Pyaar Ke Papad 4th July 2019 Written Episode Update: Shivika pleads her innocence

Pyaar Ke Papad 4th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Omkar scolding tantric and asking him to leave. Jagat says I have seen Shivika tying the black cloth there, why did she do this. Shivika recalls promise to Jaya. Omkar asks are you doubting on her. Jagat says I m just asking. Mangal asks Shivika to answer. Shivika cries. Maya says she is caught now. Shivika gets blamed. She cries and goes to her room. Omkar comes and asks why did she not tell them. Shivika says I was making Jaya fine, I didn’t do anything such, I love this family a lot, I swear on you and my dad. He consoles her. He says I know you didn’t do this, why did you not tell them about the black cloth. She says I tied it on Jaya’s saying, she made me promise that I won’t tell this to anyone, I couldn’t break her promise.

He hugs her and says you can accept blame, but not break your promise, I will not leave that tantric. Dolly also acts possessed. Tantric says its an evil spirit, we have to catch it and cage it in a bottle. Omkar and Shivika worry. Tantric acts. GST says calm down Dolly. Dolly smiles. GST says this baba is a fraud, Dolly was doing a drama on my saying, so that I can expose this baba. Omkar asks baba to come with him. Alankar says don’t anger baba, how will Jaya get fine. GST says just shut up. Maya says sorry, Dolly was doing this to save Shivika, she will kill Jaya.

Jaya attacks Maya. Maya says leave me. Everyone apologizes to baba and asks him to help. Tantric continues the puja. Maya asks him to have money. Jagat says nothing is imp than my wife’s life, will Jaya get fine. Alankar says everything will get fine. Baba says I will come again. He goes. Omkar asks the family to understand, the baba is fraud. Mangal says yes but not every baba can be fraud. Jagat doubts on Shivika. Omkar worries. He says you all do what you want, I will get Jaya treated by best psychiatrist. He sees Shivika at the door. He goes. Omkar comes to meet Alankar. He asks what do you want, why are you doing all this, why are you troubling me and my family.

Alankar asks what did I do now. Omkar says you came to my house and got tantric when I refused. Alankar says Shivika came here and she was worried. Omkar says I m there to lessen her tensions. Alankar says she has come to me as you didn’t support her, I m her good friend, I can kick you out of here. Omkar threatens him and goes. Alankar gets a call and laughs. He says I will come to give your money. Jaya confuses the doctor. Doctor asks Omkar to get Jaya to clinic for tests, then they can know the problem. Jagat says this isn’t needed, Jaya is still ill, I will call the baba, I m her husband and took this decision. Maya takes care of Jaya. Jaya wakes up and goes out. She meets Alankar.

Alankar gives money to Jaya. Dolly sees them. Dolly tells Omkar about Jaya. Omkar sees Alankar’s call on Jaya’s phone.

Update Credit to: Amena

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