Pyaar Ke Papad 8th August 2019 Written Episode Update: Alankar gets arrested

Pyaar Ke Papad 8th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shivika getting Shalu’s letter. Shalu writes …. I m going to become an actress, Alankar introduced me to his director friend, explain dad and I will contact you soon, pray for my success. Shivika gets shocked and calls Omkar. She says Shalu has left the house, she wrote a letter for me. Omkar says don’t worry, we will find Alankar, you handle Triloki. Triloki asks where is Shalu. Deenu says she is missing. Shivika comes and says she is going to become an actress, she has run away. Triloki cries reading the letter. He says its better to die than living with this insult, both my daughters ruined my pride.

He says shut up, you always opposed me, Shalu followed you and ran away, your revenge got fulfilled, you got satisfied. He angrily throws the water. Triloki says daughters are father’s pride, people are known by daughters’ name, my daughters ruined my pride. She says its not like that, don’t say this. Shivika says don’t say this, we love you. Deenu says police is finding Alankar. Triloki asks why. Shivika says Jyoti is missing, her parents filed complaint against her. Triloki asks what’s the matter, tell me clearly.

Deenu says Alankar made Shalu run away. He tells everything. Shivika also tells about Alankar’s crimes. Triloki gets shocked. He says Alankar can do this…. Shivika says Alankar doesn’t deserve our trust, we have to find Shalu. She takes Triloki on her scooty. Shalu says I have reached the bus stand. Alankar says meet me at ticket counter, I will reach and tell you everything, cover your face, you are running from your home, I will come covering my face. She agrees. She hides her face.

Alankar comes to her, hiding her face. She asks why are we going by bus. He says we will take a train later, so that no one doubts, we should leave, come fast. He buys two tickets. Omkar and GST come there and look for Alankar. Alankar collides with someone. Omkar and GST see Alankar and catch him. They beat Alankar and scold him.

Shalu says how did Omkar come, my plan will fail, my dream will break, I should leave from here. GST asks why did you do this. Alankar says let me go. Police comes and catches Alankar. GST says there was a girl with him, she is there. Constacle stops Shalu and takes her. Omkar and GST get shocked. Omkar asks what were you doing with him. Shivika and Triloki come. Shivika asks why were you running. Shalu says I was going for film shoot. Omkar asks with Alankar, he is a fraud. She says he helped me a lot, don’t say anything to him. Triloki says come home. She refuses. Shivika slaps Alankar.

Shivika says you are trying to prove you are innocent, are you not ashamed. Alankar says Omkar is trapping me, I m innocent. Triloki beats him with his slipper. He says I trusted you, you planned against me, I was getting Shivika married to you, its good her life didn’t become hell, you will go to hell. Inspector says come down, law will punish him, we have to take Shalu for interrogation. Shalu says I won’t go. Shivika says don’t be afraid, you didn’t do anything but give statement to get Alankar punished. Omkar says we all are coming with you.

Shalu says Alankar made me meet some director, I didn’t tell at home, I was afraid that dad won’t send me. Alankar gets beaten by constable. He says wait, I will tell you. Triloki and everyone go to hear him. Inspector asks Alankar to say. Alankar says Jyoti isn’t missing, I have killed her. They get shocked. Alankar says she wanted to marry me and settle down, I didn’t wish to do that, my marriage with Shivika broke. Triloki says cruel man, you are a murderer, I hate you. GST says I doubted him. Omkar says that’s why Jyoti didn’t tell anything in the marriage. GST says Alankar wanted to kill Dolly. Shivika says Omkar told me, I trusted such a cheap man. Inspector asks what did you do with Shalu. Alankar says Triloki refused to give me Mahant position, I made a plan to sell Shalu and get 10 lakhs. Shalu and everyone get shocked.

Shalu says I didn’t imagine you will do this. Triloki says his soul is killed. Constable says we asked the hospital staff and checked CCTV footage, we found this out on Omkar’s saying, Alankar killed Triloki’s wife. Everyone gets shocked. Inspector slaps Alankar. Omkar says Devki signed to Alankar in the hospital and doubted him. Triloki asks why did you kill Devki. Alankar says she knew my truth and was going to expose me, so I killed her. Triloki scolds him and leaves. Omkar asks Inspector to strictly punish Alankar. GST takes Omkar with him. Triloki cries for Devki. He says I gave Alankar a place in this house and he killed Devki. Omkar says we can’t lessen this sorrow, Devki’s soul will get hurt if we cry. Triloki says I did so good for Alankar, he was evil, I did bad to you and you were good to me, you proved that I m wrong, I judge people by their caste, you proved that love and hatred have no caste. Shivika cries.

Triloki says Shalu was running with that Alankar. Shalu says I wanted to become an actress, you would never support us, that’s why he used this thing, my dream will never complete now, like Shivika completed her dream. Shivika says my dream was that dad does my bidaai after my marriage. Triloki says leave it, you always took her mistakes on you, and now she is saying this, I didn’t wish Shivika and Omkar’s relation, Shivika didn’t run away. Shivika says I wanted you to do my bidaai, this house was a temple for me, and you were my Lord, how would I do. Triloki says I couldn’t fulfill your dreams, I was foolish and couldn’t understand your love, I called that evil Alankar here, I heard people get blind in love, today I got to know one who doesn’t love is blind, because he can’t see others’ love. He cries and apologizes to them. Everyone hugs him and cries. GST takes his permission and hugs him.

Triloki says I will apologize to your family. Omkar says both families should unite. Triloki apologizes to Gupta. Gupta refuses to forgive him. Triloki gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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