Pyaar Ke Papad 5th August 2019 Written Episode Update: Shalu hides the truth

Pyaar Ke Papad 5th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shivika eating an icecream. Omkar asks her to share it. She refuses. He insists her. She teases him and then shares the icecream. He thanks her. She says its okay, I can do this for my husband. He says for what you did in the morning. She asks what. He says you ended the annoyance between Jaya and Jagat, you convinced Maya for the adoption. She says I m thinking of dad, he is still upset with me. He says we will convince him. He hugs her. They smile. Shalu is worried. She calls Shivika. Shivika is sleeping. She doesn’t answer. Its morning, Shivika wakes up and checks her phone. She says Shalu called me at night, is everything fine. Omkar says we will go and meet Deenu and Shalu.

Omkar and Shivika come home and greet Triloki. He asks Shalu to see the guests. He goes away. Shalu and Deenu ask Shivika to come in. Shivika asks Triloki to forgive her at least now, she is his daughter. Omkar says Shivika isn’t happy since you are upset with her. Triloki says I m going to the temple, Shalu call me when they leave. Shalu says I had to tell something, I m going to Mumbai to become an actress. Shivika asks how can you decide this, how dare you think this. Omkar says Triloki won’t be able to bear this. Shalu says its my dream. Shivika says you will ruin your life doing this. She asks Triloki to see Shalu, she is going to become an actress. Triloki says this can’t happen. He locks Shalu in the room. Shalu’s imagination ends. She says I was missing you all. Shivika says you can come home. Omkar says come with us and stay.

Deenu thinks what shall I tell them. Alankar comes and greets them. Omkar argues. Shivika says we have come to meet Shalu and Deenu, I will make parathas. Shalu goes to help her. Omkar stares at Alankar. Omkar and Shivika come back home. Shivika cries and says dad isn’t forgiving me, I m missing my mum so much. Omkar asks her to think of Shalu and Deenu, they fell lonely, with whom will they share their feelings. She cries. GST calls Omkar and says come soon, I got to know something about Alankar. Omkar says I will meet GST and come. He goes.

Alankar calls his friend and says I have done my work, Shalu will be going Mumbai, you have to do the work now. His friend asks him not to worry. Deenu comes to Shalu’s room and looks for her bag. Alankar comes. He locks his door for safety. Deenu asks what are you protecting. Alankar says its my room. Deenu says this is my house, we gave the room to you to stay. Alankar says you are younger to me, you have no right to ask me. Deenu says I have a right to ask the guest, tell me why did you lock it. Alankar stops Shalu and asks her to see how Deenu is behaving with him. Shalu asks what happened. She takes Alankar’s side and asks him to go. Deenu looks on. Omkar comes to GST. GST says Jyoti is missing, maybe that red saree woman is Jyoti, Alankar is clever and can do anything.

Deenu says Shalu is lying at home and not going for her classes. Shivika gets shocked and calls Shalu. Shalu lies to her. Shivika comes to coaching class and asks for Shalu. The lady says she isn’t coming to the classes since many days.

Update Credit to: Amena

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