In this episode, you will be introduced to Solanki family and their background.

Episode 16:


Naina: Okay, I am coming.
She Cuts the call.
Naina: Di, Jeeju Karan is waiting for me downstairs. He was sounding a bit weird also. Don’t know what’s wrong with him.
Kunal: Haan obviously he would be acting weird, you were away from him for the entire night na!
Meghna (seriously): Kunal Shut up! Cheeku, last night did something happen?
Kunal (sprang up): Last night? My brother turned out to be so fast! Meghna, you seem to be perfectly fine with it also.

Naina: Di, I told you right, that everything is fine.
Meghna: Kunal, clear your dirty thoughts. I will tell you later about what happened last night. Now Cheeku, you leave before Karan makes the next call. Call me if you need anything.
Kunal: Call me first. (Looking at Meghna)What? She is my responsibility too.
Meghna feels really happy hearing that. Naina leaves them back and goes running downstairs. Karan is seen waiting for her on his bike, for a difference (his car was not to be seen). She had never seen ride a bike so she could not identify him as furthermore he was wearing his helmet. She called him. Just then Karan comes near her in his bike and signals her to get on. She makes weird faces as she does not know it is Karan on the bike. She moves sideways to stand at a different place and Karan comes there too. Just when she is about to scold him, he removes his helmet.
Karan: Arey, Danto mat! Mein hoon!

Naina: I didn’t know you ride a bike.
Karan (hurriedly): Come, get on the bike now.
Naina: But what happened?
Karan: Oho, looks like you still don’t know. Today is Bhai and Bhabi’s engagement. We will have to buy the ring.
Naina: But why you?
Karan: Dadaji ne yeh kaam mujhe sonp diya.
Naina: Wow, not bad.

Karan: So come with me. I need your help.
Naina gets on his bike, and Whoosh there they go.

Karan: So you select a ring for Bhai and I will do it for Bhabi.
Naina: Why not the other way around?
Karan: No, let’s do it this way. I want to select for Bhabi.
Naina was a bit confused seeing his childish and stupid behaviour. She sees a beautiful ring with a sapphire on it in a circular shape. She thought it would look too good on her Jeeju’s hand. She selected that for him. Meanwhile Karan saw a platinum ring that had a small teeny tiny diamond on it. He called Naina and showed it to her.
Karan: Naina! See this? Isn’t it beautiful?

Naina: Haan, it’s too good.
Karan: Okay then let’s pack these.
They pack both the rings and leave from the shop.
Karan: Naina, I hope you remember that we have to meet that guy today in the 1.30pm.
Naina: I do remember Karan. Karan, can I ask you something?
Karan: Poocho?
Naina: Why are you being weird right from the morning?
Karan: Weird? NO way! I am fine.

Naina did not want to ask more questions and get him worrying.
Naina: If you say so.
Karan (to himself): I cannot tell you Naina, I know I had promised you that I will not hide anything from you but I really cannot help it, if I tell you, you will get worried.
Naina: Okay then, let’s go!
They leave for the venue and wait at the specified table. The IN CHARGE Man comes.
Karan: Hey Naina, he is here.
They both get up and greet him.

IN Charge: Hello, please sit. I am Vedansh Sharma. I am sorry I had to shoo you away that day because I was being closely watched, moreover without getting permission from the respective person no information can be revealed. But because you requested me and I also felt I should help you because this is a serious case and I very well understand your situation, I am helping you. But please do not, let any of these matters leak.
Karan: Sure sir, I promise we won’t.
Vedansh: Here you go, all the information is in this file.

Naina: Thanks a lot Sir.
Vedansh: Arey, koi baat nahi. I just pray you find the culprit and frame them soon.
Karan: Ji. That’s what even we want.
Vedansh: By the way how are you both related to each other?
Naina: Woh……
Karan (cuts her): We are going to get married.

Naina looks at Karan with tears in her eyes. But she does not show it out and smiles gently. Karan holds her hand under the table. She feels happy.
Vedansh: Okay then I will have to leave now.
Karan: Thank you very much sir, for your help. You have taken a lot of risk. But who is it who is threatening you?
Vedansh: I don’t know, but I think they are two people.
Naina and Karan (in unison): 2?
Vedansh: Yes.
He gets a call suddenly.

