Pyaar Ke Papad 7th May 2019 Written Episode Update: Shivika slaps Omkar

Pyaar Ke Papad 7th May 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Omkar smiling seeing Shivika. She goes back. He waits for her. GST asks Omkar to come, she won’t come now. Omkar calls her again. Phir le aaya….plays…. Shivika sees Omkar still standing outside the gate. She runs seeing his calls. Devki stops her and says your dad isn’t having food, he is shattered. Shivika gets sad and recalls the things happened. GST wakes up Omkar and says its soon going to be morning, we should go home. Omkar says I have to meet Shivika once. GST says come with me, Triloki may see you. Omkar says she didn’t come to meet me. Triloki gets punished by the temple head. He washes the temple and gets hurt. Shivika cries and says punish me, its not dad’s mistake.

The man says Triloki has to accept the punishment, else Brahmans won’t forgive him. Devki says your dad has to do this any how. Alankar smiles. Triloki gets hurt while washing the entire temple. Alankar asks Shivika to be strong. Shivika cries seeing Triloki’s struggles. He does a tough Pariknama. He goes to the temple while kneeling down and doing rituals. The people comment on him. Shivika asks them not to misjudge her dad, he is a honest Mahant. Triloki feels tired and sick. Devki asks him to drink water. Pita se hai naam tera…..plays… Shivika cries seeing him. She goes away to the ghat and recalls Omkar. She sits crying. She gets Omkar’s call and says I m at the ghat, come here.

GST and Omkar come to meet her. Omkar asks Shivika about Triloki’s punishment. She gets angry and slaps him. He asks her to slap him more and vent out anger, else this fire will end their relation. She says this relation is burnt off, my dad got insulted because of you. He asks what did I do. She reminds his words and says you have done this. He says I didn’t mean my words. She says exactly, you didn’t mean anything, you tried to slap my dad, I have made a mistake to love you, you gave us sorrow. GST asks them not to fight with Omkar, since Omkar learnt about Triloki, he is worried. He asks her not to blame Omkar. Shivika says Omkar is worried after making everyone worry. She ends her relation with Omkar and scolds him for hurting her heart. Paas aaye….plays….She goes.

GST says someone has a problem with you, someone did this. Shivika apologizes to Triloki and cries. Alankar looks on. GST says we have to find out. Omkar says Alankar. Shivika says I will marry the person you say.

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  1. I just hate Shivika. She comes to conclusions very easily without thinking. Poor Om

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