Pyaar Ke Papad 1st July 2019 Written Episode Update: Jaya blames Shivika

Pyaar Ke Papad 1st July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with GST flirting with Dolly. He says you are working in my company, you have to stay with me. Dolly says if that red saree woman killed me that day, what would you do. He says none can touch you now. She sees the red saree woman and says trust me, she is the same woman. Omkar says I will find out what she wants. Omkar and GST run after Alankar and miss him. Shivika takes care of Jaya. Jaya says I feel I have cough. Shivika says I will get ginger tea. Jaya asks her to get clove for her. Dolly says that red saree woman wants to kill me. Omkar looks around. Alankar smiles and says my true motives will be fulfilled. Shivika gets cloves for Jaya. Jaya asks what’s this, did I ask for this, no. Maya says yes, she doesn’t like clove. Shivika says you have cough, that’s why. Jaya says you want to do black magic on me. Jagat says no, you aren’t fine, that’s why. Omkar gets medicines for Jaya. Shivika finds him injured. Jagat asks what happened to your hand.

Omkar says everything is fine, Jaya is unwell, she needs our attention. Jagat asks Jaya to take rest. Its night, Jagat finds Jaya missing. He wakes up and gets shocked seeing her threatening him with a knife. He runs out and shouts. Everyone comes and asks Jaya to stop it. Jaya gets fine and drops the knife. She asks what happened, why is everyone seeing me like this. Maya says we should call some baba to find the problem. Mangal says we should show her to some doctor. Jaya shows chillies and lemon again, and says someone is doing black magic on me. She asks Shivika to get away. Shivika cries. Omkar says Shivika loves you and respects you.

Jaya says no, she is doing this black magic. She scolds Shivika. Gupta says stop it, you are just blaming Shivika, who is taking care of you. Jaya cries and says see everyone is taking her side. Jaya and Maya blame Shivika and argue with others. Omkar apologizes to Shivika. Shivika says I m crying as I m feeling bad for Jaya, uts okay if she scolds me. He hugs and consoles her. Maya asks Mangal to come with her and see. Jaya behaves mad. Maya and Mangal get scared. They run away. Its morning, Shivika gets tea for everyone. Maya stops Shivika. She asks Mangal not to drink tea made by Shivika.

Omkar comes. Maya blames Shivika. Gupta shouts stop it now, no one will talk such things now. Jaya sits quiet and looks on. Jagat says Jaya will get fine. Omkar drinks the tea and says if Shivika added something, then something will happen to me also, everyone is worried for Jaya. Maya argues. Mangal says Maya is right, I have seen Jaya’s weird behavior at night, I also feel its black magic. Omkar says fine, let doctor do the treatment, else we will do as you say.

Jaya acts hyper and stops the doctor. She runs after the doctor to attack.

Update Credit to: Amena

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