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Guys I am sorry for the late update…
I was really busy. Hope you enjoy it.
Patha nahi Ms Sonakshi ko dekhe mujhe kya hojata hain…Aur shayad mere life mein pehli baar aisa hua hain ki mein maa ke alava kisi aur se itna baath karna chahta hoon….Dev pagal math ban….Jab woh tere samne hain unse baath karna…

Dev- Mujhe aapse baath karni hain…
(I want to talk to you)
Sona turns around and sees whether someone else was also standing there…But there was no one
SONA- Mr Dixit aap kis se baath kar rahe hain…yaha toh koi nahi hain…
(Mr Dixit whom are you talking to…There is no one here)
DEV- Ms Bose mein aapse baath kar raha tha….
(Ms Bose I was talking to you)
SONA- Mujhse ….Aap ko mujhse kya baath karni hain Mr Dixit..
(With me but what do you want to talk with me)
Dev was about to speak when Sona’s phone rings. Sona execuses herself.
SONA- Hello…Haan mein sunn rahi hoon…Kya…Acha tum chintha math karo mein abhi aathi hoon….
She cuts the call.

DEV- Ms Bose Sab kuch teekh hain na aap itni pareshan kyu hain….
(Ms. Bose is everything fine …Why are you so worried)
SONA- Mr Dixit kuch bhi teekh nahi hain…Mujhe jaldi Jana hoga…Good to meet you…
DEV- Ms Bose chaliye mein Aap ko chodh deta hoon..
(Ms Bose I will drop you)
SONA- Mr Dixit aap mujhe chodenge…It’s OK mein chali jaungi…
(Mr Dixit you will drop me …It’s OK I will go by myself)
DEV- Ms Bose mujhe gadi chalana aathi hain… Itna toh barosa khijiye apne inspiration Par….
(Ms Bose I know how to drive… At least trust your inspiration)
Sona blushes listening to the word inspiration.
SONA- Mr Dixit I trust you more than myself. Baath trust ki nahi hain Aap ko andar party mein Jana hain na…Sab aapka wait kar rahe hain …
Dev was touched when Sona said she trusted him more than herself.
DEV- Ms Sonakshi aap zyada math sochiye..Waise bhi mein inn parties mein bore hi hota hoon…chaliye mein aapko drop kardo…
(Ms Sonakshi don’t think much…Anyways I get bored in these parties..Let me drop you)
Sona agrees. She was tensed so she could not enjoy the drive with Dev. Dev and Sona couldn’t talk much in the car as Sona was busy talking to Dr Sharma.
Sona asks Dev to drop her at happy home. She rushes inside in tension. Dev was also tensed seeing Sona so he follows her. There he sees that a boy was lieing on the bed and a doctor was checking him. Sona was sitting beside the boy. There were many children and old people standing there.

I guess that boy lying there is having fever and Sona was really worried for him. A elderly lady was passing by and she stopped seeing me . She asked me who I was. I told her my name and asked her why Sona was tensed so much about that boy.
LADY- Sona aise hi hain…Sabka khayal rakhti hain…Yaha sare log agar Kush hain toh iska reason hain Sona…Woh ladhka chintu hain…Jab woh 2 saal ka tha tab uske ma baap use ek bus stop ke bench Par tandh mein chodh ke chale gaye…Tab Sona usse Yaha laayi yaha..Ab yeh 8 saal ka hain…Subah chintu ko bukar ho gaya aur Ab uska temp thoda baad gaya hain toh Sona pareshan hain… Yeh pura ghar dekh rahe ho yeh Sona ka hain… Yeh ghar usne apne 6 saal ke earnings se banayi hain…Yaha pe mere jaise kahi budde aur bache rehte hain…Hum sabki chehre pe Kushi ka kharan Sona hain…
After saying this she went away.
Now I was getting it . I heard about Happy Home a lot . It helps old people and children. Little did I know it was Sonakshi who was running it. God bless her. The girls of her age spend money in minutes without thinking. But she used it for a better cause. I am getting to know a lot about Sonakshi. I am getting attracted to this girl whom I just met a few hours ago at a party. I feel I am falling in love with her. No this can’t happen I am Dev. I only love my family and no one else. I just hate the word love. Dev calm down.
I saw Sona was taking care of Chintu. She was also telling them a story . All the children really love her a lot.
Sometime later Sona sees that Dev was looking at her.
Sona- Mr Dixit aap yaha Ab tak … Aap ghar nahi gaye …I am so sorry Mr Dixit …Meine realise nahi kiya.. Chintu ko dekh rahi thi naa…I am really sorry.
(Mr Dixit you are here till now…I am sorry..I didn’t realize )
DEV- MsBose aap ko sorry bolne ki koyi zaroorat nahi…Aap itna acha kaam kar rahi hain…Agar aap chahti hain toh mein aapko aapke ghar drop kar sakhtha hoon…
(Ms Bose you need not feel sorry…If you want I can drop you at your home)
SONA- Thanks Mr Dixit . Par aaj raat mein yahi rahungi Chintu ke pas. Aap ghar jao. Mein aapse iss baar zyada baath nahi kar payi…Par aap se milke mujhe bohut zyada Kushi huyi… Hope we meet again Soon … Thanks for helping
( You go home Mr Dixit..I will be staying here with chintu tonight. This time I couldn’t talk to you much. But I am really glad to meet you. Hope we meet again soon.
So this is how Sona and Dev’s first meet ends with beautiful memories about each other. Indeed they could never forget this day. Shayad yahi se shuru huyi ek nayi kahaani.
Few days pass by…

