Pyaar (Ragsan) Pt 12 by Aliya

Let’s begin….

Sanskar sees Ragini’s number in phone….
He calls her.. He disconnects it
His heart pained…

Here Ragini:Riyu…get ready fast… Nahi tho we will reach after the function…

A girl around 10 comes there…
Riya:oh ho didi.. I should look best and i should get the award

Avni:waise.. Riya who is the chief guest
Riya:koi Sanskrit hai!

Ragini:yeh kaisa naam hai
Riya:di i think it’s different.. Hame kya

Avni:wohi tho abhi chalo

Ragini:where’s raunak?

A guy comes with the guitar.. He clears his throat.. :how i am looking?

Avni and Ragini sees.. Him and smiles

Raunak:ok let’s go now…

They were about to go when Ragini gets call.. She sees an unknown number

Ragini picks:hello.. Who is it?

There was totally blank.. None was speaking

Ragini felt different.. After getting no reply too she didn’t wished to disconnect the call

At the time Raj comes:chalo baccho..


Ragini:u go i will come now!

Avni:ok.. She goes…

There was silence..

Ragini thought for one last time:hello
She felt her breath is getting heavy for her..


His one voice made her numb…how can she forget his voice… Whom she loved like anything!! Her eyes turned glassy… 8 long year’s… After 8 long years he remembered her!

Sanskar was overwhelmed listening her voice…

Sanskar:Ragini… How are you?

Here avni comes there:Ragini… Aren’t you coming

Sanskar smiles sadly listening avni’s voice..

Ragini:you people go.. I will come afterwards
Avni:you sure

Ragini nods

Avni goes

Ragini sits in the swing

Sanskar:it was avni right?

Sanskar:so how are you?

Ragini in stiff tone :i am fine… And how..

Sanskar:you haven’t changed your number

Ragini;hmm.. So after these year’s you called me
She smiles sarcastically

Sanskar :i am sorry Ragini… I am sorry… Please forgive me!! Please…

Ragini wipes her flowing tears:i have forgave you long back…. But i don’t want to meet you

There was a silence again

Sanskar :from these years… I wanted to say you something.. I LOVE YOU RAGINI… I LOVE YOU I CANT LIVE WITHOUT YOU… I CAN’T…

Ragini couldn’t control herself she covered her mouth to prevent sobs..

Those 3 words which she craved to listen from him.. Those 3 words which he haven’t told it to her before… Still she believed like a fool that he loved her like she do… But no it was all a trap made for her!! How much she ever thinks to forget all those things.. Why it happens..? She was staying without him now again why? How much she loved him but what she got betrayal? She remembered her mom’s last words that she should be kind and gentle forgive everyone even if she is not like that she want to become for her mom!!

Ragini takes a deep breath:i am going to get engaged.. And after 3 weeks its my marriage please don’t contact me from now on…

Sanskar felt hurt:oh.. I.. I AM SORRY… And congratulations!


She disconnects the call and burst into cry.. Why love hurts?

Sanskar was in his own dilemma…. When his driver :sir we reached

Sanskar nods… And all the people there welcomes him…

Sanskar plastered a fake smile on his face

Here ragini washes her face

“from these years… I wanted to say you something.. I LOVE YOU RAGINI… I LOVE YOU I CANT LIVE WITHOUT YOU… I CAN’T…” his words ringed in her ears

Here swara goes to shekar her dad


Swara:dad… (shedding tears) he again took out his anger on me

Shekar gets angry:no matter how many times i tell him.. But this time he will face a loss!! And shona i will make him to fall on your feet
Swara smirks

He calls sanskar…
Here sanskar sees the caller id.. Switch off the phone

He calls someone:take the deal back!
O. S:but sir foundation of the building…..
Shekar:do as i said damn it!

To be continued…

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