Pyaar To Hona Hi Tha: Twinj- EPISODE 7

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Episode starts twinkle left for airport. While Kunj stand in shocked.

Kunj:shit what I have done man twinkle. I
Should stop her, but he stops her words echoed in his ears she needs time and space as well.Let her stay alone I don’t know what going in her mind did she felt anything for me or not. I did whatever just for happiness I don’t know about that Vivian he doing cheating..
After hour twinkle reached Amritsar airport she feel so bad she come like this.Leave kunj alone there without let him explain once.She went out of the airport. And finding taxi. It’s almost evening.She takes the taxi and sit drove off.She think what she’ll tell her both families why so suddenly she come..

Twinkle:I’ll make any kind of excuses.Let this sadu stay than his mind will work out.
She wiped her tears and see her phone screen wallpaper it was her and Kunj photo together.She caresses Kunj Photo while thinking don’t know when she reached Taneja Mansion taxi stop twinkle get confused where she goes first her in laws house or else her mother house.I’ll go there later.She went out of the taxi and take her luggage pay to taxi and went inside.

#taneja mansion.
Leela and Rt was in living along with mehar and her little baby girl in her lap
Sleeping.Just than twinkle keep the step door entrance she looks at her parents and bhabhi smiled slightly. Rt his eyes went on twinkle he gets confused first than he gets up and take twinkle name.

Rt:Twinkleee. Due to this mehar and Leela too see her and get up.Twinkle leave the luggage there only she run come towards her parents she hugged Rt immediately.


Rt: Twinkle puttar tum yeh.. she breaks the hug.

Twinkle:haa me papa.

Leela: Twinkle puttar she meet with her mother and mehar. They sit together. How so suddenly you come.

Twinkle:I m missing you all Maa and papa. After marriage, you people Itself didn’t call me here Itself I come na.

Mehar:good you come.

Rt: suddenly.

Twinkle:haa Papa bas mera maan nahi lag raha ta so I come. Gives your surprise.

Leela: even we too missing you Meri bachi. Where is kunj.

Twinkle:woh he didn’t come only me..

Leela: why you come alone.

Twinkle:haa Maa he had office work he can’t come so he sends me.She cuddles her parents Leela and Rt get happy to see their daughter.Aww see this nisha become so adorable now.

Mehar:even badmash as well twinkle bua.
Later twinkle went in her room and get freshen up.She sees kunj miss calls and messages she sees and ignore.Abeer come back from office he gets to know about twinkle get happy he run in her room and hugged her sister tightly.


Abeer:Twinkle feels so good to see you.

Twinkle:me too.

Abeer:you happy na.

Twinkle:yes bhai..

At Bangalore#

Kunj was sitting on his car bonnet and tears escaping from his eyes.he checks his phone again and again he doesn’t know she reached or not safely.

Kuch raaste..
Manzilon ko chhoo ke mud jaate hain
Mmm.. kuch naate judte judte hi toot jaate hain

Hairaani hoti hai
Aankhen jo roti hai
Hairaani hoti hai
Aankhen jo roti hai

Kunj:she sees my message still didn’t reply me man.Who did this.Maya calling kunj he sees her call and immediately pick up.

Maya: where are you kunj..

Kunj: maya???Dii.. she gets shocked.

Maya:kunj what happened.He cut her call and left for her house while maya calling kunj he didn’t pick up her calls she gets worried about him while Rishi consoling him.

Rishi:maya don’t worry.

Maya:he sound sad Rishi.Just than someone rings the door bell maya and Rishi rushed towards door Rishi open the door they get surprised to see kunj at door. Kunjj.He didn’t waste any single seconds.Immediately cuddles maya.She gets shocked to see him.Kunj sobbing. Kunjj. She takes him inside and make him sit on couch and Kunj didn’t break the hug just crying wetting her shoulder with his tears.Kunjj tell me what happened why are you crying.

Rishi:kunjjj.She cupped his face and look at him.

Maya:kya hua.Why are you crying tell me:
Look at him. He sobs.Rishi bring water for kunj he gave to mays, and she makes him drink with her hands.He drinks few drops. Calm down. Kya tell your di..

Rishi:haa kunj maya ko batao.she wiped his tears his face become fully red.

Maya:now don’t cry like baby see your face she wiped his nose with her duppta. Mera bhai.. Rishi sit in front of him.

Rishi:now tell us.You are here at this time.
Kunj closed his eyes. Where is twinkle??

Kunj: di woh she went Amritsar.. they both get confused and surprised too.

