Pyaar Ke Papad 21st March 2019 Written Episode Update: Omkar goes for wrestling

Pyaar Ke Papad 21st March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Maya romancing Mangal. He asks did you get mad, what are you doing, did you go out wearing this nighty. She asks what’s wrong. He says every cloth has a timing to wear. She says you don’t like me and cries. He hugs her and says I like you, is it something special today. She says a lot. He asks what. She tells him about a doctor who can help them in child planning. He says we don’t need a child, you are also like a child. She says no, I want a child, you are coming with me. GST is scared. Omkar says just go and talk to Triloki.

Triloki tells everyone about Shiv and Parvati. Chobey tells him about two community programs, mass marriage and wrestling competition. Triloki likes the idea. Shivika says I think mass marriage thought is nice one. Triloki says I have decided

it. Maya gets Mangal to a weird doctor. The doctor taunts on Mangal’s problem. Mangal asks what problem. The doctor says don’t be shy, any man can have this problem, tell me about it. Mangal scolds him. Maya says we didn’t get a child till now. The doctor gives her some medicines and charges money.

Mangal asks what if this medicine doesn’t work. Doctor says then I will return your money. Triloki says wrestling competition will happen. Shivika says but why, how. Triloki says go and invite all the wrestlers. GST says no, this time, common people will fight and you will become chief guest. Triloki says you have suggested a great thing. GS claps. Shivika meets Omkar. She says I feel I got you caught. Omkar says you caught me in your love. GST gets tea for them and encourages them. He goes to watch tv. Shivika says you are lucky to get a loving family and friends, everyone supports you, I wish my dad…. He says your dad is also good, parents are very wrong. They joke and laugh. Its morning, Omkar practices to fight. His brothers help him in the practice. Omkar says I will win the match, I will not do anything wrong to get my love. Mangal trains Omkar. GST laughs when Omkar falls. Omkar asks GST to give him strength, not discourage him. Omkar gets sad and goes. Mangal says you are a tiger, don’t worry. Mangal likes GST’s idea to bribe the wrestler and help Omkar win.

GST announces and welcomes everyone in wrestling competition. Everyone claps for Triloki. Triloki welcomes the wrestlers for the competition. Jagat waits for Mangal. Mangal gets ready. Maya asks him to drink the medicine. Mangal drinks it. Maya says now you can’t go. Shivika meets Omkar. Omkar says its easy, you don’t get scared. She says I m scared even now. Ashok fails to fight Omkar and lose in the match. Jaya says Shivika is getting Omkar bashed up. GST praises Omkar and calls him for the match. Triloki says I will enjoy when Omkar gets beaten up. Jagat gets the call. He asks what, Ashok isn’t coming, Mangal listen… He shouts to GST and says Ashok isn’t coming. GST says who will fight with Omkar now. Triloki says you can call someone else. GST calls Pinky Kumar for the fight.

Omkar and Pinky fight. Omkar gets beaten up. Shivika worries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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