Pyaar Ke Papad 19th July 2019 Written Episode Update: Shivika suspects Omkar

Pyaar Ke Papad 19th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dolly saying you are being possessive, Omkar won’t do anything wrong. Shivika says I trust him, not Suhana, she tries to come between us. Dolly says you go and say sorry to Omkar, don’t fight him, Suhana is guest, she will go, but Omkar is your life. Shivika says Omkar went to bank with upset mind. Dolly says then cheer him up. The girl says just leave, if you get trapped, it will be a big problem, good luck. Shalu worries. Alankar asks what happened, why are you worried. Shalu says that girl said this director is not good. Alankar says how, he is my friend, we will find the truth, come with me. He holds her hand and says come.

He tells his friend that girls are staining his character. The man says that girl will defame me when I didn’t give her work, she has no talent. Alankar says see, my friend can’t do this. The man asks Shalu not to get misled. He says you have a talent, you will become big star one day. Omkar thinks of Shivika’s words. Suhana calls him and asks for interview date. He says I will find out, sorry. She asks why. He says Shivika misbehaved with you, he is possessive about me. She says I m also possessive about you, none has right to say this, I m joking, I didn’t feel bad, everything was okay, if you say sorry and thanks, you will get a slap, take care.

Shivika comes with tiffin and asks Omkar to have it. He eats it and likes it. He says Suhana is not my GF. She says I know, sorry. They have a talk. Triloki asks about Shalu. Deenu says she has extra classes, she didn’t come. Triloki says I will call her teacher. He alls teacher and asks about Shalu. Shalu comes home. Triloki says fine, she has come home, sorry to trouble you. Shalu says I told you about extra classes. He says come home on time.

GST says don’t know the trouble in their kundli. Dolly says Suhana hugs Omkar always. GST says I didn’t know love is so troubling. Dolly says person can’t leave love because of a small trouble. He says Suhana is big trouble. She says I have to make this problem away. He says I have an idea. He smiles. Shivika sees a lipstick mark on Omkar’s shirt and recalls Suhana. Omkar comes and asks what happened. She asks what’s this. He says its a shirt. She says there is lipstick mark, you were with Suhana.

He says you know how you are reacting, I don’t know how did this come, you are doubting on me. He says I m your wife. He says you don’t love or trust me, this relation will end this way. She cries. He goes. Triloki checks some files. Alankar comes and helps him with a file. He asks Triloki to take retirement. Triloki says I have to find someone suitable. Alankar says you can train anyone. Triloki says you are my fav student, but you aren’t suitable for Mahant position. He goes. Alankar says I will get the post some how. He smiles. Omkar comes to Shivika. They get sad and talk via hearts. She thinks I trust you. He thinks I have nothing in heart for Suhana, you doubted me and hurt my heart. She thinks to save her relation. Its morning, Omkar gets ready to go to office. Shivika asks him to have breakfast. He says no, I will have it outside. Maya asks what happened, is he upset. Shivika says no. Maya says Omkar will forget it if you express love. She says we have to go in Kirtan. She insists. Shivika gets ready. Omkar says Shivika would be feeling bad, I have to say sorry to her. They both call each other.

Shivika gets angry hearing Suhana on call. Suhana and Omkar have dinner. Suhana gets scared and hugs him. Shivika looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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