Let’s begin…

It’s been 2 months since SwaRagini left the place

Laksh felt frustrated at himself thinking that if he stopped sanskar that day and if he had gave chance to them to speak, may be they haven’t faced this day!

He sees dining table
And he remembers his moment with swara, where he called her partner when she saved from dipali’s seductive looks

Laksh to swara: thankyou partner
Swara : partner???
Laksh : i thought there is only one girl in the world who will have these type of ideas but u too have…
Swara smiles…: and who is the other girl?
Laksh : al…hai koi…..
Swara : leave it… Now eat…nahi tho..again i cant..
Laksh :ok ok…
Fb ends

Laksh:where are you? I know the staying away plan is yours only swara!

He listens music
Laksh worried:not again bhaai

Kuch khwab dekhe hai, kuch rang soche hain
Ab maine kal apne tere sang soche hain

It was the times when sanskar used to dream about his future with Ragini, with the wish of having a beautiful future with Ragini he came to India

Iss raah mein jab bhi, tu saath hoti hai
Kisson ke panno si har baat hoti hai

He remembered their moments when he first saw Ragini, he felt the connection with her
His heart screamed she is HIS RAGINI HIS SENORITA but he believed her lies!!

Roor jo huyi mein fida, toh pal mein uthi koyi sada
Ke dil se hua judaa judaa, toota main iss tara

And when the truth got revealed, yes he was angry but was upset with himself too that Ragini didn’t found him as her friend!!

Sadka kiya yun ishq ka, ke sar jhuka jaha, deedar hua
Sadka kiya yun ishq ka, ke sar jhuka jaha, deedar hua

He was in LOVE with Ragini, He is in LOVE with Ragini and He will keep loving her until he breath his last!
He again fell in love with her only, but he felt betrayed!!

He didn’t notice his hand, his fingers were bleeding due to continuously playing guitar!!

Laksh who reached there was shocked to see the flowing blood in his palm
Laksh immediately pulls his hand

Laksh:bhaai, what you have did to yourself

He immediately moves to drawer and brings the first aid box
He treats him
Laksh:why are you hurting yourself bhaai


Laksh has no words because he very well knew how much he loves Ragini, and he won’t blame sanskar for his outburst on that day because he was right at his place!

Sanskar:she don’t love me lucky, she doesn’t! May be, maybe i have expected a lot!!
Laksh:bhaai aise nahi…
Sanskar interrupt:don’t i have right to take out my anger for their wrong?

He goes from there..
Laksh looks on

Sujatha and Ap were moving in the market
When a girl falls on sujatha’s feet

Both looks confused!!

Sujatha:arey beta, what are you doing? Get up

And the girl slowly and she is revealed to be dipali

Ap shocked:dipali
Dipali cries

Sanskar was passing by a street
Where a blind old man was sitting

Old man:take the right route son!
Sanskar looks around
Old:don’t look here and there, it’s you only
Sanskar:but you,
Old man:i may be blind but i can know what’s happening around!
Sanskar looks on
Old man stands and takes his walking stick
Sanskar helps him!
Old man holds his hand:son, your life is gonna take a new step, listen to your heart and choose the life wisely
Saying so he leaves, leaving a confused Sanskar behind

Here laksh was shocked to see dipali and divya
Laksh:mom, what are they doing here?
Dipali was crying silently
Ap:what is the mistake of dipali here?
Laksh:you know..
Ap interrupts:whatever urvashi did, it’s because of her greed and why dipali and divya has to suffer?
Sujatha kept silent as she was thinking something deeply
Ap:society never accepts the girl whose marriage is broke

Nuts and uttara were seeing blankly
Nuts audible to uttara :what is this new drama? This dipali…
Uttara interrupts:shh..
Nuts pouts glaring at dipali

Sanskar comes back
He sees dipali and divya, he didn’t say anything but moved to his room!

Laksh comes to his room:bhaiyya, that dipali..
Sanskar:i don’t want to listen anything about them. And laksh let’s go we need to go to Mr. Khurrana’s function
Sanskar:laksh go get ready!

Later they leaves to a function

Sanskar and laksh meets their clients

Sanskar was on call!!

When he saw a man yelling at girl
And few people have surrounded them

He moves to them

Man was about to slap the girl when Sanskar held his hand

And the girl has closed her eyes in fear and tears were rolling down her cheeks!

She slowly opened her eyes

Sanskar looks at her and was shocked!
Yes, she is Ragini

Man:how dare you to stop me?

But sanskar was looking at Ragini who was in a waitress attire
She bent her head

Man to Ragini:remember you are…
Sanskar angrily slaps him
Man was shocked
Sanskar:how can you behave with a girl in such a way
Man angrily:who are you to her? I have right to hit her or whatever i want i can do with her, she is my property, she is mine my property

Sanskar was shocked

To be continued..

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