Pyaar ki yeh ek kahani(ss) part 3

Part 3:
He told swara to look up nd was continuously scolding her
Though swara was liking it but she knew she can never have him nd she soon remembered her insult
She immediately pushed his hand nd said
Swra: enough mr maheshwari u cannot scold me every tym …now u cn leave
Sanskar wen to hall nd was pacing here nd there as he was not getting sleep but he had to adjust
Swara woke up early morning nd saw sanskar shivering nd she put a blanket in him
But she remembered her revenge she came nd pour a glass of cold water on his face
Sanskar got up with a jerk

Swara: todae shopping nd then going to the pet shop nd then she was goin
Sanskar: he was still taking rest
Swara: mr maheshwari fast
Sanskar stood up wid jerk nd went
They did shopping , the whole way sanskar was holding the bags
Sometime holding her cappuccino or sometime an umbrella

Then swara told him to dance in d street
Sanskar was shocked but he danced
Nd all d people also joined him
Swara was irritated
Now they went fr buying a rabbit
Swara was afraid about d reaction but she bought a white rabbit finally
As soon as d rabbit was near sanskar he startes sneezing continuously nd he was also not able to breathe
Swara was hell scared now
Sanskar was not able to breathe

She gave him water nd then took him to doctor but by the tym they go to doctor he was unconscious..
Swara was now guilty she finally reached nd consulted a doctor now he was given a injectiin nd he was fine
In d hurry she left her rabbit there only
Sanskar came home with swara nd swara said : go take rest m not in a mood to do anything

Next dae : swara was sleeping till late nd sanskar too was sleeping but his sleep got disturbed by his sweet bro lucky
Lucky: gud mrng bhai
Sanskar : gud mrng u r a devil bro really
How did u handle her ?
Btw haa how do u know her so well ??
Lucky : actually its nothing
Sanskar : lucky u have my swear tell me

Lucky told him everything , how swara helped him without his knowledge
Now sanskar was proud fr having such a person in his life
He had started liking swara in this daes but he did not know exactly wat is it but now he realised that he is in love wid her
Ge hugged lucky as he was very hapoie
He asked lucky about her likes nd dislikes

Sanskar thanked him nd went to make arrangements as he want to confess his love
Sanskar peeked in her room nd placed cheats there
He placed a kiss on her forehead
She was looking so cute even in her night suit
Then sanskar wemt to get ready then he bought roses nd then he went to d place where he was going to propose her
He had also kept her dress nd coffee there on bed
Swra woke up after some time nd glanced her room nd found chit nd coffes nd dress
See read d chit on dress

A beautiful dress fr a beautiful lady
Then again there was one on d glass of coffee
Chit: i wish i could make u coffee every morning
Next chit was on dressing table:
Meet me at xyz restaurant

I m waiting
Swara knew wat he is going to do but she had no other option she had controlled herself these yeras
She didnt want to fall weak but she eaually wanted sanskars love
She got dressed in her own casuals nd went there she had specs nd hair combed in a casual ponytail
She went to d place she was awestruck seeing the arrangements

So guyz what will sanskar do now
Nd what about swara?

Wait fr d next part.?

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