Pyaar Ke Papad 2nd May 2019 Written Episode Update: Omkar wants to convince Shivika

Pyaar Ke Papad 2nd May 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shivika and Triloki coming home. Devki asks what happened. Shivika cries. Triloki vents out his anger and tells how Omkar insulted him. Omkar sits sad and says this would have not happened if Triloki didn’t come here. Mangal says its not Shivika’s mistake. Gupta says its my mistake to not stop Triloki before. Omkar says now I won’t marry Shivika. Gupta says we have no complains with Shivika. Omkar says we are so good, Shivika didn’t listen to us. Alankar says its your insult, Omkar should apologize to you. Shivika cries when Triloki purifies himself, while doing an emotional drama. He gets inside the house. Alankar thinks it will be a new start for us. Omkar comes to meet GST. He asks why did you call me. GST says sit here, have tea, I want to talk to you and Shivika. Omkar says she isn’t talking to me.

GST says Shivika reacted seeing her dad’s insult, you have to tell her what happened, your love isn’t weak to break like this, talk to her. Mana ke hum yaar nahi….plays… Shivika cries thinking of him. Alankar smiles seeing her crying. Omkar calls Shivika. Alankar asks her will she forget her dad’s insult soon, will she forgive Omkar, this love has no value. She doesn’t answer call. Omkar says I will meet Shivika and talk to her. Shivika cries. Devki asks her to come and have food. Alankar says Omkar is trying to contact Shivika. Devki says I didn’t expect this from Omkar, you can go out for a chance. Shivika and Alankar are on th way. Omkar and GST see them. Shivika sees temple and cries recalling Omkar. GST says why has Alankar become a guide. Omkar asks GST to manage Alankar, while he manages Shivika. GST keeps Alankar busy by taking disguise of icecream vendor.

GST argues with Alankar. Shivika cries. Omkar gives her a kerchief. She asks him to let her go. A man scolds him. She says stop, I know him, he isn’t teasing me. The man says maybe its matter of love. Omkar asks her to listen to him, he did a lot to get his love. She asks didn’t I do anything, I did a lot and even dad did a lot for our relation, you treated him badly. He says I know my mistake, your dad wasn’t wrong, I can apologize, can he apologize. Alankar buys icecream. He collides with a girl. GST says he is teasing a girl. The girls run to beat him. GST says beat him more.

Shivika asks why will dad apologize, its the mistake of this relation, its better to call this off. He says you are right, hope won’t break if relation breaks. Do pal….plays…. They cry and leave.

Omkar sees Shivika everywhere. Kabhi alvida….plays… She sees Omkar everywhere. They cry.

Update Credit to: Amena

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