Pyaar Ke Papad 25th July 2019 Written Episode Update: Suhana invites Alankar

Pyaar Ke Papad 25th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mikki saying Suhana has lied. Jagat asks why didn’t you tell there. She says I told and got scared. She cries and asks for mum. He says I m here, I will call Jaya, talk to her. Jaya doesn’t answer. He consoles Mikki. He thinks why didn’t Jaya answer, even I won’t call her now. Suhana comes to Shivika’s room and messages him. She calls him home. Suhana says it will be fun now. She keeps phone and goes. Alankar gets the message. He gets happy and says I can’t express my happiness. He thinks of Omkar’s warning. He says I will come to meet you. Suhana gets ready for Omkar. Shivika comes and says Omkar will never fall for you, he doesn’t cheat in relations, you can never break our relation. Suhana says you have no relation with him, he will soon realize that I m perfect for him. She asks her to do anything but not hurt anyone in the family. She warns Suhana and goes. Jaya checks her phone and says maybe Jagat called me to get me home. She calls him.

Jagat says what shall I tell her now. He answers the call. Jaya says you had called me. He says yes, Mikki had to talk to you, she is sleeping now, I will make you talk to her tomorrow. She cries and says I miss you, call me home, you punish me, don’t make me away from you and Mikki. He says I will make you talk to Mikki tomorrow, take care. She cries. He thinks we are bearing punishment of your mistake. Its morning, Shalu says I will become a star soon. Deenu asks what is she saying. She says I will be a film heroine. He asks what are you saying, study first. She scolds him.

Maya asks Omkar to get vegs. Suhana says I already got it. Shivika says you are a guest here, we don’t make guests work. Suhana says I got fresh vegs and want to make Chole for Omkar. Shivika says no, he likes brinjal dish. Omkar nods. He says fine, I will eat Chole. Suhana says we will revive old memories. Maya asks Omkar what does he want to eat. He says good food. Maya says fine, we all will cook. Suhana says it will be a party today. Alankar gets ready. Triloki comes and asks where are you going.

Alankar thinks he has stopped me. He says I m going in bhoj and will come back soon. Triloki says you are going in these clothes. Alankar says what shall I say, its demand of time, I m taking flowers with me. Triloki says person and values shouldn’t change. Alankar takes his blessings. He goes. Suhana says Shivika felt bad. Maya says good thing is dad is fine. Shivika asks is everything ready. Maya says yes. Suhana goes and checks at the door. She sees Mangal. He asks what happened, I m Mangal, not Amangal. He likes the food. Alankar comes. Suhana asks who are you. He says I m Alankar, Shivika’s friend, she called me, who are you. She says I m Omkar’s friend. Shivika asks you here. Alankar gives her a bouquet.

He says you have called me. She asks when. He thinks she is joking. She says Omkar gets angry seeing you, please go before he comes. He says you called me and you are saying this. She asks why will I call you. He asks why will I come here without any invite. Omkar comes home and likes the food smell. Suhana thinks I will show Shivika now. Omkar asks where is Shivika. Maya says she is upstairs, she called Alankar home. Omkar asks why. Maya asks him to go and ask. Alankar says don’t know why is Omkar angry on me, I wanted Omkar and your relation to form, he spoiled our friendship. She says I don’t want Omkar to see you and get angry, sorry I didn’t call you. Omkar comes and gets angry.

Alankar says Shivika has called me, I have the proof, see this. They get shocked seeing the message. Shalu says director wants to do a professional photoshoot, I don’t have any money. Alankar tells her plan.

Update Credit to: Amena

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