Pyaar Ki Intizaar (Part 9)

Hey guys and I am back with good track hope you guys like it!.So this is the episode I written for y’all.SORRY for spelling mistakes!

Om:Yeah Shivaay what excuse?
Shivaay:Okay but you won’t tell anyone about it even Anika if she gets to find out then I am in big trouble!
OmRu:Sure now what?
Shivaay:I was saying to myself that if we can go to honeymoon too with Gaurika then she came and said it was better for you guys to go then I said that this means you don’t want to celebrate our togetherness she said I am a
OmRu:2rps cheapda
Shivaay:Then I started to kiss her until near her lips then she said that “She wasn’t ready for this”
OmRu:So you are a cheapda!
Om:Won’t you ever understand that it requires “two humans”
Gotta take it slow Mann
Rudy:First of all you know women are like that
Om:SHUT UP!,Your thoughts go from cloud nine and back
Shivaay:Well Om you better go with Gauri you got a flight to catch!
Rudy:Yes go now
ShivRu:All the best!

(Gaurika room)
Om:Let’s go Gauri
Gauri:Okay first let me pray to God
(Gauri prays)
Gauri:Okay let’s go
(Gaurika goes in the car to reach to the airport)
Khanna:Omkara Sir and Gauri Bhabhi when are you going today?
Om:Drop us at the airport
(They leave)
Anika:I hope this outfit will look good on me well I will go and change.

Anika:I’m Am looking so good my friend Chanda can have so many kidnitor choices!
(Anikas comes down the stairs into the living room when Shivaay stares at her deeply)
Shivaay:Anikaa……I want to say something to you
Shivaay:You are…are looking Soo hot
(Shivaay turns around blushing)
Anika:Uhhh (Anika blushes too)
Rudy:Excuse me and my face but I think I disturbed your moment and Bhabhi you are looking so ravishing but why?.Wait did Shivaay Bhaiya gift you this?
Shivaay:No Rudy okay now what do you want?
Rudy:I have got a call on unknown number and keeps on saying that your guard is not letting me in continuesly
Shivaay:Wait is it Daksh?
Rudy:No ways it was some girls voice
Priyanka:Maybe it’s mother in law you know Ranveers Mom
Jhanvi:Could be right
Tej:But why would the guards not let her in they know Kamini sh came here so many times
Pinky:Who Carees maybe some new reporter that Annika’s calls here
Shivaay:Mom why would she do this
Anika:If I would I will always tell you guys and for what reason?
Malika:It’s me!
Anika:This is gonna be so much FUN!
Shivaay:Well I will always be there for her!
Pinky:(Thinks:I hope she gets married to Shivaay’s and that shameless lady’s Annika outs his life)
Malika:Rudra why didn’t you answer my call or when you didn’t you wouldn’t even talk.I kept saying to the guards that I am not A THEIF!
Shivaay:Forget about that but it’s nice to have you back
Anika:Soo as per OmRu’s stories they said that you seem to be Shivaay’s Ex Girlfriend well welcome You me and the girls will get along really well and finally have a nice big “Girls group”.Than the Obro’s
Malika:So hi you know me but I don’t know you so what’s your name?
Anika:My name is Anika
Malika:Just Anika?

Malika:And how are you related to this family not mean or offensive just wanna know?
Shivaay:She is Mrs.Shivaay Singh Oberoi
Malika:Wait you guys are married wait congrats!
Shivika:It was sort of a mess
Malika:Heard that you were going to marry Tia well I guess I got the problem but you know who cares as long as you two are happy
Rudy:You know we are here too?
Jhanvi:Servant get the guests room prepared quickly
Servant:Okay Ma’am
Malika:So Pinky aunty how are you?
Malika:Where is Omkara?
Shivaay:Actually left this morning to Maldives
Anika:For Honeymoon
Malika:Wait he is married too?
Jhanvi:Yes with Gauri you will see them in 3 days
Malika:So wait Rudy is married too?
Rudra:Sort of Bhavya is just acting as my wife Coz I am just helping her but Somuya is my Wife
Malika:Gosh never knew everyone grew up so much!
Bhavya:You know what we need to plan something really good for tonight wait Girls wanna watch a movie?
Anika:Nah how about comedy?
Bhavya:Yes Bhabhi is saying it right
Priyanka:Yeah not a good idea
Shivaay:How about you girls just give it a try?
Malika:Shivaay is right!
BhAnKa:Sure I guess
Malika:So all set I am gonna call Tia she loves horror movies
Recap:Tia:Goah these boys! Malika:They need a punishment!
Anika:Scaring them? Girls Group:THATS IT!

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