Pyaar Ke Papad 2nd August 2019 Written Episode Update: Jaya gets a surprise

Pyaar Ke Papad 2nd August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Maya seeing Jagat at the saree shop. She cals him and asks where is he. He lies to her. She says something is wrong, he is lying, I have to tell Jaya. Shalu sees her ticket and smiles. Deenu looks on. Maya calls Jaya and says you got ruined, what will happen of Mikki. Jaya says stop crying, what’s the matter. Maya says if you don’t come soon, it will happen, Jagat is having an affair. Jaya asks what. Maya says second woman, I have seen him buying saree and bangles for someone. Jaya asks did you go mad, he is a decent man, he can’t do this. Maya says I m scared, he isn’t decent. Jaya says I will beat the woman, don’t worry. Mangal comes and hears Maya.

Maya asks Jaya to come back soon. He thinks to console Maya about the adoption of child, else she will shatter. He asks what happened. She says no one will come in this house. Mangal says you will find her dear if you want. Jaya hears Mangal and thinks he is talking about Jagat’s lover. Mangal says I will explain Mikki, these things happen. Maya says what, you don’t show me your face, you are thinking of Jagat, what about Jaya. Mangal thinks I m talking about child. Jaya worries and says I won’t let this happen. She calls Jagat. He disconnects. She says what shall I do now. She prays. Maya waits for Jagat. She says Jagat didn’t come home. Mangal says don’t worry, he will come, he went to market, it will take time. She says don’t take his side. She argues with Mangal.

Omkar says Jagat will come, don’t argue. Jagat comes and asks what happened, is all fine. Omkar says yes, you look happy. Jagat says yes, I feel light, did everyone have fight, I already had food, I will go and sleep. He goes. Omkar says its good, he looks happy after many days. Mangal says yes. Maya says Jagat has gone out of hands. She goes.

Shivika says I know why is Jagat happy, its Jaya’s birthday, I asked him to send is surprise gift to her. Omkar says perfect, is he going to get her. She says don’t know, he is sending the gift. He says she will come tomorrow. She says yes. He says we all will celebrate. She says yes, we will make a video call, thanks for taking care of them. They hug.

Jagat talks to a lady. Jaya sees them shocked. She stops him. He pushes her away. She wakes up from this dream and checks her saree. He says no, I can’t give my things to someone else. She wears the saree and says Jagat always gets saree and bangles for me, I have to manage this year. She gets a parcel by courier. She checks the saree and bangles. She gets Jagat’s note and cries. He apologizes to her and asks her to send her pic. She says I m sorry but I m angry on you, I have gone through this punishment. She likes the saree.

She gets ready to send pic. She gets Shivika’s video call. Everyone wishes her singing a happy birthday song. She smiles and asks for Jagat. They say he refused to come, but we are here. Jagat comes and sings the song. They all clap. Jaya cries. She apologizes. They talk via Mikki.

Shivika gets Maya to an orphanage. Maya refuses. Shalu gets sandal and lipstick in Alankar’s room. Triloki comes there.

Update Credit to: Amena

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