Maya:Amritsar so suddenly everything is fine na.

Kunj:haa she went because of me.

Rishi:because of you means??

Kunj:woh di and Rishi I did mistake.

Maya:tell me clearly first what actually happened between you and her and I’m very sure you did something your face is telling everything it’s good open your mouth Rishi show her eyes.

Kunj:di firstly I saw twinkle with someone guy, and she behaves widely with me I didn’t ask her who he is I thought maybe he is her friend.

Maya: than. Kunj narrated each and everything whatever happened between them what he had done maya and Rishi get shocked.

Kunj: di she said she needs time and space what I have done in this I just wanted her happiness that’s it.

Maya:Kunj I didn’t understand what is this her ex come and you idiot get ready to send your wife with him. You love her still.

Kunj:haa di that’s why only I love her that’s why her happiness matters for me I don’t want she suffered stuck with me.Aap hi bolti hona pyaar dil se hota hai aur khushi se jabardasti se nahi. She leaves me and went Amritsar because of this. Maya got up.

Maya:kunjjj when you’ll grown up I don’t know what you have done in my absence.

Rishi:maya at least let him explain na..

Maya:kya explanation. You love her she too na.

Kunj:no di don’t know she loves me or not.

Maya:what she looks at him shockingly. What she didn’t love you what you mean by love her she too that’s why you marry to her Kunj.He looks down.I’m asking something kunj.

Kunj:maya di only I love her she just marry to me because of her family.

Maya:and you get ready why kunj you know this isn’t good now what you’ll do you don’t know what she feel for you.

Kunj:I don’t care di I’ll be happy.She come near him and held his shoulders.

Maya:if whole life will not love you back than.Kunj painfully smile.

Kunj:so what I’ll live with one sided love.

Maya:without love you can’t survive Kunj. She is your wife and you are her husband.
She did right with you she went away.

Kunj: di please I did mistake you do na something.You always correct my mistakes. Today also do na something na please he held her hands tightly. Maya look at him than Rishi she feels so bad to see her baby brother sad face.You always say na you are more than sister of my treating me like your baby now do. Maya turned her wiped her hidden tears.Diii bolo na kuch I can’t live without twinkle.

Maya:kya bolu kunj without informing you get marry I m happy but what is this.You both making fun of this relationship.This time I can’t help you.


Maya:yes Rishi she turned and look at Kunj.Yes kunj this time I can’t help you Itself correct your mistake than only you’ll realise.Kya help karu she went her house she’ll come when she wants that’s it na. Don’t do mistakes like him because of him we both suffering till now.Tears escaping from both brother and sister eyes.

Kunj:dii I’m not like him never I love my wife and respect her too.

Maya:I know she needs time na give her Kunj.First find what she felt for you than you’ll do something.

Kunj:so it’s final you not help me na that’s great like him you too did same Leave my hand when I need you lot. He wiped his tears and run from there
in anger I’ll not talk to you now.while Rishi and maya screaming his name kunjjj, but he didn’t listen them maya sit in tears:

Rishi:maya what is this you know him.

Maya:what I have done Rishi he play with his own life that I’ll not let him do.We don’t have any well-wisher Rishi.Our own father blind in his money power he didn’t bother to know how’s his kids.They live or die. Rishi understand her pain he gives her side hug.

Rishi:shhh I’ll make him understand this idiot bhi na. He think about her maya he really loves twinkle lot.

Maya: what about her.

Rishi: maya if she didn’t have anything for him or her marriage than she easily went with Vivian na.

Maya:that I know too Rishi this he doesn’t know he always takes his life like a game this time not and please don’t support him let him come out of his problems. She gets up and went in her room.

Rishi:what type of brother and sister they are god both can’t see each other in pain now see. He too went behind her..

At Taneja Mansion back.
Twinkle sitting with her family they have their dinner.

Twinkle:after months later I have my Maa hands food missing hell. All give smile.

Abeer: how you managed there you toh don’t know anything sister ji.I’m damn sure you get scold by kunj.

Twinkle:nope.I managed there easily and Kunj didn’t have many tantrums for this all he Itself make for us.

Mehar:so sweet. Lucky.

Leela:kunj is best partner for our twinkle.

Abeer:yes Maa and didn’t you went to your sasural.

Twinkle:na I’ll go in morning.

Mehar:haa kunj will get angry ?.Twinkle give fake smile and having her food she think about him.