Vedansh: Sorry sir, but I have to leave. I have some work.
Vedansh leaves.
Karan: What the hell? Two people?
Naina (to herself): Kaun ho saktha hai?
Karan notices Naina lost and call out her name loudly so many times.
Karan: Naina! Come out of your dreamland.
Naina: Huh?? Yeah Yeah.
Karan: Come let’s go. I will drop you.

Naina: Yeah come, let’s go.
They go back to the hotel.
Karan: I will come at 4.30 to pick you up.
Naina: But your masimaa asked us to come only at 5pm!
Karan: Yeah but I am talking about you!
Naina: What about me?
Karan: Arey, you will understand when you come.
Naina: Okay fine.

Karan: 4.30!
Naina smiles and walks away. Kunal and Meghna also come back from somewhere.
Kunal: Saali sahiba, are you coming back only now?
Naina: Haan Jeeju, woh Karan……
Kunal: Haan! Karan….. Right!

Meghna: Kunal, bas bhi karo Na.
Kunal: Jeeju-saali ke beech yeh sab toh chalta hai, right Naina?
Naina smiles.
Kunal: Okay you both can go now and get ready; I will send the car at 5pm.
Meghna: Okay, you leave first.
Kunal leaves.
Naina and Meghna get ready by 4pm and were waiting for their call. Just then their family from Bundi reach there.
Badi mami: Arey! Meghna Kitni beautiful lag rahi ho!
Meghna: Thank you mami ji.
She completely ignored Naina.

Bade mama: Naina beta, how are you?
Naina: I am fine. How are you?
Badi mami: You were not there so we were obviously fine.
Sharda felt bad for Naina, she placed her hands on Naina’s shoulder and side hugged her. It was soothing for Naina. Meghna completely hated the way talked to Naina.
Meghna: Oho mami, I have to confess you get angry very easily, but you have to see my Cheeku when she gets angry. You haven’t seen that side of her yet. I am warning you haan.
She said this very playfully but sternly.
Badi mami: Meghna, when should we leave?
Sharda: Bhabi, actually we will have to leave at 5pm.

Meghna (cuts Sharda): But it’s enough if you come at 6.30pm.
Sharda stares at her.
Meghna: Kyun mami? It’s okay with you right?
Badi mami (laughing): Yeah why not…..
Meghna: We will send you the car.
Naina: Where is Vishal bhaiya and Vaibhu mamiji?

Badi mami ignores her and goes.
Bade mama: They are all coming with a surprise for Meghna.
Just then Chote mama, Choti mami, Vishal and Vaibhav enter.
Everyone together: Surprise Meghna!!!!!
Meghna gets glad all of them. She goes and hugs them. Even Naina goes to Kalpana and Gopal to hug them and greet them but even they both avoid her, make faces and leave. Seeing that Vishal and Vaibhu come and hug her.
Vishal: Cheeku, Gudiya….. How are you both?
Naina: We are fine, how are you? And Vaibhu how are you?
Vaibhu: I am great di. I have a gift for you both.

He pulls both of them to his height and kisses them on their cheek.
Naina: Oh my God best gift ever.
They laugh.
Naina just then receives Karan’s call.
Naina: Hello, Karan?
Karan: Nain…..Naina, hello, haan Naina I am sorry I have just left from home; I will come in next ten minutes.
Naina (looks around, recollects Asha’s and other’s hatred): Actually Karan, it’s okay I would say you go back, I will come with di itself.
Karan: What happened? Are you fine? You sound very remorse.
Naina: No no I am fine.

Karan: But I want you to come with me……There’s something…….
Naina (a bit seriously): Karan please, I told you right! Please…. Leave me.
Karan: Naina! What’s wrong with you?
Naina: Kuch nahi….. I am hanging up.
After the call is cut.
Karan: Something is definitely wrong. Her mood isn’t good. But no worries, everything will be fine today. Mere liye bhi toh yeh special day hai!
He takes out his wallet and sees Naina’s photo and kisses it. He smiles.
Naina (to herself): I am sorry Karan, I was rude.

The Chauhans send a car to the hotel and Sharda, Meghna and Naina are about to get in. Just then Asha comes.
Asha: Eh Naina!
Naina for a minute was happy that her mami was calling out her name. She turned.
Asha: What will you do there going this early, don’t spread your bad luck there also. It is Meghna’s engagement that is why I have decided that I will go with these two there now.
Naina is very hurt but doesn’t speak against Asha. She lets her go with them. Vishal sees this from far.
Vishal: Cheeku, I am sorry on ma’s behalf.

