Pyaar Ke Papad 9th May 2019 Written Episode Update: Triloki wants Shivika to marry Alankar

Pyaar Ke Papad 9th May 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Triloki asking Shivika to swear on him and tell him that she will marry the one he chooses for her. She swears to him. Alankar gets glad. Triloki blesses Shivika. She cries. GST asks Omkar what is he writing. Omkar writes a letter. GST asks him to make a video call and talk to her, instead writing the letter. He says I will talk to Shivika. Omkar sits sad. Shivika thinks of Omkar and laughs. She then looks around and cries.

Devki comes to console her. She shows the things gifted by Omkar. She trashes the things. Devki says you will forget him with time, don’t worry, everything will get time, I know you are strong. She hugs Shivika. Its morning, Alankar asks Triloki how is he. Triloki says I m in peace since Shivika realized that Omkar isn’t suitable for her, I will find a nice guy for her. Alankar thinks he is so mean, he called me and now he is finding someone else. He says Shivika will soon get married. Shivika says as you find right. She goes to get vegs from market. GST sees her and follows her. He goes to meet Shivika. She says I know, you have come to defend Omkar.

GST says no, just listen to me. He asks her to read Omkar’s letter, he has written his feelings in this. People look on. GST reads Omkar’s letter. She stops and hears him. He shouts Omkar loves you. She recalls her swear and goes. People think GST is teasing her and beat him a lot. GST comes to Omkar and says I read your letter in the market, the people thought I m the lover and beaten me up. Omkar asks him to sit, it means Shivika didn’t read the chit. Omkar gets angry when tea falls over his hand. GST asks Omkar to shout on him if his anger gets calmed down this way. Omkar says I m sorry. He says what shall we do now, much wrong has happened, I want to meet Shivika and talk to her, but I m scared like something bad is about to happen.

Alankar packs his bags to leave. He thinks no one asked me to stop. He says I m going Guru ji. Devki stops him and asks where are you going. Alankar says I m going back to Banaras, what will I do here, I think its fine to go back. Triloki asks him to go later, along with Shivika. Alankar smiles. Shivika gets shocked. Triloki says you have stayed with us and I got to know you better, none can be better than you for Shivika, will you marry Shivika. Alankar happily accepts the alliance and asks does Shivika want to marry me.

Triloki says she wants what I want, she knows I will find the best guy for her. Alankar says I want to hear this from her once. Triloki asks her to say, will she marry Alankar. She says I will marry anyone you say.

Omkar recalls Shivika’s words and cries. Paas aaye….plays…. He meets with an accident.

Update Credit to: Amena

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