Twinkle:in heart don’t know he have his dinner or not I’m sure not. They finished their dinner Rt and Leela take nisha with them while twinkle and abeer or mehar sit in lounge area cool wind coming from windows.

Mehar:aur twinkle how’s everything there.

Twinkle:nice bhabhi.

Abeer:she enjoys I’m sure Mehar that’s why she didn’t miss us in these months.You should bring kunj too with you he’ll to meet with his family.

Twinkle:I don’t know about him bhai he will see about him they both get confused.


Twinkle:woh he has to go office na.Okay goodnight she said and went from there. She went in her room and lay down on bed. She cuddles his photo frame why I’m missing him haa when he doesn’t care about me why I’ll do how easily he gets ready to send me with him. I just behave with him like that just get to know what he’ll react back whenever I used to do like this with Vivian he in return back he hurt me how easily he bears and didn’t say uff.I just test him.But I know he didn’t let me go but you Itself get ready kunj why. I thought I’m your life.Tears escaping from her eyes she check her phone.

Iss shehar mein humsafar hai chootha
Dil jigar bhi khud se kyun hai rootha
Mere pyaar ke mahal ka har ik kaanch tootaa
Saccha tera khuda to kya pyaar mera jhootha

Kyun mitate mit’te nahin hain yeh pal
Kyun aaj mein qaid hai mera kal

Hairaani hoti hai
Aankhen jo roti hai
Hairaani hoti hai
Aankhen jo roti hai

#At lonely roads Kunj walking his messy hairs loss shirt and holding beer bottle in his one hand and tears and pain anger three things together in his eyes.

Kunj:Twinkleeee my intention wasn’t bad. Here maya di didn’t help me what I’ll do he compares me with that person.tears falling down from his eyes.His legs shaking like anything kunj laughing like a mad screamed twinkle name loudly.
He went to rocks and sit there drinking and crying as well don’t know when he gets full and sleep there only.

Next [email protected]
Twinkle wake up she stretch her arms and humming Kunj name every morning she wakes up to see kunj face she open her eyes and turned and look at beside next side of her it’s empty she gets shocked. Moving her hand on there. She gets up with jerk.

Twinkle:kunjj she looks at everywhere reality stuck in her mind than realised she isn’t in Bangalore but in Amritsar.She cuddles pillow and lay down for sometime she checks the times it’s kunj office time. Usually he can’t wake up without anyone how he wake up today.He will manage he wants this only na privacy he had his Alisha and others as well in his life. Leela come to wake up her..

Leela:good morning twinkle puttar.

Twinkle: good morning Maa.

Leela: now go and get freshen everyone waiting for your for breakfast at down.

Twinkle: yeah Maa she kisses on her cheeks and went in washroom she gets freshen up and get ready she went down joint everyone for breakfast.They all have their breakfast happily after Rt and abeer left for office while Mehar get busy in her baby girl work. Maa I’ll go and meet with mummy ji and others.

Leela:good you go.Twinkle left for Sarna Mansion.She entered in living room see bebe playing with Anjali daughter Aaradhay twinkle give voice to Aaradhay she went near them Bebe see twinkle get surprised to see her.

Bebe:Twinkle puttar.

Twinkle:yes bebe I’m she touch her feet’s and hugged her.

Bebe: aww twinkle you are here what a surprise.. she pulled aaradhya she run in kitchen and call her Nani and mother they both come out of the kitchen and see twinkle get surprised and happy as well.

Usha:Twinkle puttar she meet with her mother in law and sister in law. You.

Twinkle: haa mummy ji I come last night only.

Anjali:acha you didn’t tell us

Twinkle: sorry for that. All smile they sit.

Usha: good you come kunj also come.

Twinkle:no he not you know about him. Because of him I didn’t come so I planned and come here.

Anjali:you did right let him busy in his work. How’s you.

Twinkle:I’m fine you all tell me.

Bebe:to see you hell happy.. yeh Kunj toh pagal hai.aur everything is good there she blinked her eyes in yes they sit and chit chat with each other’s.

Kunj phone ringing he wakes up due to this he see his boss number he get shocked he get up and run for his house he reached soon and run inside went In washroom get freshen up and come out of the washroom finding his clothes he mess up whole wardrobe clothes he quickly wear his clothes he take his office bag and left for his office..

In hustle and bustle he reached office and parked his car and went inside everyone was waiting for him in conference room while Rishi and yuvi or Naman look at each other face.While their boss roasting his eyes in anger for Kunj.Just than Kunj open the door everyone look at him.

Boss:finally mr Kunj Sarna has come great.He went inside.