Dev and Sona were always in each other’s thoughts. Dev had to go to meet Dr Sinha as he had to talk about his mother’s health.
In DR Sinha ‘s cabin…
Sinha – Mr Dixit why don’t you appoint a nutritionist for your mother..I am sure her health will improve.
Dev – Dr Sinha why don’t you suggest a nutritionist for my mom
Sinha – Dr Sonakshi Bose.
Dev was delighted listening Sonakshi’s name.
DEV- MsBose…
Sinha – Yes she is the best you can get. But convincing her will be a tough job why don’t you go and talk to her right away.
This is what Dev wanted . So he obviously will agree.
Dev was leaving when.
Sinha – Mr Dixit she already left why don’t you go to her home…
Dev nods and leaves.
He was driving . He stops near a signal when a little girl comes there and asks him to take the roses.
Girl- Bhaiya yeh roses le lona . Bhabhi Kush ho jayegi. Dev just smiles and purchases the roses .
Dev rings the door bell. Elena opens the door.
DEV- Hi ..I am Dev Dixit . Mujhe Ms Bose se Milna hain.
Sona comes to check who was at the door and is shocked seeing Dev.
Elena – Sona yaar toh yeh hain Mr Dixit jiske baare mein tu din raat baath karti hain.
(Sona so he is Mr Dixit about whom you talk everyday).
Elena had said this loudly. Sona stamps her foot. Elena screams.

Elena- kya kar rahi hain Sona. Tujhe patah hain tum dono bohut bure ho…Aur especially Sona tum.
(What are you doing Sona. ..You both are really bad and especially you Sona)
Dev and Sona in unison “HUM???”
Elena- Ha tum.. tum dono ke beech itna Sab kuch chal raha hain…Aur tumne Elena the great ko nahi bataya.Sona tum chupirustam nikli do din pehle mili aur itni jaldi gf bf bhi ban gaye tum dono . Wah…
(Yes you two…There was so much going between you too and you didn’t inform Elena the great. Sona you just met him two days ago and you became gf bf.)
Sona and Dev were not able to answer as before they could Elena feeds each of them a sweet and congratulates them.
SONA- Ele tu pagal ho gayi hain kya…Kya baathe kar rahi hain..Gf bf and all…Aaj to Hum doosri baar mile hain….Aur yeh Sab tu kya assume kar rahi hain..
(Ele have you gone mad…What are you talking gf bf and all…We met for the second time today…And why are you assuming all this)
Elena – toh tum dono gf bf nahi ho.

Dev and Sona nod.
Elena – Mein kya sochti Sona …. Jab ek Insaan roses lekhe aaye toh.. Mujhe laga yeh tumhe propose Karne wale hain.. mujhe laga ki aaj mein yaha do premiyo ke proposal ko dekh paungi…Par mujhe kya patah tha ki mein Sab ghadbad kar doongi..Anyways it’s best if I go from here. Bye.
Elena leaves leaving Dev and Sona in complete awkwardness and embarrassment.
But both Dev and Sona were feeling good . They both gf and bf. .???
Maybe the girl who was selling roses was right. Bhabhi sach mein Kush ho gayi…

Guys I am so sorry if it’s boring. I was actually not feeling to write it. It’s 2 am and I am bored so thought of giving you a update. Tell me your views so that I can continue further.
Silent readers do comment and Thanks to all who commented .
Please ignore the mistakes
Love you all????

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  1. Srush

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  2. Akshita

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  4. V.V.harshita

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  6. Muthash

    It was awesome….. but missed out some as it was only in hindi…. can you translate them please? I just love the story so I want to read each and every thing….

  7. Riti1107

    Super duper awesome
    The storyline is so lovely
    post soon

  8. Priya12

    Akka, it was amazing…awesomeee
    I luved it…
    U nailed…
    It was a marvellous piece..
    And that last part…ele rockz…devakshi shockzz…that was awww
    Pls post nxt epi asap…

  9. Darshana

    Really sorry for the late comment..i was quite busy with my studies so…..the episode was awesome…it was so good…u bored us..what a joke not even 0.99999999%..(is there a smaller no: than thus???)….post soon…
    love u?

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