Pyaar Ke Papad 17th July 2019 Written Episode Update: Shalu lies to Shivika

Pyaar Ke Papad 17th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shivika saying I want to go home. Omkar says Triloki will get angry. She says but I have to meet Shalu and Deenu, maybe dad will agree. He says do as you find right. They smile. Shalu gets Shivika’s call. Shivika says I m coming home. Shalu says no one is at home, you come tomorrow. Shivika says I will come for some time. Shalu worries. Shivika comes. Shalu hugs her. She says I don’t want you to get scolded by dad. She goes to make tea. She prays and says how will I go for look test if Shivika is at home, I will get caught if I lie. Alankar calls her and asks her to come fast. She says Shivika has come home, how shall I come. He says what, Shivika has come, make some excuse and come. She says Shivika will know my lies, I will become the heroine of this film, I will do something. Shivika comes to her. Shalu worries.

Shalu says my friend met with an accident. Shivika asks her to go, she will manage at home. Shalu worriedly goes. She gets decked up. Shivika looks at her and asks are you going to the hospital, why did you get so much decked up. Shalu says I dressed up like every day. Shivika says I will come along. Deenu comes and hugs Shivika. He asks her to stay back for some time. Shalu says I will meet my friend and come. She leaves.

Shivika comes home. She sees Suhana leaving with her bags. Suhana says I don’t want to create problems between you and Omkar. Shivika stops Suhana and asks her not to go anywhere. She says none can break Omkar and my trust. Omkar comes and asks are you going. Suhana says I m thinking to shift to hotel. Omkar says no, you are living with us, I got a form from bank, submit the form soon. Suhana thanks them.

Shalu and Alankar come to meet the director. The lady says he will come later, I will take the look test. She asks aren’t you carrying any clothes. Alankar says you will give the clothes. The lady says its tough to arrange clothes, carry the dress and then come. Alankar asks Shalu not to worry, they will buy some clothes. She asks how, I have no money. He says even I don’t have money, my dream will never fulfil, we will find some other way, ask Shivika for money.

She says Shivka doesn’t do job now. He says she can take from Omkar. He tells her. She smiles. Jagat washes the uniform. Maya comes to help him. She cries and misses Jaya. She says Jagat is doing Mikki’s work. Jagat says I don’t feel good to tell you all always. Shivika says Mikki is our responsibility also. They all ask him to go and get Jaya back. Jagat says sometimes person’s one mistake ruins person’s all the goodness. Shalu comes home and makes a sad face. Shivika takes her to room. Shalu says I m not able to share my problems with dad, he doesn’t listen to me, I want some books for college, how shall I ask dad. Shivika gives her money. She asks her to buy books and ask for more if she needs. Shalu hugs and says I love you. Shivika says I love you too, tell me if there is any problem. Shalu goes.

Omkar comes from bath and sees Shivika. He teases her. They romance. Udi udi….plays…. She says I couldn’t party tomorrow, shall we go out for candle light dinner. He says we will go right now. She smiles.

The lady tells Shalu that the director is fake, he is asking for compromise. Shivika says I can’t be quiet, Suhana is just a guest here, she is your GF. Omkar says she isn’t your GF. Shivika says she is coming between us.

Update Credit to: Amena

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