Kunj:sorry sir.his friends praying for him.

Boss:let’s the meeting who is incharge of this project everyone pointing their fingers on kunj.Please Mr Sarna.He nodded his head.Kunj take his laptop and started preparations everyone looking at Kunj he giving preparation nicely his boss get impressed with his work.After hour meeting get end everyone get up kunj boos clapped for him.Amazing kunjj.Kunj give pain full smile.When you have talent this much why you wasting your time.
Now it’s project I’m giving you do it’s your
project he said and went from there.Kunj look at his buddies he blow down his face take his things went in his cabin while
Naman and yuvi get confused to see him.

Kunj went in his cabin he went towards his desk and sit there and oder coffee for himself he held his head and blow down his head while Yuvi, naman and Rishi come and see him.

Rishi: yuvi today kunj show his talent hai na.

Yuvi:haa that Hitler praise him.They sit on his desk.Arey kunj what happened to you.

Naman: haa kya hua biwi se fighting.It’s normal Meri and Asha ki 10 times in a day.
They laugh out.Kunj raise his face and look at them.His coffee comes he take the mug and taking sip of his coffee they understand his mood isn’t good. Rishi gestured Yuvi because he is more closer to him as compare than them.He understands they went out of the cabin. He sit beside kunj.

Yuvi:what happened to my prince.

Kunj:please don’t eat my head.

Yuvi: kya hua hai bata na. Acha chal lets do our work together mera bhai. They both get busy in work while maya get worried about kunj he call Rishi. He picked her call.

Maya: hello Rishi.

Rishi: haa maya.

Maya: Rishi Kunj is in office he come.

Rishi:haa he come even give his presentation very nicely if he saw him
today he’ll get hell happy maya don’t worry about him.Maya gets happy as well get emotional.

Maya:Rishi I know but this isn’t in our fate Rishi he didn’t consider us his kids his name is behind our name connected with us that’s it for name sake.

Rishi:acha maya I’ll talk to you later I have work.

Maya:please see him.

Rishi:yeah.They end the call.

Twinkle forget everything she playing with
Aaradhaya.Anjali come there and see

Anjali:Twinkle and baby come everyone calling you both for brunch.They went inside.

Usha:you get freshen up twinkle go in your room.She went upstairs goes in her room.
She entered in room her few memories flash in her mind her first night it was hell funny she laugh out.She see kunj photos everywhere in walls. She went in
washroom and get freshen up she went downstairs Manohar specially come from office for twinkle Usha Make favourite food.

Twinkle:smells coming yummy.They all sit.
Usha served twinkle and they all having lunch.Manohar bring twinkle favourite sweets.

Manohar:Twinkle puttar have your favourite sweets.

Twinkle:haa she have and get happy.Thanks papa ji.

Manohar:this kunj didn’t answer my calls.

Anjali:at this time he must be in office.

Twinkle:yes mummy ji.

Usha:if kunj is here than more fun.They finished their lunch and sit twinkle got call from chinki she talk to her and tell her to come at Taneja Mansion.

Twinkle: okay mummy ji I’ll take leave.

Bebe: okay puttar come here too.

Twinkle: obviously it’s my own house. They all give smile she hugged them and left for her house.

Usha:kunj and maya treating us their own parents now twinkle too.

Manohar:True. I never felt we don’t have son kunj complete that empty place.

Bebe:But this that person didn’t understand years ago whatever he had done they lost Their everything play with their mother feelings today she is living her life like toy. than take them from here forcefully. Now he living his life make his own kids life hell. I just twinkle come in kunj life so he’ll stay happy and maya already happy with Rishi. God just shower his blessing on them.

Twinkle went inside she asked Leela about
Chinki.She come from back and give her back hugged.

Chinki:twinkleeeee.she rotated her.Uff Leela aunty after Shadi she become more beautiful wow Tere pati ke pyaar ka magic hai she winked at her.Leela laugh out while twinkle give her death glares.


Leela: tum dono bhi na.

Chinki: let sit and talk to each other’s I have to tell you so many things uff she take her in her room both sit on bed and cuddles pillows.So suddenly you come hoe now how you get ready to leave your husband ji alone there.

Twinkle:aise hi.. Chinki. Yaar my life become hell.

Chinki:Matlab kya Hau. She make sad faces twinkle what happened are you hiding something from me haa tears brimming from her eyes.

Twinkle: Chinki woh Kunj.

Chinki:what kunj he did something haa tell me.

