pyaar ki ek nayi rang (episode 1)

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Hi guys i am bhumi who is new to the ff writings this is my 1st ff of ragsan swalak aradhika and abhigya hope u like the ff 😉 🙂

The beautiful morning with a splendorous rays of sun fall on the window of a room with a well furnished and in that room a cute girl of 5 years with a cute smile is sleeping with no tensions in her life and the rays from the window fall her face and disturbed her cute sleep and she woke up seeing a god pic which is hanging on the wall and next moment she couldnt find her parents beside her so she went to the hall i search of them but couldnt find them.She then think to call them so she took the landline and dailled her dad phone but it shown no responce so she got scared and started to cry and after 2 hours her relatives came to their home and said not cry and her chinni amma (mother sister )said “no need to cry sweety we well find them and they will definetly come to u and u have 2 be brave now please calm down ” and by saying this she rubbed the baby eyes and after sometime her chinninanna (mother sister husband ) came and said ” i have searched for them but couldnt find so its better we take her 2 our home “. and by that the girl went 2 her aunt house 2 stay .

Even after 13 years the girl still remember that day as its the worst day in her life as the has snatched her parents from her and the clipings of her past haunt her in her dreams and she shouted from her dream as”mom dad ” and with a sudden jurk she woke up and her chinni amma and chinna nanna who are her mom dad for the world came and asked her what happend she didnt respond so her amma asked her” is the same dream ?”she nodded to her qs and he nanna said not 2 worry and she smiled back 2 them and said “u people have given me parent love and how can i be sad “and give a plastic smile to them as they have given happiness since 12 years and got down from bed and got ready 2 go to her college

On the bus stop she met her bestie radhika and both sat on their seat in the bus and radhika called her for some notes which she didnt wrote yesturday as she was busy in other culture activities and in next stop their another bestie came and sat back of them and started to say”Arey! ,,raghu what is this yaar y u r not participating ?? i am not understanding wts the issue ” yeah the girl sweety is non other than our ragini and raghu replied “lucky!! i am not interested in the fashion parade u carry on buddy” and the boy is our lakshya and he showed one silk 2 raghu and started 2 eat by showing her and raghu loves 2 eat silks so in frustration she took her bottle and pored all the water over the lucky and he literally bathed in the water and he kept a cute pout on his face and all in the bus started 2 laugh on him and it make him keep more pout face and raghu by seeing this said sorry in her cute antics by holding ears and lucky by seeing her laughed and said”Arreyy!!

budhu no need ur my buddy and its okay come on now smile and ur pout face is also so cute yaar”,and he pulled her cheeks and given a silk 2 her and radhika asked them “yaar this is not fair u forgot me and lucky where is my slik and i am also keeping pout ” saying that she sat calm .Raghu and lucky pulled her cheeks and given their silks half half pieces 2 her and said “how can we forget u mere ma ” and three of them hugged each other and all the students in the bus adored their friendship .
The bus came 2 their college SV ENGINEERING COLLEGE the environment is so cool and the three buddies came down and started 2 walk towards their class and some girls were jealous of raghu and radhu as the lucky one of the hottie of college doesnt even look at them and always rome with them and simultaneously some boys were jealous of lucky but these three always talk with every one with frndly manner and these three cant keep any secrets between them and they went 2 canteen to eat something as lucky and radhu didnt did their breakfast so they ordered to eat but raghu is not feeling 2 eat anything so excused herself and went towards their class and their someone stopped her to enter the class.

Guys this is for today please comment the ff how u people liked it .It is my first ff so if any mistakes please say by u r comments

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  1. Awesome dr thanks for RAGSAN

    1. Bhumi

      thanku so much

  2. Superb post soon

    1. Bhumi

      thank u 🙂

  3. Jayanti

    awesome bhumi dear…welcome to swaragini page…and the concept is really fabulous dear….keep it up and next part soon

    1. Bhumi

      thank u so much and yaa sure….. i will post it soon

  4. Amazing and thanks for ragsan

    1. Bhumi

      thank u 🙂 🙂

  5. Venni


    1. Bhumi

      thank u 🙂

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  7. Asra

    awesome dear…loved it

  8. Nice concept dear update soon

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  10. Awesome.plzzz update soon

  11. Aditi.Ayansh

    AWESOME !!!

  12. Fabulous dear

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