Pyaar the feeling of love (part-25)

Pyaar the feeling of love (Part-25)

Hey guys, i’m back after soooo long. like after a year! hope you people remember me. If not i am the author the book ‘Pyaar the feeling of love’.
I know that i have kept the book on hold for too long, but now i am back to complete the incomplete work. i don’t want to leave the story incomplete.
so now it depends on you guys. should i continue writing???? if you want me to continue then show me your support in the comment section.
If you guys have forgot the story or not interested anymore then, i will end it in 2/3 parts.

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here we go….

Till now it was, lakshya hiding something from everyone which brings some changes in his behavior. Arjun and anjali doubting his change.
Lakshya becomes way more possessive about Ragini. he also appointed guards for the family’s safety, specially for Ragini. Aayush propose riya, and their marriage is fixed in a dramatic way.

moving ahead…

Aayush and riya’s engagement is fixed. All the youngsters go for shopping, so obviously Anjali and Ragini also accompany them. Arjun could not make it because of the office issues.
and lakshya was working on a project with all that he had, he wanted to grab that at any cost. he used to work till late hours. whenever arjun or anjali tried to talk to him he simply avoided them giving some lame excuses.

Arjun had enough of lakshya’s stubbornness, so he decided to make him spill the beans. It was almost midnight when lakshya returned home. he found entire family sitting in the living room worried.

lak: what happened? why are you people here?

That is when they noticed that he came back. before anyone could speak, DP stood up.

DP: So my dear son is finally here. can you please enlighten me what took you so long to come back?

Lak: dad, i was working in office. isn’t it usual that i come back late

DP: that’s my point son. Why are you so keen to achieve success in short span of time? Why dont you think about your wife and family waiting for you every night? why are you working pointlessly when there is no need of that.

lak: dad…..
he was interrupted by DP

DP: save it. we will discuss it morning. now where is that jiju of yours. looks like he trying to follow your path?

and that is when he noticed that Arjun was missing. He looked arround worried. In the entire family, if anybody was not having bodyguard, then that was arjun. He clearly rejected or better say warned Lakshya not to appoint guards for him.

Lak: what do you mean by where? He usually come home early.

DP: that is why i said, he is trying to follow you. from few days he was coming home late. and today he is not home yet.

Lak: dad i was the one to leave office last. Nobody was there when i left.

This made everybody worry more specially anjali, who was by now crying.

lakshya tried to call him, but his phone was not reachable. soon he threw his coat on sofa and went to search arjun along with atif and two other guards.

when they were out searching, lakshya received a call from AP saying that arjun has reached home and he should also return. By the time lakshya went back home, everybody has dispersed to their room calling it night.
Anjali, arjun and ragini were waiting for him in the dining area.

He went to arjun and hugged him tight. though arjun was miffed with him, he can sense that he was worried for him. he rubbed his back calming him.
lakshya broke the hug once he was calmed and before he could ask anything more arjun interrupted him.

arj: i am fine. anju plate the dinner, its late already. anjali and ragini sensed the situation tensed and choose to keep quite.

anjali knew the reason, where as ragini thought its the matter between the brother in-laws and she should not interfere.

some time later, lakshya saw arjun alone in the lawn and thought to clear the issue between them, and to know reason for him being ignored by arjun.

lak: juji.
he called arjun to gain his attention, in which he was successful. Arjun who was gazing the stars turned to him. he kept looking at him without a word, as though asking him to continue.

lak: (almost teary eyed and broken voice) why?

arjun still did not utter a word. he raised his eyebrow, asking ‘what?’

lak: why are you ignoring me?

to read more you have wait till next part. and i promise to update next part within a week. but what i write in next part depends on you people.
If you guys are not interested then i going to end this story in another 2 parts. if you want me to continue then i am going to extend a bit longer.
so go down to the comment section and let me know your opinion and also your reviews on this part.
see you guys in next part. till then take care….and try my other stories ‘what if….!’ and ‘For you’ in wattpad under the username- silencedosoeaks.
belated friendship day wishes to all. Happy friendship day.

  1. I have never read it b4 or might b I don’t remember anything about it… N I found the link for the previous page not proper…but it seems interesting… N dis update was good…

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      Ragsan story will be continued in wattpad after this story. So you have got to wait little more ?

  3. Waiting for RagSan story My Possessive Wife.

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      Story will be continued in wattpad

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      I haven’t stopped writing, I was in my last year of college, busy with project so I couldn’t update. ?

  5. Write this on wattypad also…. Awesome updation

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