Pyaar Ke Papad 18th July 2019 Written Episode Update: Omkar and Shivika argue

Pyaar Ke Papad 18th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Omkar and Shivika leaving for dinner. Suhana calls Omkar and asks him to pick her, she isn’t getting any auto, there is no other option. Omkar says I was going with Shivika. Shivika asks him to go. Omkar says fine, send me your location, I will come to pick you. He asks Shivika to come along. Shivika says no, get her first and then we will go for dinner, I will wait. She goes. Omkar goes and picks Suhana. She asks is there auto strike. He says maybe, something like that happens. They see a little girl crying. Omkar stops the car and helps the car. He asks the girl to tell her house address. The girl says I don’t know. Omkar says stop crying, we will take you to your parents. He takes the girl to the police station. Shivika waits for Omkar.

Inspector says we will try to make the girl reach her home. Shivika calls Omkar and asks where are you. He says I m in police station, don’t panic, I will come home and tell you. Shivika worries. The girl’s parents come to file missing report. They give the pic. Omkar sees the pic. The girl runs to her parents. Inspector asks the couple to be careful, not everytime kids get good people. The couple thanks Omkar.

Omkar comes home and tells everything to Shivika. Shivika says thank God, that girl got her parents. Omkar asks her to come for dinner. Shivika says we will go sometime else, its too late now. He says fine. Suhana goes to her room. Omkar hugs Shivika. He says Suhana didn’t had option. Shivika says its fine, that girl needed help, I didn’t feel bad that our dinner plan cancelled, if you say sorry, then I will get angry. He smiles and kisses him. She goes to make food.

Its morning, Shivika says french fries aren’t allowed as lunch, Mikki can’t take this to school. Suhana says I was just trying to help you in work. Shivika says you are just a guest here, don’t try to spoil things. She packs food for Mikki. Suhana says trust me, I had no intention to cancel your dinner plans. Shivika says its okay and goes. Maya asks Suhana what happened, she will explain Shivika. Suhana says nothing. Maya goes to Omkar and says Shivika and Suhana had an argument. He asks why. She asks did anything happen, Suhana said she didn’t cancel the plan intentionally. Omkar thinks what happened now. He says nothing, I will talk to Shivika, thanks.

Shalu gets ready and comes to Alankar. He stares at her and says you are looking like a heroine. He thinks I didn’t see you like this before. He says I wish to take your pic. She nods. He clicks her pic. She says I m worried that my family’s trust will break. He says its Triloki’s call. She asks did he know, don’t tell him anything. He asks her not to worry. He goes. A girl comes and says that director is a fake, he is asking for money and compro. Shalu asks what. The girl asks her to understand.

Shivika asks Omkar what’s the matter. Omkar asks Shivika why is she upset, why did she scold Suhana. She says I don’t want to spoil our relation. He says she is our guest, she will leave soon. She says she should also know this, you won’t tell her anything, she is your GF. He says she isn’t my GF. She asks why do you always defend her. He says no. She says I trust you, but she is coming between us. He says enough, shall I ask her to leave the house, its matter of few days, don’t react like this.

Omkar apologizes to Suhana. Shivika sees Suhana and doubts on Omkar. She asks Omkar about the lipstick mark.

Update Credit to: Amena

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