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Guys I am sorry for the late update…
I was busy with studies so I couldn’t post it …


I badly wanted to talk the beautiful young lady standing in front of me. It’s strange . I mean usually girls die to talk to me and today I am dieing to talk to a girl whom I hardly know. I couldn’t take my eyes off her. Is this called love at first sight. Oh all this is rubbish . In my dictionary there is no word like love. I am just imagining things . I should just get back to the real world and talk to her.
Dev was about to talk to Sona but his fate didn’t want him to talk to her. She was called by Dr Sinha and she had to leave.
Sona was on cloud nine. She still could not believe that she had just met Dev Dixit.

He is more handsome than he looks in his articles and interviews. Oh my god I just can’t believe I met Dev. I wanted the time to stop that minute. But my luck I couldn’t talk to him. I will talk to him later. But will he be interested in talking to me. I mean he is Dev Dixit . Every girl is crazy for him. It’s OK at least I could see him. The way he looked at me… Aw…Only I know how I wanted to jump out of happiness.
Sona’s thoughts were disturbed
Jatin – Sonakshi ji aap Dev ke bhare mein soch rahi hain na…
(Sona you are thinking about Dev right)
Sona – haan…
Sona was not in her senses . She was very happy. She was recollecting the moment when Dev was coming towards her.
Jatin thought to have fun with her.
Jatin – Sona dekh na Dev Teri taraf hi aa raha hain…???
(Sona see Dev is coming towards you)
Sona sees Dev walking towards her.
Jatin – Ja ke unhe hug karna Sona
(Go and hug him Sona)
Sona was lost . So she follows Jatin’s orders.
Sona goes and hugs him tight. Then she realises what she has done. She looks at his face and finds Saurabh instead of Dev. Jatin laughs loudly.
Saurabh -Sona tu mujhe hug kyun kar rahi hain
(Sona why are you hugging me)

Jatin – Saurabh woh tumhe nahi Dev ko hug kar rahi thi
(Saurabh she was hugging Dev not you)
Jatin narrates all the incidents to Saurabh who bursts into laughter. Sona then realises how foolish she had been . She playfully punches Jatin in his stomach.
Dev was talking to someone else but his eyes were on Sona. He was watching her antics. Her bonding with Saurabh and Jatin. He smiles to himself.
Sona – Dada Jatin mein bohut zyada bore ho rahi hoon.. aur mujhe nahi lagtha ki mein Dev se baath kar paungi… Hum please ghar chalte hain na…
(Dada Jatin I am feeling bored . I don’t think I will be able to talk to Dev. Let’s all go home please.)
Saurabh – OK Sona tu humme bas 15 min de . Humme ek client se baath karni hain uske baad chalte hain na..
(OK Sona but give us 15 min I we have to talk to a client and after that we can go)
Sona – OK Dada. But only 15 min. Mein tab tak aapka bahar intezaar karungi
(Till then I will wait outside for you guys).
Sona goes out. Dev sees this. He wanted to talk to her . So he follows her outside. Sona comes out and calls Elena.
Sona – Ele.. patha hain aaj mein kisse mili…
(Ele…Do you know whom I met today)
Elena – Sona tu kahi Siddharth Malhotra ya Varun Dhawan se toh nahi mili na
Sona – tujhe bas Siddharth aur Varun ki hi padhi hain..
Elena – acha baba sorry …ab batha na…
(OK I am sorry …Now tell me know)
Sona – mera aaj sapna pura ho gaya…Jab mein unse mili toh laga kitna acha hoga agar waqt wahi tam jaye…
(My dream is fulfilled today…When he came towards me I felt it would be so good if the time stops)
Elena- Sona tu kis ladke ke bare mein baath kar rahi hain…kya woh handsome hain …Uska naam jaldi batana..
(Sona you are talking about which boy…Is he handsome…Tell me his name…)
Sona – Dil taam ke raakho …Uska naam hain …
She turns around and finds Dev standing in front of her.
Dev waves to her.
Sona – Dev…????
Dev – Aap mere naam janti hain na Ms Bose…
Elena – hello Sona …Hello …
Sona – Ele mein tujhe baad mein call karti hoon.
Sona cuts the call.
Sona – Mr Dixit Aap ne kuch suna toh nahi..
(Mr Dixit you didn’t listen to anything right )
Dev – No Ms Bose.
Actually Dev had heard everything but he didn’t want to tell Sona that he did.


Guys this was it…Please share your views so that I can continue further…
I tried my best to make each thing clear…
Please ignore the mistakes
Love you all ???

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  1. Rekhadhir


    post soon

    is main woh obodhro type ka nhi lag raha

  2. Akshita

    Such a lovely episode bt plzzz post soon next time yr???

  3. Awesome plz update soon ????????

  4. Awesome plz update soon ???????

  5. Awesome episode dear post the next episode soon as possible plzz

  6. Sgatik

    Amazing episode. Post soon

  7. Richa144

    Awwwww please please please post soon…

  8. Muthash

    Aww… lovely episode….? please post the next one soon….

  9. Darshana

    Dev is so sweet in this his this side?
    sona???…aaj mera sapna pura ho Gaya..OMG
    post soon dear?

  10. Srush

    It was awsm specially when sona says aaj mera sapna pura ho gaya?and dev waa following her?that was the best…waiting for next epi…plz do post soon…
    With love,

  11. DramaQueen1004

    It was fabulous
    the best part was when jatin said… Sona dekhna dev teri taraf aa raha ha… Jaake use hug karke aa n sona actually went n hugged him n den realised it was saurab… It was so funny
    i was laughing my head out
    pls post soon
    love u

  12. Priya12

    Di, it was amazing….marvellous epi..
    U nailed it…
    I luved it…
    While reading, I was smiling madly…
    I m so happy
    Dev heard Sona’s conversation…aww
    And di, y no precap…
    Pls post asap…trust me..really ..I can’t wait 4 nxt update

  13. Nikkita0194

    di ittu sa
    but kya khub likhti ho
    just luv it n ha is ff se mera v luv at first sight ho gaya itna jhakas likha hai toh ye batao ki nxt part kb post kr rahe ho

  14. V.V.harshita

    Awesowe sorry fr the late comment ….poat soon ????????

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