Twinkle:first you promise me you’ll not tell anyone:

Chinki: acha Okay baba.

Twinkle:Chinki mera aur kunj jhagada hogaya..


Twinkle:Chinki Vivian come back.


Twinkle:haa.she tell her everything she get shocked and feel bad as well.

Chinki:this idiot you did right with him. Shameless man. But why you leave him. Don’t you love him.

Twinkle:pata nahi chinki I see love in kunj eyes for me but how could he get ready to send me with him.He don’t know my value let him stay there alone.

Chinki:you giving him punishment.

Twinkle:somewhere.He sending away from him I come away from him.

Chinki:no one understands you people. Just than Mehar come in room she wiped her tears.

Mehar:what’s going on between two besties haa.

Twinkle:nothing bhabhi.She give her baby nisha to twinkle. Aww baby. It’s so difficult to handle babies.

Mehar:haa But you take tuition to me. When it will be helpful for you at your baby time.?.. Chinki laugh out.

Twinkle: aap bhi na bhabhi.

Mehar: Arey haa twinkle there you husband and wife stay alone na you know how to handles babies didn’t you plan baby.

Twinkle:bas karo. Meri shadi bhi bhi hui hai. ??.

Chinki:yeah 5 months that’s it.They talking shamelessly twinkle just laughing at their talks.She looking at her phone again and again. Mehar see this

Mehar:hoo waiting for your husband ji phone ?. She give faint smile.

Office get end Yuvi and Kunj left together. They went to their favourite place oder snakes and drink and sit in sands seeing sunset ?.

Yuvi:see kunj I know something happened now tell me I know you can’t hide anything from me.We are one soul split into two bodies. Kunj rest his head on Yuvi shoulder.

Kunj:kya bolu. My wife went to leave me at her Mother house and now she didn’t call me once.


Kunj:aur kya rest of story he told him. Yaar Yuvi I did mistake to marry with her I thought I’ll kept her happy but no yaar.

Yuvi: why you thinking this.

Kunj:no Yuvi yaar you telling i should take step ahead I leave all Barriers she doing all duties of a wife I want her love I wanted she speak fully she love me but not Yuvi.
Twinkle can’t love me whole life di is right. Our love story is only one sided.In my childishness I marry and destroy someone life whole life I’ll finding love in her eyes for me in that only care and husband respect for me in her eyes that’s it. She just teach us till her last breath don’t break someone trust and heart that’s why I never run behind girls don’t know from where my heart stop at twinkle and wanted to make her my.but I understand love wasn’t in my life.Wiped his tears with his forearms.

Yuvi:shh don’t be sad.She’ll come back. Give her time.

Kunj:I heard this line lot. My own father told this to my mother she just wait for him and when he come he kills her with his deeds.

Yuvi:kunj why you connecting that things with you.

Kunj:kya karu Yuvi my past doesn’t live me in peace whenever I see Manohar Papa and Usha Maa they are so Genuine and love me and di like their own kids.Here see this man he living his life throw us like garbage.Why.we didn’t see no happiness don’t know ek happy family keshi hoti hai just see my mother and so called father fighting with each other’s.Both of them is same to same they never care about their kids.

Yuvi:asked yourself what you have done I can understand maya but what you done leave your own mother.

Kunj:you know what Yuvi they are not our parents may be they bring us from orphanage house.Socha ta Yuvi at least apni life toh happy hogi no tension but I forget this written in our destiny only.
Today I don’t have on one beside me on whom Shoulder I can cry that sister India already cut her way from me. Yuvi giggles

Yuvi: tu bhi na kunj everyday doing her naamkaran. ??.

Kunj: what she think of herself that Kunj can’t handle himself Kunj is very strong when I throw my father out of my life.

Yuvi: kunjj you know she care about you lot now also thinking about you only and eating Rishi head.

Kunj:whatever behan bolti hai.

Yuvi:Till when twinkle not come you stay with me.

Kunj:no need of this.. okay bye I’m going. He open his alcohol bottle.

Yuvi:drinking and driving isn’t good,

Kunj:acha tu kaun sha sab rules follow karta hai.He takes his bottle and get up and went. While Kunj roaming here and there.He off his phone.

#At [email protected]
Twinkle having dinner with her family at restaurant they all come out today.

Chinki:your idea was good Abeer bhai.
Twinkle playing with her food.Mehar and Leela see her and her gloomy faces.They get confused. They finished their dinner went outside and have ice cream on streets.

