Pyaar Ke Papad 30th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Omkar gets arrested

Pyaar Ke Papad 30th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Alankar lying to Deenu and Shivika. He hides Gupta in the sack and doesn’t let them check the sack. She rushes when she learns that Gupta is missing. Alankar smiles. Jagat and Mangal are at the police station. Triloki calls Jagat to mislead them and tells him that he can tell them about Gupta. Jagat rushes. He tells Mangal that they have to go, someone called to inform about Gupta. Constable checks the letter and Omkar’s pic. Omkar and GST try to find Gupta everywhere. Omkar gets tired. He sees Gupta’s pic sadly.

Shivika helps Omkar. He says I couldn’t find dad anywhere. Shivika says don’t worry, we will find him. Omkar says his number is off. Inspector sees Omkar and says we got his pic right. Constable calls him out. Omkar sees someone and says dad…. He runs and sees someone else. He says sorry. Inspector catches him and says Omkar Gupta, we got a complaint against you. Omkar asks what. He gets arrested. Shivika and GST try to help him. Inspector says Jagat and Mangal tricked his brothers and got the house. Triloki comes and acts to help Omkar. He reads Jagat and Mangal’s letter. Omkar gets shocked. Gupta shouts for help. Alankar says no one will come to help you. GST and Shivika say everything will be fine when Jagat and Mangal come here. Omkar says misunderstandings are increasing in my house, the reason is something else, Jagat’s anger is used. GST asks what do you mean. Omkar says Jagat can be angry, they can never send me to jail.

Triloki says your brothers gave this letter to inspector. Omkar says let them come, then we will see. Jagat and Mangal come and see Omkar in jail. They ask who put you in jail. Mangal asks inspector to leave Omkar. Inspector says you complaint against him. Mangal tries to bribe and scolds. Inspector shows the letter and their signs. Jagat says we didn’t give this letter, pic is also changed.

Jagat says we want to find our dad, we didn’t ask them to put Omkar in jail. Shivika says Omkar has made the papers already. GST shows the papers. Inspector checks the papers and gives to Triloki. Triloki reads that Omkar has already made the papers to give his property to his brothers. Jagat and Mangal get emotional. Shivika recalls Omkar making the papers and signing it. Shivika says we want family’s love, not the property share. Jagat and Mangal praise Omkar.

Shivika says many times, misunderstandings conquer over love. GST asks Inspector to leave Omkar. Omkar is freed and hugs his brothers. Omkar says we should find dad. Jagat says we got a call that we will find dad, we went and didn’t get him. Mangal says I will not leave the man who harms dad. Inspector says there is a complaint that Gupta has risk to his life because of Omkar. Triloki smiles seeing the village head. They read the message from Gupta’s number.

Triloki thinks of his plan as he made Alankar message the village head. Shivika says this means Gupta’s life is in danger. Inspector says we have proof against Omkar, now he can’t go. Omkar worries. Shivika says they won’t let us go, just act like me. She acts to faint. She signs Omkar to run. Inspector and Triloki worry for Shivika. Omkar says I will call the doctor. Jagat, Mangal and GST also run. Shivika gets up. Triloki gets angry. Inspector says you did this drama, they did a mistake by running way, let us do our work now. Triloki calls Alankar and asks for Gupta. Alankar says he is safe. Triloki says we aren’t safe. Alankar smiles and assures they won’t get caught. He asks a man where to get poison.

Triloki and Gupta argue. Omkar and Shivika get against.

Update Credit to: Amena

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