Pyaar Ke Papad 28th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Shivika’s drunken drama

Pyaar Ke Papad 28th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Jagat and Mangal attending the guests. GST and Dolly publicize their decoration company. GST gets a work order and gets glad. Everyone sings and dances. Alankar goes to change the drinks. Omkar gives a glass of drink to Shivika. Omkar goes to may payments. Shivika asks Jaya to come and dance. Jaya asks her to go and dance. Alankar spikes the drink for Shivika. Shivika drinks it and feels dizzy. Jaya smiles. Shivika dances a lot and makes a man fall. She asks Omkar to let the man go home, his daughter would be waiting to celebrate fathers day with him. She says you are lucky, I m not lucky, my dad refused to accept me, he didn’t wish this marriage, I wanted to marry by his wish but it didn’t happen, he blames me for everything. Omkar asks her to come with him.

She breaks down in front of the guests and says I m my dad’s bad daughter, he thinks I have no values. Jaya and Alankar smile. Everyone feels sad seeing Shivika crying. Omkar hugs her and consoles. He says your dad loves you. She says you always lie to me. He says he is angry but he loves you. She asks why didn’t he come then. She cries. The guests say Shivika did a drama by getting drunk, what shall we say. Gupta says this wasn’t intentionally. The guests leave. Omkar takes Shivika to room. She says let me go now. He shouts to stop her and asks her to sit.

She cries and says I don’t wish to hurt you, I m sorry. He says I know Shivika. She says I have got hurt to make you away from me, dad didn’t forgive me. He makes her sleep. Jaya asks did you celebrate fathers’ day and give respect to Gupta. She speaks against Shivika. Omkar defends Shivika and says she doesn’t drink. They all leave. Alankar signs Jaya.

He asks Omkar is Shivika fine. Omkar says problem happens when you are around, same thing happened with Shivika at the hotel, same thing happened today, why, what did you do. Alankar says don’t vent her anger on me. Jaya stops Omkar. She asks what is Alankar’s mistake, he got Deenu and Shalu here. Alankar asks Deenu and Shalu to come home. Shalu says you go, we can’t leave Shivika alone. Deenu says we will come later. Alankar says I got you here on my responsibility. Omkar says they said they won’t come with you, your responsibility ends, I will drop them home. Alankar goes. Omkar asks Deenu and Shalu to come. GST says Dolly and I will drop them, you go to Shivika. Jaya says I will spoil this relation.

Shivika says I made something special and came here, you supported me, I couldn’t say sorry or thanks. Omkar and Shivika feed food to each other. Jaya sees chillies and lemons on her bed.

Update Credit to: Amena

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