Naina: No it is okay. She is right, what will I do going this early?
She wipes her tears and moves ahead. After getting out of Vishal’s sight, she starts running towards the small temple at the hotel. She sits in front of the temple and cries her heart out. After sometime, she feels better. Just then Kunal’s call comes.
Kunal: Just now Meghna, ma and mami came.
Naina: Oh okay Jeeju.

Kunal: Naina! I have sent another car for you guys. Okay?
Naina: Jeeju, thank you.
Kunal: Arey, thanks ki kya zaroorat hai?
Naina: You are very good Jeeju.
Kuna: Thank you saali sahiba. Ab jaldi se aa jao. Here your Romeo is also going mad.
Naina: Okay, Jeeju.
She cuts the call.
Karan is anxiously waiting for Naina. He doesn’t know that Naina didn’t come with Meghna. He goes to Meghna.
Karan: Bhabi, you are looking stunning…
Meghna: Thank you devar ji.

She introduces him to Asha.
Karan: Bhabi, where is Naina?
Asha interrupts,
Asha: Beta, uski itni jaldi yahan kya kaam? She will come with the rest.
Karan: But Bhabi…..
Meghna: Karan, don’t worry Naina will be here in sometime.
Karan smiles mildly and leaves.
Meanwhile the second car also reaches the hotel.
Kalpana, Gopal get in immediately with all the other gifts that they had to give to the Chauhans. After them Vishnu got in and made Vaibhu also sit in.
Kalpana: Vishal, get in.
Vishal gets in.
Vishal: Cheeku, come.
Naina: Haan, bhaiya.

Just when she is about to get in,
Kalpana: Arey Vishal there is no space in this car. Naina do one thing you wait here, we will go there and ask sambandhiji to send another car. Okay?
Naina feels hurt. She moves back and closes the car door for them to go. But Vishal stops her from closing the door.
Vishal: Cheeku, this car isn’t that full that you cannot even get some space. Get in.
Naina: No, it’s okay Bhaiya.

Vishal: Cheeku, Just do what I say! Get in. If you do not get in then even I will wait with you till another car comes to fetch you.
Naina gets in. Kalpana had got a khidki thod answer from Vishal. Vishnu liked how Vishal stood by his sister. He turns by and smiles proudly at his son. Vishal smiled back.
They reach Chauhan House. Naina was completely hurt by whatever had happened back in the hotel but she did not want to ruin the perfect ambience with her sadness and pain. She wanted to see Karan and just hug him. She knew that would give her some peace and reduce her pain. But Karan was nowhere to be seen. She goes to Kunal.
Naina: Jeeju, you are looking great. Handsome haan!

Kunal: Thanks Naina. You are looking beautiful as usual. By the way your Romeo had been longing to see you. He must be in the lawn doing the arrangements for the dinner. Go see him.
Naina: Hmm… Okay Jeeju.
Naina walks towards the lawn. She sees Karan. She runs to him and stops in front of Karan. As she progresses towards him to hug him, he stops her.
Karan: Stop! Stop right there.

Naina: Karan…….
Karan just walks away from there and when he goes far from there he turns and smiles naughtily at Naina.
Naina (to herself): What is wrong with him now? Din hi karab hai! You were my only go to Karan.
She starts to weep. But Kunal sees the entire scene from the window. He walks to Karan, pulls him aside.
Kunal: Karan, what’s wrong with you?
Karan: Why Bhai?

Kunal: What is the problem between you and Naina?
Karan: Between us? What problem can be there between us Bhai?
Kunal: Joot mat Bol. I saw everything- the way you were avoiding her. Before she was here, you were dying to see her and now you are avoiding her completely.
Karan: Arey, Bhai. That is nothing. I am just fooling her by acting as if I am angry with her so that she understands how bad it feels when you are made to wait by your love.
Kunal: Pagal, tere Mazak ke chakkar mein woh bechaari roh rahi hai.
Karan: What the hell! Really?
Kunal: From the time she is here, I felt she was looking very sad and lost. Go and apologize to her. Ask her what the problem is. Okay?

