Pyaar Ke Papad 4th May 2019 Written Episode Update: Triloki gets disappointed

Pyaar Ke Papad 4th May 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Alankar saying I love you Shivika. He goes to talk to her. Omkar and Shivika argue. She refuses to forget everything. He asks can’t we forget this and move on. Alankar comes and looks on. She says you lied that you will win my dad’s heart. He says he is Mahant, he is fraud, he is so partial, he can understand love when he gets rid of his false principles. She says you have changed. Alankar says Omkar, you are breaking my love story and now I will ruin your life. He goes and adds onions in the food. He says Shivika will think Omkar added these onions. Omkar says I didn’t change, I don’t get angry on anyone without a reason, I will go, I will tell you one thing, I will end our misunderstandings and win your heart again. He goes. Alankar says someone else will cry now.

Jaya and Maya come to the temple for puja. They see Devki there and taunt. GST asks Omkar did Shivika agree. Omkar says no, she will agree soon, this time I have to do something that family doesn’t fight again. Jaya and Maya get into an argument with Devki because of Shivika. Shalu tastes the food and says its different. Shivika says I have added regular masala. Alankar looks on. Triloki comes home and asks about the Brahman bhoj. Shalu says Shivika has made the tasty food. Omkar and GST come home and find Jagat and Mangal playing cricket. Omkar gets glad seeing everything normal. Triloki asks Alankar to sit and have food with the Brahmans. Alankar thinks if I eat this food, my Dharm will be ruined. Omkar plays with his brothers. Jaya and Maya come home.

Jaya gets hurt and screams. Jaya says Devki has argued with us today. Omkar asks how can this happen, Shivika and her mum aren’t such. Jaya says you mean we are lying. Omkar says I went to clear the matter with Shivika. Jaya says the misunderstanding will not get cleared. Mangal cheers up Omkar. Jaya says I wish Shivika never comes here. Shivika serves food to everyone. She asks Alankar why is he tensed, have food. Alankar says I already had food. He thinks if I don’t eat food, they will doubt on me. Brahmans bless Shivika for getting a nice groom. They sit to have food. They see the onion inside the food and stop eating. Brahman scolds Triloki for ruining their Dharm. Triloki stops them. Alankar shows the onion in the food. He begs Brahmans not to leave. He says I admit Shivika made a mistake, don’t leave. Shivika apologizes and says I don’t know how onions came in the food, please wait, I will make food again. Triloki asks them not to go. Brahmans leaves. Triloki gets upset. Shivika cries.

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