Kunj went back at his house late night. Fully drunk he went in his room while holding the walls he fall down on bed and lay down on his back.In same condition only.Humming twinkle name..

#Like these weeks were passing twinkle didn’t call kunj even Kunj too. Leela and Mehar see twinkle lost in her thoughts and they didn’t see her talk to kunj on phone they get confused and how so suddenly she come Amritsar.Other side kunj who leave his food just living on alcohol went office and do his work and rest of day he spends in bars.Twinkle crying while thinking about him.

Normal [email protected]
Manohar try to call kunj he didn’t
pick his calls so he thought to tell
twinkle he call her.

Manohar:hello twinkle puttar.

Twinkle:haa papaji.

Manohar:beta Kunj not answering my calls I have some work with him can you please call him and tell him na.

Twinkle:haa I’ll do it.She end the call.She thinking about him how she calls him. How I’ll call him.

Chinki: what you thinking.

Twinkle:papaji told me call to kunj.

Chinki:do it na.. la I’ll do it from my phone she try calling kunj his phone coming off . Where he is..

Twinkle:kaha hoga yeh hoga apne faltu dosto ke saath.Ek baar bhi call nahi kiya.

Chinki:now you get tired baby you book your ticket.

Twinkle:why I’ll. Let me call on my landline. She call on landline servant pick up the call. Hello.

Servant: haa twinkle madam.

Twinkle: Meena.. tum where is your kunj sir.

Servant: kunj sir isn’t at home.

Twinkle:he went office.But today is Sunday.How he is you give him food on time na.

Servant:madam I make everything for him but he didn’t touch anything when I come and see everything is there only.Sir didn’t come whole day at home he come at late nights only and leave early in morning. Twinkle get shocked after hear this all.

Twinkle:acha Okay.Tell me when he come back.She end the call.Chinki looking at him.

Chinki:now what.

Twinkle:let him do his childishness. Twinkle sit hold her hands.

Chinki:where he is at nights twinkle.

Twinkle:how I know don’t know anything chinki.Maybe with that Alisha top of maya they both is very closer.

Chinki:acha who she is now?

Twinkle:Rishi wife madam.

Chinki:you have doubts on that Alisha na their affair is going na.

Twinkle:no he can’t do this I trust on him.
I’ll call mahi and asked her about him. She call mahi and talk to her normally than asked her about kunj. Aur kunj.

Mahi:kunj kaha he didn’t show us his face after you.Mummy ji calling him everyday but he didn’t come. Aur when you coming back.

Twinkle:don’t know.Let see.

Mahi: okay bye mummy ji calling me.

Twinkle: haa. Twinkle end the call. Chinki he didn’t went there also.

Chinki:don’t give stress to yourself.Wait for his call. Why you thinking about him when you don’t love him.

Twinkle:how can you say this he is my husband obviously I’ll care about him before than myself and anyone.

#More days went kunj hoping everyday twinkle will come back.But she not.Kunj give leaves to his servant.He didn’t feeling well so he get himself busy in his work Kunj returning back for his house he was in his car.Kunj was talking with his friend.He didn’t see on roads bus coming from opposite direction bus lights directly hitting on kunj eyes he see this and get shocked try to control his car but can’t he rolling his car steerings bus driver hit his busy with kunj car and push in side his meet with a accident his car hit with tree and stop while kunj head hit with steerings blood started oozing from his eyes he is
conscious.Smoke coming out from his car engine.Bus see kunj and driver increase the speed run away.Kunj try to get up.

Kunj:ouchh.somehow he come out his car and sit down blood oozing like anything from his forehead and hands.He get up with lots of difficulties.Kunj finding taxi he walking on roads in that condition only after so much time he reached hospital and went inside.Nurse him and
immediately operate him she calls doctor Kunj lay down on bed and his eyes blinking.Only maya name escapes from his mouth before closing his eyes and he get unconscious.Doctor come and see kunj he lost his blood lot.They admit him.
While police take Kunj car in custody.Kunj fully injured connect with machines.
Other side maya feeling uneasy.

Maya: Rishi please call kunj and ask him na.

Rishi:what’s the need of this all maya firstly you argue with him.Now he don’t wanted to talk to you.I’ll try Rishi calling kunj.His phone coming off.Maya he didn’t pickup my call.

Maya:this boy become mad don’t know what he doing it.Doctor call nurse.

Doctor:did you find his family number.

Nurse:no sir..

Doctor:his condition is very weak.Kunj was in icu.

Twinkle try to sleep but she didn’t get
sleep feeling uneasy she just turning her sides.she get up.