Karan: Haan bhai, I will go right now.
Karan runs back to the lawn. He does not find her. Every place he goes in search of her they have a hit and miss. Finally he found her. She was standing near her Di, as it was her engagement time was nearing.
Karan: Yahi sahi waqt hai.
He goes somewhere.
NK comes to the place where Naina and Kunal were sitting and takes the mike.
NK: Welcome everyone to my son Kunal and my honewaali bahu sorry beti (he looks at Meghna and smiles). I am indeed very fortunate to have Meghna enter this house as my bahu. I should say that I am inviting Goddess Lakshmi into this house by getting Meghna here. I should confess that I am feeling really happy today. Finally woh gadi aa gayi hai, jab do pyaar karnewaale ek doosre ko ring pehnate hain. They say that the finger where the engagement ring is worn is connected directly to the heart. So I hope that Kunal and Meghna are always happy and always together.
Everyone clap.
NK: Khyati bring the rings.

Khyati brings the rings and gives it to Kunal and Meghna.
Kunal goes near Meghna and whispers in her ear,
Kunal: By the way, our engagement was already over! Remember the hotel!! Ussi din maine tumhe angooti pehna diya tha. This is a formality to make it official.
Meghna smiles at him. They look at each other intensely. Meanwhile Naina is seen to be really happy for her sister but somewhere down the lane she was very unhappy of whatever had happened throughout the day and Karan – Karan had also spoke to her very rudely. She was very confused as to why he behaved that day. Just then someone holds her hand from behind. It was Karan; he pulled her out of the crowd and took her to the garden.
Naina: Karan, what are you doing? The engagement is going on. They are going to exchange rings.
Karan doesn’t listen to her and drags her out to the garden. There he leaves Naina’s hand. Naina is very confused as to what he was going to do.
He slowly moves away from her.

Naina: Now, where are you going?
He does not reply.
Naina: Karan, I am talking to you! What have I done that you don’t even to talk to me?
Karan goes down on his knees. He takes out a box.
Naina: What happened?
He opens the box and shows her the ring. She is taken aback. And parallel to this it is shown how Meghna and Kunal exchange rings.
Naina: Karan…. Yeh……
Karan (shout out): Naina, I LOVE YOU!! Will you be mine forever? Will you marry me?
Naina is shocked but is happy. She goes at a loss of words. She too kneels down.
Naina: I…… I will. I LOVE YOU TOO!!!
Karan looks at her with a huge smile on his face and makes her wear the ring. He cups her face,
Karan: Naina, I am sorry for being so rude sometime back, I was just playing with you. I wanted you to realise how bad I felt when you came late.
Naina hits him.
Naina: You Idiot!!! Do you even know how miserable I felt…..? I hate you.
Karan: Oh madam! Just now you said that you love me.
Naina: I take it back. (Fakes anger)
She tries to get up but Karan pulls her down and makes her sit again.
Karan (sternly): Don’t ever say that again.
He hugs her.

Karan: Please never leave me and go.
Naina: I will not.
He frees her from the hug.
Naina: But when did you get this?
Karan: Today in that jewellery shop.
Naina: But I was with you. How come I did not know?
Karan: I took you there just to know your taste. When you had selected a ring for Kunal Bhai, I saw how simple and elegant your taste was; when I had picked up a ring for Bhabi I had seen another one. I simply loved it. But I wasn’t sure if you would love it. I wanted to wait till you brought Kunal Bhai’s ring. After seeing your selection, I was sure you would like the one I had seen, so I bought that too without your knowledge. You like it right?
Naina: Hmm….. Not that much….
Karan glares at her.

Naina: Because I Love it.
Karan: Ab iss moment ko aur special banaye?
Naina: Kaise?
He holds her close to him. She closes her eyes thinking he is going to do something naughty. He kisses her on her cheek and forehead. She opens her eyes. She caresses his face and kisses him back.
Naina: Come in now, we have to go back.
She tries to leave. He holds her wrist and pulls her back and side hugs her tightly not letting her go.
Karan: Arey yaar, romantic moment ki speed breaker. Ruk na!
There are fire crackers bursting, making the dark night colourful.
Karan: Dekho, aisa lagta hai jaise ki puri kainat celebrate kar rahi hai hamari yeh special moment ko.
She leans on his shoulder and he kisses her hair.
Karan: By the way, today we have taken our relationship to the next step huh! So from today you are just mine.
Naina: Tum bhi sirf mere ho!


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