Pyaar Ke Papad 29th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Shivika advises Omkar

Pyaar Ke Papad 29th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Maya asking Mangal to have food. Jagat gets a lawyer home and shows his share. He asks lawyer to see the house. Omkar gets shocked and asks you got the lawyer. Jagat says for house division. Kabhi khushi kabhi gham…plays… Omkar runs to Jagat. Jaya asks what are you doing. Jagat says I want to end all this. Omkar says I m sorry, its my mistake. Mangal says I agree with Jagat, Omkar’s money is invested in the house, he should get bigger share. Omkar says I don’t want the share, I want a house which is made up by the family. Jaya asks Jagat to stop it. Jagay says you don’t talk between us. Omkar says I will see how this house divided. Jaya cries. Jagat is determined to divide the house.

Omkar goes out and cries thinking of his brothers. Shivika comes to console him. Jaya and Maya cry and want to stop the division. Shivika says when no one understands you, you should explain them i a different way, like you always do. Omkar agrees with her and thinks to explain them in his way.

Triloki tells Maya about Gita. Jaya gets angry on him and asks what game are you playing with us, you are breaking our family. She says if this family breaks, I won’t leave you, I will tell everyone that you did this. He asks what will you tell them, that you are also with me, you will fall in trouble as well, its good you stay quiet. Omkar gets some papers made. Jagat and Mangal sign the papers. Lawyer asks for Omkar.

Triloki says nothing can change fate. GST asks what are you doing, Gupta went to village and you are dividing the house. He asks Triloki not to intervene. Omkar comes. GST asks what’s going on. Omkar says Jagat and Mangal want this, what will you do now, its fine. GST asks did you also get some papers, what happened to you all, wait until dad comes. Jaya says get dad, everything should happen in front of him. Triloki says eldest son has a right like a dad, why to trouble Gupta in this age. GST says don’t interfere in this house matter. GST says fine, I won’t say. Triloki calls Alankar and asks for Gupta.

Alankar says he is safe in our house storeroom. Triloki asks are you mad, do you know what will happen. Nandu calls Gupta. Triloki says these people want to talk to Gupta, change the plan, else they will contact police. Alankar asks him not to worry. Gupta answers the call and tries to talk. GST says Gupta sounded like he is suffocated. Alankar snatches phone and faints Gupta. Omkar calls back again and gets phone off. Omkar says I got dad’s message that there are network problems. He calls his uncle to ask about Gupta. Alankar keeps Gupta captive. Omkar says dad didn’t reach the village, GST and I are going to check for dad, go to police station and file report, stay connected on phone. Mangal agrees. Alankar ties up Gupta in sack and takes him. He lies to Deenu again. Triloki keeps the envelope for Jagat and says now I will use my brahmastra.

Jagat and Mangal go to file report. Triloki calls Jagat. Omkar gets arrested. Shivika asks what did he do. Inspector says Omkar cheated his brothers to get the house on his name. Omkar is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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