Pyaar Ke Papad 3rd May 2019 Written Episode Update: Omkar misses Shivika

Pyaar Ke Papad 3rd May 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Omkar and Shivika seeing each other everywhere. Kabhi alvida…..plays…. She comes home and imagines him. Omkar leaves for home and sees her everywhere on the way. They cry. She recalls his words. GST comes to Omkar and says you left me alone, don’t say sorry, I know your tension, did you convince Shivika. Omkar signs no. GST asks him to drink tea. GST says I will talk to Shivika. Omkar says its not needed. He goes. Alankar smiles seeing Shivika crying. He acts to console her. She asks him to leave her alone. He stares at her and says I will not leave you ever. He gets happy.

Omkar hears the family talking about Shivika. He says Shivika won’t come here again, its all over now. Jaya gets glad and asks shall we talk of your alliance. He goes. She says he will forget everything slowly. Triloki talks to Chobey and pandit. He says puja should happen like every year. Chobey asks him about Shivika’s alliance breaking. Triloki gets angry and says I m finding a Brahman community groom for Shivika. He decides 21 brahmans bhoj. Shivika says I will arrange the bhoj if dad wills. Pandit blesses her and says your daughter will make you proud.

Triloki smiles. Omkar recalls Shivika and gets sad. Rishte to nai….plays…. Jagat and Mangal see him with a wine bottle and worry. They ask Omkar not to drink wine, its bad. Jagat says you know its harmful, why do you drink this. Jagat says no one explained us, you don’t drink it. Omkar says never, I will never hide anything. Jagat asks why are you hiding your pain. Omkar hugs them and cries. Jagat says whatever is happening between you and Shivika is wrong. Mangal asks him to talk to Shivika, she isn’t a bad girl. Omkar hugs them. Its morning, Triloki gets ready. Devki asks is it necessary that I come along, there is much work. Triloki says you have to do the puja with me. Shivika says I will make the food. Triloki says the food should be really tasty that Brahmans praise it. Shivika asks them to go, she will manage.

Jaya cooks food. Mangal goes to help Jagat. Omkar comes and says I decided what to do, my love isn’t so weak that it breaks by a fight. Jaya asks what did you say. Mangal says say aloud. Omkar says I met Shivika and felt everything is over, then I heard Jagat and Mangal, I feel I should give my relation another chance. Gupta says great, don’t move back. Jaya gets angry. Omkar comes to meet Shivika. She is cooking good. He gets inside the house. He finds her in the kitchen. His hand burns by the hot milk. She cares for him. Honge juda na hum….plays…. She asks why did you come here. He holds her hand. She gets away. He says I want to talk to you. She says matter will get worse, I have to cook for Brahman bhoj, just go now, I have much work. He gets hurt.

Triloki asks Alankar to sit. Alankar thinks to eat else everyone will doubt. Brahmans scold Triloki for the insult. Triloki asks them to stop. Alankar smiles.

Update Credit to: Amena

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