Pyaar Ke Papad 6th July 2019 Written Episode Update: Omkar makes a plan

Pyaar Ke Papad 6th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with everyone taking care of Jaya. Maya says Jaya doesn’t need a doctor, but a tantric. Omkar says tantric will come, I met Alankar and asked about the tantric, I convinced him to come home, he asked for 2.5 lakhs to complete the puja to get rid of the spirit. Mangal asks what, how do we get so much money. Omkar says we have to arrange money to make Jaya fine, we can spend any amount. Mangal says you should have asked us before saying yes, its not a little amount. Jaya thinks what’s happening, is Alankar playing such trick with me. Maya says I will sell my jewellery to make her fine. Mangal says no, we will talk to Jagat, we will keep land or shop mortgaged. Omkar says no, there will be big interest, we will keep jewellery mortgaged and take loan. Jaya worries.

Gupta says we will not keep anything mortgaged, arrange money the way you can. Omkar says we will mortgage even this house to make Jaya fine. Jaya thinks to call Alankar and ask him. Alankar says how will I make the next plan if Jaya doesn’t contact me. GST asks Omkar to call Alankar, his truth will be out, make Dolly talk as Jaya. Omkar says we have a doubt, we have no proof. GST says Alankar is always in our doubt. Omkar says we don’t know it for sure, its not confirmed. He gets Alankar’s call on Jaya’s phone. GST says let me talk to him as Jaya. Omkar says no, he is very clever, if he doubts, he will get off our hands, can you find that tantric. GST says easily. Omkar says we will find out about Jaya’s black magic game. Alankar says does Omkar know my truth, maybe, that’s why Jaya isn’t answering my call.

Jaya thinks to talk to Alankar. She takes Maya’s phone and thinks Alankar’s number isn’t here, shall I ask Shivika, no I can’t ask. Maya asks her whose number does she want. Jaya thinks I will take money from Shivika. Maya says don’t worry, we will make you fine. Jaya says we will take money from Shivika, she did magic on me. Maya says you look normal on hearing about money. Jaya starts acting again and scares her. Shivika comes to see. Shivika says don’t worry, Jaya will get fine. Maya says tantric asked for money, why don’t you give money.

Omkar and GST come to meet the tantric. Mangal borrows someone for money. Shivika says I have arranged money, I gave my jewellery to Jaya, I m thinking to sell it and get money. Jaya thinks if she sells jewellery, everyone will know its fake. Omkar and GST scare the tantric. The tantric accepts his fraud and says I do this for money, Alankar gave me money to do this. Omkar says you did this for money, you will do our work now, you will come when I call and tell this to everyone. Tantric says I will tell them. GST threatens him and asks him not to run away. Omkar says I will expose the black magic story first. They leave.

Shivika says we can use money from home, Jaya has to get fine, jewellery can be made later. Jaya says you don’t need to do anything for me, I will be fine. Mangal says you get normal and then abnormal, you need some big tantric, we want money. Shivika says yes, give me locker keys, I will sell jewellery and get money. Jaya acts and asks which jewellery, which locker. Mangal gets scared. Jaya goes. Gupta says Shivika and Omkar are educated, I think you both are coming in their words. Shivika says Jaya is getting fine, I want to try everything to make her fine. Gupta says Omkar will arrange money, I will see the tantric.

Omkar as tantric meets Jaya. Jaya says make me talk to Alankar, you can’t take money from me, don’t do any drama.

Update Credit to: Amena

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