Twinkle:what happening to me why I feeling something happened bad hope kunj is fine.I should call him.She stop and throw her phone in anger crying while cuddling her knees.Doctor doing their best.Nurse checking him time by time.

#At morning.
Doctor come and check kunj nerves his heart beating rating which flashing on monitor.Slowly slowly Kunj open his eyes. And he can’t see clearly.

Doctor:good you get conscious.He blinked his eyes.Kunj look at everywhere his body aching like anything.Tears escaping from his eyes.After sometimes later.Nurse come to give medicine to kunj.

Kunj:please let me go.

Nurse:what are you mad look at your condition.


Nurse:no give me your family one numbers.

Kunj:I’m fine I have work please.Nurse clearly deny him.She went kunj try to get up he removed drip from his hands and throw it in side.He can’t get up he held the bed and get up went in side changed his clothes leave the money in side and
quickly run from hospital.He can’t walk blood started oozing from his fresh raw wounds.He went his house.Kunj entered inside see everything is messy.I have to send the details.Somehow he reached to his room and with lots of difficulties he open his laptop and send the all details leave the message he’ll not come office.
Kunj changed his clothes anyhow and lay down on bed.Half of the day went.

Twinkle sitting with nisha Leela and Mehar come and sit beside her.

Leela:Twinkle puttar can I ask you something.

Twinkle: haa Maa.

Leela:everything is fine between you and kunj. Twinkle shocked she look down.

Mehar:haa twinkle we notice you.You didn’t talk to kunj and you looking so sad.

Twinkle:Maa and bhabhi aisa kuch nahi hai. Don’t worry I’ll handle it’s our personal
matter and this is normal between
husband and wife.

Leela: okay fine if you saying.

Police call maya and Rishi.Call them police station.They get confused they went police station from there they get to know kunj car met with accident maya floor slip from her feet’s.

Maya:what accident.

Police:haa we found this car.

Rishi:where is kunj.

Police:we didn’t found anyone.There just this Mobile phone who he is yours.

Maya:he is my younger brother.Rishi take maya from there while she crying like anything. Rishi where is kunj..

Rishi:we’ll find him.

Maya:hope he is fine why he doing this. We should check him.

Rishi:yeah.I’ll tell Yuvi and naman they will too find him.He message them they get shocked.

Twinkle get tired Itself kunj didn’t call her. She booked her tickets for Bangalore.She meet with everyone.Abeer and Mehar drop her airport.She went inside did her all security checking and sitting in waiting area playing with her mangalsutra.

Rishi and yuvi others finding Kunj
everywhere they check in hospitals.Lastly they went in same hospital where is kunj admitted from there they get to know he run away from hospital in that condition.

While due to extremely pain and wounds Kunj fuming in fever.Twinkle sit in flight and fly for Bangalore.

Naman:maya we check everywhere your brother is no where now.

Maya:once I find him na I’ll not leave him.
He did this all just for twinkle.

Yuvi:he is very big idiot she didn’t come back why he didn’t understand.

Maya:she did right to leave him he deserved this only.

Naman:we check all place let’s go and check his house.we all know about him when he is pain and stress he locked himself.

Yuvi:right.They sit in car and left for kunj house.They reached and see main door was opened they get confused.

Maya:door is opened he is here only.They run inside and finding Kunj everywhere they see everywhere empty alcohol bottles are there.They went in his room and lights were off Rishi on the lights. Their eyes went on bed and see kunj laying on bed.They get shocked to kunj see condition maya take step back.And closed her mouth.Kunjjj.They see kunj fully injured bandage around his forehead on his arms.

Yuvi:kunjj.They went towards him Yuvi and Rishi place him perfectly on bed.Maya touch him and see he burning like volcano.

Rishi:we should call doctor..

Naman:take him only hospital na guys.

Maya:let’s call doctor fast please.She started crying.Rishi call doctor soon doctor come and he see kunj bring all necessary things there only.Give injection to kunj.Do fresh dressing on his wounds. While maya and others waiting for doctor outside.Later doctor come out of the room.They all shower their questions on doctor.

Doctor:calm down please.

Rishi:doctor how is my dost..

Doctor:I give him injection he had high fever don’t worry let him sleep he is very weak seemed like he didn’t have anything.
Due to alcohol his body didn’t supporting him.Okay I’ll go please call me.Naman went with doctor and bring medicines which he prescribed to kunj.maya sit on couch hold her hand.

Maya:Rishiii if anything happened to him what I’ll do.

