Pyaar the feeling of love (part-26)

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” With freedom in the mind, faith in the words, pride in our souls. Let’s salute the nation on Independence Day!
No nation is perfect, it needs to be made perfect. Contribute towards the perfection of the country. Happy Independence Day!!!”

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Lakshya saw Arjun alone in the lawn and thought to clear the issue between them, and to know reason for him being ignored by arjun.

Lakshya: “juji”.
he called arjun to gain his attention, in which he was successful. Arjun who was gazing the stars turned to him. he kept looking at him without a word, as though asking him to continue.

Lakshya: (almost teary eyed and broken voice) why?

arjun still did not utter a word. he raised his eyebrow, asking ‘what?’

Lakshya: “why are you ignoring me?”

both were feeling terrible, the bond they shared is something beyond explanation. Now standing in this situation was not easy for either of them.

Arjun: “I am doing the same thing that you were doing Lakshya. Keeping you away from truth. Keeping things to myself. Isn’t it what you are doing recently?
A careless, happy go lucky guy becomes serious overnight. He became a ruthless, cruel and hot headed business man. A carefree person becomes possessive and over protected to such a extent, that he appointed body guards.
A person who always encourages others to grow, now has become a dominating and selfish only to reach heights of success in a short span of time!
A person who always used to share even the tiniest thing to me, is now keeping me away from things. You started it, and I am continuing it. that’s all.”

Lakshya: “Jiju, it’s not what you think. I just want to concentrate on my career.”

Arjun: “what do you think? That I will not notice all the things you are doing and I will buy all your lies?
then you are wrong.I may not know the reason for your doings,but I know each and every thing you are doing. If I am quite till now that does not mean I don’t know anything.
i can even find the roots to all these and the things you are hiding, but that will be a insult to you. Insult to my trust on you, to the bond we share. I want you to confront me.
Knowing things from other sources is some thing that i can do within a snap. Hope you remember that I was the one who introduced you to this field, these thing are childish games for me.”

But lakshya kept quite. Arjun nodded his head in disbelief and was about to move from there, but lakshya held his hands stopping him.
He hugged him and broke-down apologizing, and making arjun worried. If lakshya can show his vulnerable side without any hesitation, then its only in front of Ragini and Arjun.
I anybody knows the deepest, darkest and ugliest secrets of Lakshya, then it’s only and only Arjun.
Ragini is lakshya’s love, life, soul and wife but, Arjun was his best friend, guide, mentor, role model and the brother he never had.

After some time when they were calm and composed, they were sitting teress top looking at the sky. And that is when lakshya started speaking.

Lakshya’s pov

It all started on the day of my marriage, or maybe even before that but we din’t knew about that. I started feeling something fishy, like someone is watching us, following us.
Then I started observing things and it only added more to my suspec. I used to feel weird and suspicious activity around Arjun jiju and Ragini.
At first i thought it maybe somebody form business rivals, keeping watch on us, which is very common as we grow in this field. And I am sure that jiju might have sensed the same and ignored for same reason.
But then i started getting indirect warning. One day when i went to jiju’s cabin to inform him about these happenings and discuss it with him, But i received a letter but this time directly threatening me.
It stated that, who ever the person was, he was trying to break my family, break me by snatching the two most important people of my life, Ragini and jiju. But the thing was, i didn’t have enimity with anybody to a level that they would harm me or my family.
SO i took it lightly as this may be from some business rival playing some nasty games, still i tried to find out. That day i could not meet jiju. But next day when i went to meet jiju again Ragini met with an accident.
Though it seemed a petty normal accident, it was not. It was pre-planned, warning me of what was lined up for me. The same day jiju’s health was upset, doctor said it was food poisoning which was quite normal. But his food was poisoned purposely.
These things scared the shit out of me. Then i received a message saying, this game was between him and me only. If say it to anybody else, the consequences would be worse.
i was terrified. He kept watch on everybody who ever was connected to me. I din’t know what to do, whom to contact, even jiju was not available that time. He was trapped from all the sides to make him not available for me.  But then i came to know the person behind all these, i could not believe HE could do such things.
He was…………

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