Pyaar Ki Gustakhiyan (Naagin Season 1) Episode 4

Scene 1 : ( Shivanya’s room )
It was a chilly morning . Shivanya was already up. She goes to Ritik who was still sleeping.

Shivanya : Ritik, get up ! It’s already 7 ; you know?(holds his hand)

Ritik pulls Shivanya and hugs her ; of course in his sleep. Shivanya gazes at him when he slowly opens his eyes . Shivanya gives a smile when Ritik feels awkward and leaves her .

Ritik : I am really sorry!

Shivanya :  No, it’s ok !

Ritik : What’s the time ?

Shivanya : 7:15

Ritik : I am still feeling sleepy

Shivanya : That’s because of your medicines

Ritik : Well, I am going to bath

Shivanya : Are you really a doctor?

Ritik : What do you mean ?

Shivanya : In ths state, you are going to bath ? No never , I will do your sponging .

Ritik : No need ok (tries to go )

Shivanya : I said wait (Pushes him )

Shivanya unbuttons Ritik’s shirt . Then Shesha brings the water and goes.  Shivanya slowly sponges Ritik.  When she goes she slips on water and Ritik holds her by her waist .They feel awkward, and they soon change their position.

Scene 2 🙁 Ramya’s room)
Ramya is talking to someone and Ritik overhears it .

Ramya : Shivanya’s marriage is the only problem .How will I do it ? Neither she loves someone nor she lets me to find a boy for him . What will I do ?

Scene 3 : ( Garden )
Shesha is watering the plants when Ritik comes .

Shesha : Oh hello! 

Ritik : Hello ! I was bored so can we talk ?

Shesha : Sure

Ritik :  So, where is Shivanya?

Shesha : She has gone to the hospital.  She loves looking after the patients; after the whole she gets tired and when she falls in the bed , she sleeps .

Ritik :  She works really hard ! What’s her favourites?

Shesha : She likes flying kites and cricket . Her favourite food is biriyani and pickles . She loves to read,paint, write,dance and cook .

Ritik : I didn’t know it .

Scene 4 : ( Ramya’s room )
Shesha : Maa, maa,maa

Ramya : Why are you shouting ?

Shesha : Maa, you know Ritik was asking about Shivanya.

Ramya : So what ?

Shesha : So what ? Maa, kuch kuch hota hai

Ramya : What do you mean ?

Shesha : Maa, Ritik is in love with Shivanya

Ramya :  Oh ballle balle ! Shava Shava !  Mere sapno ka damad kab aayega tu

Precap : Shivanya to cry

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