Yuvi:maya don’t think this all things. Doctor said na he is fine.You should call them.

Maya:what they will do Yuvi just laugh at us.They don’t care about us.

Rishi:at least to your mom maya.

Maya:mom really Rishi she can’t do anything.If she can fight for herself today we aren’t here.Leave this right now kunj is important for me bas.She went in room and went near kunj see him take his hand kissed on his back palm which injected with drip.Tears falling down from her eyes.

#While twinkle reached Bangalore she come out of the airport finding taxi.after so much time she get taxi.Naman and yuvi clears all floor mess.They all sit beside kunj and looking at him.Maya caressing his face.

Yuvi:let’s call twinkle..

Rishi:leave it she get worried about him. We are here for him.Just than someone ring the door bell.They all get confused. Naman went down to open the door.He open the door and get surprised to see twinkle standing at door.



Naman:come she entered inside he closed the door.Twinkle didn’t informed you coming back.

Twinkle:hmm.You are here.

Naman:haa.woh.Yuvi and Rishi come down they get too surprised to see twinkle…

Yuvi:Twinkleee tum yeha..

Twinkle:yes any problem



Twinkle:you all here where is kunj.



Twinkle:haa kunjj. They three of them looking at each other’s face.Why you all looking at me like this tell me na.They give her sad look.

Yuvi:Twinkle woh Kunj..

Twinkle:haa woh what kunjj.

Rishi:Twinkle kunj met with an accident last night.She gets shocked one long tears drops escape from her eyes.

Twinkle:what acc… ident..keshe?? Where he is.they point their hands upstairs.
Twinkle don’t know how to react.They take upstairs went in room.Twinkle entered in room.See kunj laying on bed she holds Yuvi hand.Kunjjj.Maya turned her face and see twinkle. How this all happened. ??. Yuvi tell her whole story she shocked after listen this all things.She moved towards him.See injured kunj feeling so bad.Kunj holding maya hand tightly she too. Twinkle can’t hold her emotions she run from there and stand in corner and cried lot.Kunjj what you have done with yourself.
Yuvi went and keep his hand on her shoulder console her.

Yuvi:don’t worry twinkle he’ll get fine..

Twinkle: Yuvi ???. What this all happened with kunj I didn’t thought he’ll do this with himself.

Yuvi:he is mad behind you na twinkle. Come with me now he’ll get fine his twinkle come back na.She wiped her tears back went in room.Maya checking Kunj fever still same to Same.Twinkle see maya holding kunj hand he too back her.

Rishi:you both go Yuvi and Naman.

Yuvi:But Kunj let him get conscious.

Rishi:we are here you both go mahi and Asha is waiting for you both.

Yuvi:I’ll not go anywhere.

Naman:even me too how can we leave him.Twinkle sit beside kunj other side. They all just looking at Kunj.His breath sound echoed in whole room.

Maya:his fever didn’t decrease Rishi.

Rishi:let him wake up.They waiting for kunj.In sitting position they sleep.At mid night.Kunj feeling fidgety he shiver in sleep and started blabbering in sleep.He started breathing heavily due to this twinkle and maya wake up and get shocked to see kunj who shaking like anything.


Maya:kunjj what happened.Both twinkle and maya rubbing his hands they three of them to wake up.Slightly Kunj open his eyes his vision didn’t come clearly burly maya face seeing him.He Holds her hand tightly.Kunj try to get up.Kunj sleep..

Rishi:kunj you need anything.He can’t get up maya help him.Kunj hugged her tightly twinkle see this tears escaping from her eyes to see this.

Kunj:maya….tears coming out kunj eyes

Tadpati hain teri baatein aur
Yaadein teri rulaati hai
Dil rote rote rukta hai
Toh rooh bikhar si jaati hai (x2)

Ab kis se roothe aur kise hum ab manaye
Bethe unn yaadon ko mann hi mann mein dohraaye

Hairaani hoti hai
Aankhen jo roti hai
Hairaani hoti hai
Aankhen jo roti hai
Hairaani oo…

Maya:haa relax see I’m here nothing happened to you.He rest his head on her shoulder she caressing his hairs.Twinkle get up went in balcony she cried and see maya and Kunj from balcony door.
Kesi ko paa lena mohabbate nahi balki kishi ke dil me Jagah bana lena mohabbate hai ?
Episode freezes on their face..
How was the episode??
Hope you all like episode
Please do share your views thanks for your comments on previous episode.??. Bye allahafiz love you all.
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