped.its night time still sanchi in hospital for a minor surgery which is doing kabir and sanchi only assist him.

Inside the ot

Sanchi is also feeling some nervousn but today dr.kabir support her and understand her all things very sweetly now she along with dr.kabir doing surgery successfully.

Outside the ot

Kabir:sanchi today you are doing your best….

Sanchi: thanks sir for supporting me…..

Kabir:sanchi still you angry on me……

Sanchi:no sir…….I know sir you do this by mistake……….

Kabir: really sanchi you forgive me……

Sanchi:ha sir……

Kabir: sanchi it’s 11pm…….it’s to late sanchi i should drop you sanchi…..

Sanchi: it’s ok ……..I will go alone……

Kabir:no it’s not save for you…….I will drop you its final…….

Sanchi:ok sir….

So kabir drop sanchi in her hostel and then he also go home.this night they both thought about each other and spent a sleepless night both.

Day by day their ‘s friendship increase and they feel for each other.kabir always support and help Sanchi’s nervousness gone slowly slowly.kabir realized that he loves sanchi .but he couldn’t know how to say this to sanchi.

After few days neev discharged from the hospital.kapoor and malhrota family lived together in a big mansion.they organized a puja for neev and their family union.mishra family also invited there.sunil along with his family go there. Sanchi wearing a beautiful sari and she is looking so so beautiful.every girls are wearing sari and boys are wearing kurta pajama.kabir mesmerized seeing sanchi in sari and she is busy preparing puja.later whole family doing puja together.

After puja all family members sitting together then sanket came with his parents.they all greeted each other.sanket’s parents say that they wants to make priya their daughter in law.hearing this they all get so much happy.priya and sanket agree for this marriage because they liked each other.

To be continued……..

Please yaar forgive me any kind of mistake.i know it’s to short.please yaar give your opinion it’s really means a lots for me.lots of loves and kisses and hugs for all my friends and take care yourself friends.

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